The Random Post

Above, my mutant Independence Day peach cobbler. It was better than it looks!!

I’ve been debating writing this post for a while. I don’t necessarily like writing random posts because, as you all probably know by now, I tend to get a little long-winded. Ha! I’d love to do an entire post on each little thing happening, but I’m not that long-winded!

So. Here we go. The Random Blog Post. It’s full of random things. I’ll be skipping from one subject to another. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you….)

First off, I’m super excited about My Fair Lady at Proms 2012! Anthony Andrews as Professor Higgins!! That’s enough to get me excited – listening to Sir Percy, uh, I mean Anthony Andrews’ version of Professor Higgins, which has been greatly acclaimed… pictures, at least. (No sound or video clips… but it won’t be like that for long!) Can’t you just hear him singing, ‘I’ve grown accustomed to her face….’? Can’t wait!!!

And I just looked at the updated My Fair Lady page – guess who’s also starring as Alfred Doolittle?! Alun Armstrong!! And Jenny Galloway as Mrs. Pearce! *happy sigh* My younger brother is having a friend over, but… I think I’ll step out. : P

I just found a way to actually listen in – hope it’ll work!!! If not, I shall be one very sad, very disappointed, and very cranky Anthony Andrews fan. : D

Second, heehee…. I don’t think anyone at church last week knew I was a Jedi. Ha! *crickets* I guess I should explain.

I am not a Star Wars fan. Never have been, and probably never will be. There’s just something a leeeetle weird about “The Force” to me…. Anyway, I just got a new phone (Woot! No Internet, though… I got it so I could text a little faster than I was using a flip phone.) and one of the first apps I downloaded was a lightsaber app. Please don’t ask me what posessed me to get it – I don’t know. (But just because I don’t like the movie doesn’t mean I can’t like the special effects and music, right?)

Okay, so I’ve been letting my little brother play with it. And he loves it. He rode in the car for an hour and played with that app the whole time – just changing the colors and type of lightsaber the entire ride! That was two Saturdays ago. I thought I had a good idea going when I told him that he could play with it in church the next day. *sigh* Silly me.

He sat in my lap for the first part of service, then when the sermon started, I pulled my phone out, double-checked the volume to make sure it was on vibrate, and handed it to him. He gave me the hugest and sweetest little smile and then tapped on the hilt of the lightsaber. The laser-blade shot out… complete with the sound effect. AHHH!!! I could feel myself blush as I snatched my phone away and turned it off, then handed him his Bible. Argh. I knew I’d turned the sound off! Weirdness…. My other brother just kept staring at me and silently laughing. *frusterated sigh* After church, Arwen told me that the lightsaber shot out right as Dad turned on the laser pointer and pointed it at the screen. So it looked like the church’s laser pointer was equipped with an awesome sound effect…. *facepalm* Thank goodness that our church is really small – only about eight families and seventy-ish people total. So I didn’t embarass myself that much… well, not really. *facepalm again* Moving on to a less embarassing random topic….

We’ve started listening to Adventures in Odyssey again! We had a really nice Christian library where we lived before and they had all of the AiO albums. We listened to almost all of them, then couldn’t when we moved two states away. Anyway, we decided to buy a few albums at a conference a few months ago and I’ve really enjoyed listening again. It’s not very often that you get funny, suspenseful, Christian entertainment such as radio dramas or movies! I’ve been trying to keep tabs on good indie Christian films in development so that I can see them and actually feel good about something I watched in a theater. (I’d recommend October Baby and No Greater Love – two lesser-known indie films. And there’s also the Sherwood Pictures films…. But I really enjoyed October Baby – maybe even more than Courageous? Scandalous, I know….) Anyway. My younger sister is auditioning for the AiO Get In The Show! contest and I’m really hoping she wins… and that has nothing to do with the fact that you get a lot of the albums if you’re in the top twelve! : P

Some of you may or may not know, but I’m a hopeless TV show addict. Old TV shows, specifically. Hogan’s Heroes, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Waltons… I love them all. I also recently discovered Growing Pains! It’s really fun to see Kirk Cameron as a teenager. (And after reading Still Growing, I sort of had to watch the show because he talked about it a lot and got my curiosity aroused!) I don’t know if I could recommend GP, by the way, because there are a few questionable subjects such as dating. The ones after Kirk became a Christian – Season Three and beyond – are better. You can really tell! (But, if you’re looking for a really good TV show to watch, I’d totally recommend The Dick Van Dyke Show. Extremely clean and very funny. But, hey! It’s Dick Van Dyke!!)

Ooh, and speaking of movies…. We watched Captain America for the first time a few days ago! I think Captain America is my favorite superhero, too! (Out of the half-half-dozen I’ve seen, anyway….) Heehee – we were watching it and I kept recognizing people. “Hey, look!! It’s Mr. Thornton!! And that guy from Amazing Grace – the Duke of Kent!! And Elrond!! And that guy from the Kit movie!! And Mace Windu!!” But I totally lost it when Dominic Cooper appeared. The mustache threw me off, but when he said, “We are ready,” I knew who it was. “It’s Willougby!! DON’T TRUST HIM, STEVE!!!” I seriously had my doubts about him for the entire movie… but he was trustworthy. : D He was funny, too.

All in all, I really liked Captain America. My dad used the remote and bleeped out (most of) the language. (Donations to the ClearPlay/TV Guardian fund are welcome….) I really liked all of Steve’s values, which were very different than most people’s today. And that scene when he told Maggie that he was waiting for the right partner? *sigh* Me likes.

On my novel…. I haven’t written since I finished my 50k words! I’m starting to go through withdrawl… I can hear Nikki and Alec calling me… weird, right? I’m going to work on it sometime soon – really soon. Maybe while my younger brother’s friend is here…. I don’t know. Anyway, excerpts are coming… just as soon as I can figure out how to do excerpts. Does anyone have any pointers on that? I just can’t figure out what to put up here! Definitely not the whole thing – it’s not nearly ready – but I don’t want to do too little. Just how much, though?! : P

And my dress for the ball is very nearly started. Heehee. And the fourth part in my Les Miserables series is in the works! Do not fear – it shall come!!! Soon, too!!

If you’ve made it this far… you should be commended. Thanks for listening to all my ramblings. : D


Random Projects

Hello all! I’m back from camp. : (

Anyway, I have two more days to blog about, but if you guys don’t want to see pictures of us at Stone Mountain or whatever (Haley…? : P), then I won’t post it. Comment away.

Moving on.

So! I have a lot of different projects going on right now – three, namely.

First of all is me and my brother’s Lego project. Well, it’s not really a project, but it’s something we’ve been excited about for forever. (Well, not forever, but a really long time!!) Anyway, we’ve decided to save up our money and buy ALL of the Lord of the Rings Lego sets and the video game. (Yes, I’m seventeen and love Legos. Your point is…?) We’ve been waiting and waiting for them to come out and we finally got the first two sets yesterday!! Wahoo! Shelob’s Lair and Weathertop were finished yesterday in about two hours and would have probably gotten them built faster if we weren’t quoting the movies and laughing and slapping each other – playfully, social services. It’s a slap of endearment, people.

So, without further ado…

I know I have some non-LOTR fans reading my blog, but you have to admit… the spider’s pretty cool. All of the legs are moveable and only took three seconds to make! : ) (Also, each set came with extra One Rings, so now we have six One Rings! HA!)

Heehee… Doesn’t little Frodo look scared?!

Now, before I move on, let me just say that I’d like to sue Lego. If I had a lot of money and personally knew a lawyer like Robert Whitlow (LOVE his books!), I would think a little more about it. What is my problem, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

There is no Faramir Lego man.

Need I repeat it?! ARGH!!! I can’t believe it! There’s a Haladir, whoever he is (yeah, I know who he is…). He’s not NEARLY as cool as Faramir! And I’m not just saying I like Faramir because I picked Eowyn as my online username and they get married in the end. Far from it. Faramir is my favorite character – by a lot. Talk about sacrificial love! When my friend came over to have a Lord of the Rings Extended Edition marathon with us, she screamed for Legolas, I screamed for Faramir. That’s just the way it works around here. Anyway…. I’ll have to do a post on him soon…. Hmmm…..

Moving on.

Project number two is an actual project. Some of you may recall (besides the strange affair of the Phantom of the opera, a mystery never fully explained… Whoops. Sorry. I had that memorized the second day after I saw Phantom… heehee) the fact that I’m doing a huge history project.

No? I never blogged about it? : P

Well, I am. The history course I’m doing (well, heehee, DID, because I started in eighth grade and now I don’t have to do history my senior year, WOOT!!) has a few projects you do in each year. A poem, a character essay, a thesis paper, and a persuasive paper, to name a few – all with a certain amount of pages you have to use. The last project of every year is called The 40-Hour Project. *cue creepy music* It has to take – surprise, surprise – forty hours and can be on anything you want, you just have to incorperate something you’ve learned into it. A few of my friends made diaramas, one made a wooden ship, one did theirs on Theodore Roosevelt… I’ve even heard that someone made a sword. Like, metal and seven times purifying it and everything! (You can bet that took forty hours!) Anyway… I’ve done two. Four years of history equals to projects… how did that happen? Well, the first year, I did it on Jane Austen. Researched her with friends, made a slideshow presentation, and sewed Regency dresses. We even learned a few Regency dances and taught them to the class!! (Interesting story… there were more guys dancing than girls. I’m not kidding. We had girls standing to the side while guys had to not dance because the girls didn’t want to. I’ll save my true feelings on that subject for later…) Then we moved and I just focused on actually listening to the lectures and doing the other projects.

Anyway. This year, since it’s my senior year of history, I’ve decided to actually DO it. Like, forty hours and all. I’m doing it Scottish-themed. I’m going to research my family’s Scottish heritage, research and make a real Scottish meal (minus the haggis…), and, last but not least, make a dress. : )

Now, we decided that this dress had to be able to go Scottish and Lord of the Rings because The Hobbit is coming out near my birthday and I’d like to do a Hobbit-themed party. (Not sure that will happen, though…) So we found a pattern that we think will work and got some fabric.

Isn’t it pretty?! (This is my actual fabric that I took a picture of, by the way…)

I can’t wait to see how it turns out! After last year’s Dixie Ball dress project (which turned out fabulously!!), I was really excited to start a new project… even though my sewing attention span is insanely short and I hate every minute of it. (We were cutting out the pattern and Arwen goes, “Yeah, the cutting part is the boring part. Sewing is fun!” That’s Arwen. I’m just like, “I prefer wearing it.” That’s me. : P)

I’ll let you guys know how it turns out!

And my third and final project… The June Crusade.

I almost stopped writing during camp. Yes, I had my laptop, but there were so many other things going on, I didn’t get in bed until midnight and then it was too late to write…. : P Anyway, I’m at 16,000 words. It doesn’t sound like much (actually, it isn’t much!), but I think I can get done in time. The greatest thing is that my novel is just coming along swimmingly!! It’s so great to watch it get longer and longer and I’m liking it more and more and enjoying every minute of it! I’m falling in love with my characters… yes, even the main guy character. : )

I think I might even be very brave and post a few excerpts… what say ye? WHAT SAY YE?! (Sorry, random quote from Return of the King… my favorite one! What can I say? All of this LOTR stuff is getting me into a LOTR mood!)

Well, that’s about it. My answers to The June Crusade Tag Questions are coming up. I’m going to attempt to post it in the queue (or whatever it’s called) and let it post in a few days. The spacing always gets messed up, but I’m going to try something different this time. Hope it works and I’m sorry if the formatting is wrong – I’ll fix it as soon as I can!!