Delicious Tuna Sandwich Recipe

Hello, all!

This time, I thought I’d do a recipe. I haven’t before, which is really strange because I love cooking and baking and messing around in the kitchen. (I even like cleaning it… weird, right?)

Tuna Sandwich

An actual picture of my sandwich – doesn’t it look awesome?!

This is an interesting twist on a ‘boring’ meal. (Sorry, but tuna can be a bit boring sometimes!) Thanks to the lady at Yawn’s Bookstore for making this for me and inspiring me to try it at home!!

I think I’ve mentioned before that right now I’m off of gluten (which is in flour), dairy, and peanuts. It’s been hard, especially since I love cookies and ice cream and peanut butter! I’ve been on this diet for nearly a month and a half, and I’ve had a lot of adventures trying to find something to eat for lunch. (I’ve discovered you can only have salad so many times a week before it gets dull!) So when the lady at Yawn’s made me this sandwich, I decided to go home and do it myself. It’s pretty tasty, but since I’ve only had it on gluten-free bread, I can’t say how it’ll taste on normal bread. (Someone try it and comment on how it turned out, please!)

You’ll need:
2 slices of bread
(Approx) 2 teaspoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper to tase
Prepared tuna (put whatever you want in it)

Toast the bread, then, using a spoon or tablespoon, lightly pour the olive oil on both sides of the toast. Salt and pepper the bread, then put the tuna on the bread, followed by the lettuce. Top it with the other piece of bread and voila, you have your sandwich! Enjoy!