reblog: should we, as christians, be drinking the pumpkin spice latte?


Not Exactly Subtle

GTY_pumpkin_spice_latte_jt_150817_12x5_1600It’s that time of year when the weather begins to turn, the leaves start to change color, and all across the nation the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on the menu.

I would caution my brothers and sisters (let’s be honest, mostly sisters) to think before they drink.

Anytime something becomes this popular and accepted by society, we need to step back and ask if we’ve ceased merely being in the world and have, in fact, become part of it (Couldn’t find the chapter and verse, but I know it’s in the KJV).  Allow me to incredibly humbly suggest a couple of things we ought to meditate on and pray over before we imbibe the PSL.

1. A study of “Pumpkin Spice” in the original languages

When we break down the etymology of the name of Satan’s favorite drink, it shows how truly subversive the Tempter can be in trying…

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lit’rally just some tumblr laughs for you.

I’m about to leave for an out-of-state wedding and don’t want to leave you guys with nothing for a few days, so here’s literally just some of the funniest things that have come across my Tumblr feed over the past few days.  (Sue me.)

(Sorry about the wonky formatting.  I’m too tired to fix it, lol.)


this is the best thing that’s come out of the civil war premiere and if you don’t think so well fiGHT ME.


bromance is real.jpg

this isn’t funny or anything i just love these two men so much


in the midst of all the SADNESS that happened this past week on GGF, THIS GEM HAPPENED.  mandy is a treasure.


look at these two derps.


srsly tho

yes i made this.png

yes i made this.  i’ve suddenly become downton abbey trash and idk what to do with my life anymore. (except watch more downton abbey.  duh.)  (NO SPOILERS, GUYS.  I WILL SUE.)

such trash.png

srsly tho.

gen hux

domhnall gleeson as general hux is my one weakness.

how 'bout i do anyway.png

open the room.png


Finally… this isn’t funny, but it’s two of my favorite things and just… G A H.

Okay, this was literally the easiest blog post I’ve ever done because it was just stealing other people’s stuff.  lolz.  Your regular posting will resume next week, including a GUEST POST!!!

how to be a christian instagram girl.

Here you go, ladies.  Be a blessing to our fellow Christians by posting pictures of your superior-in-every-way devotional time!  (Except Katie forgot the insanely detailed notes that everyone is supposed to do.  Shame on her, not having drawing skills like this.)

Follow me on Instagram.  Job 19:17.

Special thanks to my mom for showing me this video and to Naomi for directing me back to her channel with Katie’s courtship vs. dating video (which is fantastic and you guys should totally watch it).  Brownies for both of you.

the twenty-four hour internet outrage cycle {video}

I recently watched this video for the first time (I’m so behind on BlimeyCow) and it pertains so much to some things I’ve been thinking about lately.  We get so caught up in fighting against something new each day that we don’t think about the bigger picture.  And even when we’re mad about something for longer than a day, we still only listen to people whose opinions we share.  How messed up is that?  We’ll never grow as human beings unless we look at issues from every perspective instead of just our own.  *end unintentional rant*

(Note: I’m in this video.  See if you can find me!)

Also, here’s BlimeyCow’s most recent video, which is basically Part Two.

review: facing the giants | video

Facing the Giants is one of those movies I’ll always remember watching because it was one of my first low-budget Christian films.  (Now that I think about it, it was probably my very first movie like that.)  I’ve always known it’s had issues, but I never watched it to think critically and figure out what exactly was wrong with it.

However, the main issue I’ve always had in the back of my mind about it is that it promotes the idea of “praise God when we win, praise Him when we lose,” but then undermines that when it allows the team to win the game and everything eventually turns out alright for the main character.  Instead of making you walk away with a renewed sense of constantly praising God, it gives a subliminal message that, if you pray for it, God will give you everything you want.  And that’s just not right.

I was so excited when I found out that Kevin would review this movie and, once again, Kevin is completely right!  He talks about what I said above and other things that I’ve never thought about before (including that one line in the song ‘Voice of Truth’ that will now bug me for the rest of my life – thanks, Kev).

Do you agree with him or not?  Have you always loved Sherwood Pictures films or do you think they’re lame?  Watch the video and let me know what you think!


beware cyborg monday! {video}

A little late, but…

Also, I just want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who commented on my Thanksgiving post.  I try not to post when I’m “emotionally compromised,” but I needed to finish that post and I just wasn’t feeling it, so the whole purpose of the post got derailed.  (It went from just being thankful to being a little more depressing than it should have been, lol.)  I didn’t see your comments until Friday, as I was visiting my relatives all day on Thursday, but your comments made me feel so much better!  It’s easy for me to isolate myself when I’m feeling bad, but knowing you guys care about me was a huge encouragement.  I love you guys!!!  ❤

studio c | hunger games: mockingjay musical

Favorite line: “And she’s always been just like a sister to me – a hot sister I occasionally kiss.”  (Stephen’s awesome as Caesar in this one!)

Favorite line: Ghost Rue.  Stacy is AWESOME.  (Also, Mal’s got a GREAT voice!)

Favorite line: “Gurl, I got yo back, MMMM!”  And “Careful – there’s a force field back there. … What’s your favorite color? … Katniss, go.  Get out of here.  Go. … I watched you go home every day… every day.”  😀