well, that was fun.

I can’t believe how much fun this week was!  It felt a little weird to have my name and book all over the Internet (at least, all the sites I frequent), but I loved it.  : D

Thanks for sharing in this special time with me, you guys!  I’ve really been blessed by all of the comments and links posted to Facebook and Twitter – keep ’em coming!  I can’t wait to see what happens with Nikki and everything after that!

Below, you’ll find the updated schedule, complete with links to the posts.  Be sure to check out any that you may have missed – everybody had really unique questions!







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Once again, thank you so much for reading and commenting and all that jazz.  Love you guys!  ❤

fun facts about nikki

I promised this post a few days ago, but I’ve been swamped with things… one of which may be constantly refreshing my CreateSpace Member Dashboard.  🙂  Anywho, here it is, to start finishing of what has been a WONDERFUL week!

  • Lisa Brenner2

    Lisa Brenner (Natalie)

    Natalie Fraser’s last name is borrowed from Hadley Fraser.

  • Bennett’s first line is “Hey!” He’s also one of my favorite characters, basically only because half of the things he says are pick-up lines. He’s adorably awkward.

  • How many references did you understand? (Some of them were really vague and hidden. Like that one. Har-har.)

  • The chocolate cake that Nikki gets from Ferguson’s is based off the AMAZING flourless chocolate cake that I love from Alpine Bakery in Alpharetta. Totally worth it if you’re ever in North Georgia.

  • 14[1]

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Alec)

    Nikki was originally titled ‘TJCRW,’ which stands for ‘The June Crusade Re-Write.’ I called it “T. J. Crew” for about 2 ½ years as I wrote and edited it, not coming up with a title until well into the editing process. Heh…

  • I did so much research for Nikki. This impacted my writing because I’d never researched that much before. I’d always followed the idea that you should only “write what you know.” Well, excuuuuuse me, but some of my favorite books are in the sci-fi and fantasy genre. (I’ve even written something in the fantasy genre!) After much internal discussion with my inner writer and inner editor, I decided that I could write what I know and write what I didn’t know – all thanks to many hours spent on Wikipedia and YouTube. I even joined an ice skating forum!

  • imagesCAVOJCRV

    Alexis Bledel (Nikki)

    Nikki was originally supposed to be more like Allie – your stereotypical, self-absorbed teen. Alec’s first-draft-girlfriend, a girl named Carrie, would be the one to make Nikki change into the sweet, softly passionate girl she is in the final version. When I changed tactics with Nikki’s personality, Carrie got thrown out and Allie replaced her.

  • Even though I’ve written a lot of short stories in the past – and started several novels – Nikki was the first idea that really gripped me and demanded that I finish (and then publish) it.

  • In the very beginning of the plotting stages, Dylan had a sixteen-year-old sister named Hayden. She was replaced by Natalie (who had previously only been a minor character). Dylan was also supposed to be a minor character, too – a typical jock that Alec had befriended when he first started going to high school. As I delved deeper into the story and characters, I decided that I didn’t want this to be a typical story full of typical characters. Let’s just hope I strayed enough from the stereotypes!

  • Nikki’s mom’s name is Ansley Scott.

  • Dylan6

    Michael Bolten (Dylan) (I also went crazy and character-cast Richard Armitage as Older Dylan. You’re welcome.)

    Confession: I never character-casted Bennett.  : (  (Although I do know EXACTLY who I want to play him if there’s ever a movie made of Nikki.  But that’s a secret that only a VERY few people know.)

  • I kept a running list of all of the possible titles for Becoming Nikki, including…
    • You and Me (Too romantic)
    • Dancing My Fears Away (Umm???)
    • So She Dances (Based on the Josh Groban song ❤ )
    • The Sister He Can’t Remember (YAWN)
    • Becoming Me (which eventually morphed to Becoming Nikki)

I can’t really think of any other tidbits about Nikki that I think are interesting. (Probably because it’s been in my mind for the past few years and has consumed the past few weeks of my life…) However, there might be things that you guys are wondering about. Ask any questions you have about Nikki in the comment section!

AN ANNOUCEMENT: behold. mine baby.

The paperback copy of Becoming Nikki is out on CreateSpace, y’all.  YAYYYYY.  Here’s the link.  Also, because y’all are awesome, use the discount below and you’ll get 15% off.  It’ll work ’til this Saturday, after which Nikki SHOULD be out on Amazon, and then you can use your Prime to get it in two days, if you have it.  😉  Unfortunately, the discount only works on CreateSpace, so… go crazy!  😀


Also, the Kindle is available on Amazon, so if you’d prefer to read it that way, check it out.

Thank you all for being awesome and supporting me throughout the past few years that I’ve been involved in the Blogosphere.  LOVE Y’ALL!!!

an announcement, a schedule, and a giveaway

Welcome to the Becoming Nikki Blog Tour!  I’m so incredibly excited to (FINALLY) release my baby into the world and can’t wait to see what God does with it!

Before we get started, does anybody want to get out? here’s an announcement: Due to circumstances beyond my control, the publication has been pushed out a few days.  Depressing, but c’est la vie.  There were some typos that I couldn’t edit ’til today, but as soon as the new version of Nikki is approved, it’ll be out.  Give me and my hard-working elves (North Pole, not South Pole cuz they’re mean) a few days to get it all wrapped up, and I’ll post here when it’s out.

Here’s the official schedule for the tour.  I’ll be editing the links to the actual posts as they go live.








Lastly, here’s the giveaway.  Enter, y’all.  You know you want to.  😉

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four days more…

Four days ’til The Big Day – December 8th!  It’s a triple whammy – my birthday, the release date for Becoming Nikki, and the start of the Becoming Nikki Blog Tour!  YAY!!!

The blog tour is going to be fantastic, you guys.  There are at least two posts every day.  I have fifteen pages of interview questions and answers, and I have at least three people doing reviews.  Add to that a giveaway, and a few random posts I’ll be doing here, and you’ve got a pretty major party.  😀

I can’t wait for next week; it’s going to be fantastic!  I hope to see you ALL there!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy this mashup of ‘Best Day of My Life’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’ by the cast of The Lion King on Broadway.