minirant: there’s nothing wrong with being “basic.”


Ugg boots and infinity scarves.

Taylor Swift.

Even separately, these things may remind you of something – the Stereotypical White Girl, or a “Basic” girl.

If you love any of these things, you’re instantly labelled this.  To escape these labels, you claim that you don’t like them, and stay as far away from them as you can.

You claim that you’re “not like other girls,” shoving other girls down in order to make yourself more unique.

But just like it’s wrong to build your throne out of all the girls you’ve claimed you’re better than, it’s also wrong to call people “basic.”

It’s okay to like Taylor Swift (especially her new single, which is fire).  It’s okay to like typical fall outfits (because fall is the bomb diggity and heck yes you look amazing in those boots and scarves).  It’s okay to like Starbucks (because Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucinos are God’s gift to mankind).

Since when was it wrong to like things that are specifically marketed to us girls?

The same can be said for guys.  If guys like video games, they’re instantly labeled “gamers.”  If they like Marvel or DC or are really good at robotics, they’re instantly labeled “nerds.”

I think our society makes such a big deal out of being unique that it’s seen as wrong to like stereotypical things.

Everyone tries so hard to be different that they don’t realize that they’re all acting exactly like everyone else.

This is why it’s so hard for us to admit that we like these things.

But the truth is… it’s okay.

It’s okay to like both Taylor Swift and Twenty One Pilots and Jon Bellion.

It’s okay to like both Starbucks and boba tea and that obscure Japanese drink you saw in an anime.

Our uniqueness is already evident, and expresses itself in both the “basic” things we love and the more obscure things we love.

No two people are alike, and to lump people together based on a single likeness is wrong, plain and simple.

This has been A Rant™.


38 thoughts on “minirant: there’s nothing wrong with being “basic.”

  1. So much yes! Completely agree with this post and I struggle with this all the time. I love how your rant posts get your point across so well and in as few words as needed. I’m known for going on and on in my rants and it’s very difficult for me to know when I’ve really gotten my point across vs. rambling. Brownie points! 🙂

      • You know I do. I wish I had the confidence to say the things I’m always thinking like you do. I guess I should just DO it, shouldn’t I? I guess the worst that can happen is someone disagrees with me and maybe verbalizes it, but I shouldn’t let that bother me anyway. 😀 And you’re welcome! 😛

        • HAHAHAHAHA. Please, trust me, you don’t. I have no filter sometimes – okay, a lot of times – and it’s gotten me into trouble! 😝 But yes, say what’s on your mind when the situation demands it – and when others ask for your opinion. 😉

  2. Scarves are my one of my favorite things about fall! Also, that Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucino? 👌👌 Yes, I am indeed a “Basic White Girl”. (But, as you know, I’m anything BUT 😂)

    Just be you – that’s my motto, and I’m sticking to it. Thanks for the reaffirmation.💕💕

  3. “Everyone tries so hard to be different that they don’t realize that they’re all acting exactly like everyone else”
    Yes, although I admit I can get caught up in that, especially since I was born with a Mary-quite-contrary streak. And sometimes I get envious when people do like and are good at the same hobbies as me.
    I’m sure lots of people have a mix of really specific, not-mainstream tastes and absolutely mainstream tastes. It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t. Hipsterism killed me though, that has basically morphed into trying to be different. If you are actually artsy, yes that’s you. But if you are trying to be something, no.
    I think Blimey Cow did a video about letting people just like what they like. Yes, please. No one needs to feel defensive if something is not immoral. And why does it feel like actual grey issues are turned into black and white issues and vice-versa; um, murder is wrong, not coloring outside the lines (I still remember that from preschool, hello, forgiveness personified here).
    And “This has been A Rant™” Ha, perfect. And yeah, applies here too.

    • Lol! Yeah, same, if I’m willing to admit it. YES! Don’t you hate that? 😝

      Yes, I think so too. LOL. I have a friend who’s too hipster to be hipster & it throws me off. XD

      Ooh yeah they did! I completely agree. YES. Grey areas are relative, just like black & white areas. I did an entire post on this a few years ago lol so I’ll stop myself now. (YEP.)

      Lol. Thanks for the long comment – I love them!

  4. *slams fist on table so hard coffee mugs rattle*


    Pride is one heck of a drug, especially the pride that comes with claiming to be “different” and “special” . . . but in reality, we’re much happier (and much more truly unique) once we abandon it. Life is too short not to savor whatever brings you joy, whether a million other people love it or nobody else has ever even heard of it. It’s all a part of YOU.

    (And I will never not love Taylor Swift–I completely agree about her newest single. #readyforit)

  5. Oh my goodness, yes!! That is so true! I’m guilty of not wanting to be lumped into the stereotypical crowd, but honestly, MOST of my interests aren’t that popular, ha. 😛 Everyone’s gushing about Taylor Swift and I’m over in my little room gushing about Kristen Chenoweth. Everyone goes on about how amazing Chris Evans is and I’m just like “Have you even HEARD Corey Cott?!” And I’ve only ever had 1 Starbucks drink in my whole life, because most of the time I just have a good old Aussie milo at home. 😉 But yeah, I guess the danger with that is that one does tend to look down on other people who are less “unique” and that’s nasty. I think if everyone replaced judging with love, the world would be a much nicer place. *nods head* Myself included.

    • Haha, I get that! Well, Kristin Chenoweth & Corey Cott are GODS in the Broadway world, so I’d say that’s just as much of a “stereotype” as Taylor or twenty one pilots. 😉 Lol! I usually just make coffee at home as well. I completely agree! (Myself included 😉)

  6. Yes!! A Rant! Just the kind of content I like to see 👍 To be honest, this hasn’t really affected me because growing up in a super strict religious environment where we HAD to Be Different from The World, all I ever wanted WAS to be a basic white girl. And now I am and I love it because I still have my own flavour of originality too 🙂
    But man….. Taylor Swift and that single? Not a fan! It’s just plain sad to see someone’s life consumed with bitterness and hatred 😦

    • I wrote this partially for you. 😉 YES. I feel that. “In the world and not of it” was a phrase thrown around a lot. LOL. Same. Haha, well, we can agree to disagree. 😉

      • Awww for me! ❤️ Still hanging out for the prince charming rant tho… Hahahah I heard a lot of “in the world and not of it” too!! And then we were so focussed on that, we ended up being not in the world too🙄😏
        Haha I knew you’d disagreement…. Maybe I need to do a rant on my long neglected blog on why I hate the new TS single 😉

  7. Amen. And I’m proud to say I have done my part to help Look What You Made Me Do become the most watched, record-breaking music video.
    Oh, look, I’m also listening to Ready For It.

  8. I actually shouted “YES” at “Everyone tries so hard to be different that they don’t realize they’re all acting exactly like everyone else.” So true. Thanks for the inspiration as I’m in my freshman year at a secular university and uniformity is definitely an agenda there.

    • It’s something I’ve realized lately & I just want people to know it. (I wish I could grab certain people’s shoulders & shake them while telling them!) You are so welcome. I get it! It’s hard! But you can do it. Just stay you – whatever that means, all your “basic” and unique sides included. ☺️


    I used to shy away from modern trends (mainly in hyped-up books and movies) because I didn’t want to be labeled, but I don’t care anymore. If a book is good, I’ll love it to death whether a million people have it read + loved it or I’m the only one in the world who’s read + loved it. Same for movies, same for anything, really. 🙂

    • I absolutely get it bc I’m still trying to get out of that mindset! But it’s okay to like something that’s popular – otherwise, how would you have heard of it??? YES. Honestly sometimes it’s way better liking something people know about, rather than this obscure thing with no fandom. (Hello Rat Patrol and The Pacific!)

  10. “Everyone tries so hard to be different that they don’t realize that they’re all acting exactly like everyone else.”


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