being a college student is…


{for le blog aesthetic // not mine.}

curling up in places too small for you and closing your eyes for just one more minute.

writing papers at midnight and then being horrified at your incomprehensible “logic” the next morning.

constantly wondering why your coffee cup is empty but not having the motivation to refill it.

spending your hard-earned cash on ice cream because your professors make you cry.

always just wanting to lay down on the floor.

generally wanting to lay down in general because you’ve never been this tired in your life.

worrying about cell phone bills, car insurance, food, budgeting, grades, social life, etc all the time.

finding new study music all. the. time.

in that same vein, finding new tv shows to watch.  (and sometimes they’re disney shows and that’s okay.) (meaning i discovered boy meets world while i was in college and honestly it helped me get through it.)

junk food. so much junk food.

developing weird ways to learn the stuff you’ve gotta learn.  (need to learn the kings and queens of england for your western civ class?  say no more.)

watching your friends get into relationships???  and get engaged???  and get married???  AND HAVE BABIES???

constantly wondering what the crap you’re doing with your life because of the above.  (“oh, that’s right.  i’m getting an education.  which will help me… how?”)

losing motivation.

gaining motivation.

meeting new friends.

saying goodbye to old friends.

setting aside hours a day to psych yourself up for something because adulting is hard.

taking tests.

sobbing in your car because you failed tests.

celebrating with junk food and movies because you passed tests.

being scared about moving on because sweet buttered crumpets, you’ll have to really adult and enter *gulp* The Real World.

moving on, despite whatever happens, because this is your education and DANG IT, you’ll get it done.

i only have a few weeks of school left.  i’m trying to live in these moments – to really relish them, despite the mixed feelings they bring – because i’m such a schoolaholic that i know i’m going to miss them.

today’s my baby sister’s birthday.  she’s four.  i distinctly remember living at a friend’s house while her adoption paperwork was going through, discovering pinterest while trying to figure out this college thing.

i’m totally scared at the prospect of a school-free life.  i’m obviously still going to learn (hello, french lessons), but it’ll be different.

more than that, though, i’m excited.  i’ll have a more flexible schedule, i’ll be able to live without a major stress-inducer in my life, i’ll have more writing time, i’ll be able to get a job without worrying about having enough school time…

saying goodbye is always hard.  but saying hello is such a bright, optimistic new opportunity, and i’m totally ready to see what i’ll greet in the next few months.

11 thoughts on “being a college student is…

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  2. Okay NOW I’m looking forward to college. 😛

    Hahaha, I’m in my last year of school and I relate to some of these already, although not completely! But I think I’m ready. Adulting is both exhausting and stupid and exciting and well… inevitable.
    Best of luck, m’dear… keep on persevering!

    • Haha! It’s the hardest thing thing you’ll ever do but it’s incredibly rewarding. I’ve heard people say “I’m not gonna spend thousands of dollars & years of my life just for a piece of paper” but it’s honestly so much more than that. You learn about how to deal with people, how to handle money, how to be responsible. 10/10 would recommend. 🙂 You can do it!!!

  3. Haha! So much yes!! I didn’t do the whole college thing, but I feel ya, sister. Especially facing new horizons and wanting more sleep.

    I’m so proud of you and the way you’ve pulled along and endured. Now it’s almost over, and you get to do new things!! Just keep your eyes on the end goal. 😘😘

    • Ehh you’re fine. And it’s relatable, regardless. (Being older sisters of large families makes it relatable, especially the sleep, lol.)

      Aww, thanks so much, sister-friend! SOOOO looking forward to new things. I’m so excited, and that’s keeping me from getting too scared. ❤

  4. Can relate to ALL. OF. THIS. ❤ ❤ ❤

    You've done great to get this far, and you're going to keep doing great, no matter what life throws at you–I have faith in you. Go forth and conquer, Young Jedi 🙂

    (I actually watched Boy Meets World BECAUSE you said it was good; and it's quickly become my favorite-ever TV show and it's taught me so much about, y'know, Life and stuff. So I'm grateful to you–very very grateful. *hugs*)

    • RIGHT?! I mean some of it is CollegePlus/Lumerit specific, but I tried to make it as universal as possible.

      Thank you so much for those encouraging words! *turns on lightsaber*

      AHH ISN’T IT GREAT?! I’ve learned so much because of it. SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT. *hugs back*

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