first royalties check? CHECK.



So CreateSpace (Amazon’s company that published my novel) has a $100 threshold on royalties.  Once you’ve hit that, they send you a check.

After two years and three months… my little baby finally hit that threshold.

And, dang, do I feel accomplished.

Let’s ignore the fact that it took that long, the fact that it’s “only” $100, and the fact that it’s “just” a self-published novel.  Because, dang it, I need something to be proud of.

(I’m finishing college less than a month and I’ll celebrate that, too.)

But here’s my dilemma – I have no idea what to spend it on!

I want to be able to look back – when I’m a famous author giving interviews alongside other famous authors – and be able to proudly say what I spent my very first royalty check on.  But I have no earthly clue what that should be!

Current ideas are: a trip somewhere (hello, Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway), a new laptop charger cord + battery (necessities, plus that’s writing-related, right?), or invest it/put it in savings for later.  The first is exciting but expensive, and the last two are boring but necessary.  XD


(Also, I finally got on The Book of Faces.  Friend me!)

23 thoughts on “first royalties check? CHECK.

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  2. Wow, congrats!!! That’s fantastic. 😀 I have a question, though. As a hopeful-future-creatspace-published-author, do you mean that for every time your book sold, you didn’t get ANY money until the number of books sold made your “income” reach $100 and then they just send it to you all at once? Basically, you don’t get paid until the amount your earned reaches $100? I just want to make sure I understand the process. 🙂

  3. This is terrible financial advice and Should Not Be Listened To, but you should blow it on the trip!! You don’t want to have to make something cool up when interviewers ask what you spent your first royalty check on. 😉


    I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But of course it is OBVIOUS what you should spend your 1st royalties check on–BOOKS. Buy books. Buy more and more books. Buy all the books. That’s what bookworm-authors do, darn it! 😉

    (Kidding. Buy whatever ya want. It’s just suggestion.)

    I sent you a friend request! It’s under a different name than the one I use on here (it’s the same name as my Instagram profile though.) I hope it’s not too confusing, lol 🙂

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