eloise at christmastime & christmas with the kranks | christmas movie marathon

Part One

Join me as I count down to Christmas with reviews of some of my favorite Christmas movies – and a few new ones!

Eloise_at_Christmastime.jpgEloise at Christmastime {2003} | Sofia Vassilieva, Julie Andrews

The Plot: Eloise, a resident of the Plaza Hotel, is simultaneously trying to figure out the motive of a suspicious man and set up her friend Bill with Rachel, his unrequited love, all the while getting ready for Christmas.

The Good: OKAY.  This movie may have been intended for the eight-year-olds who read the books, but I’m pretty sure anyone can watch it and love it.  I first discovered it a few years ago and it’s been a tradition to watch it at least twice every Christmas season.  It’s hilarious, sweet, heartwarming, and the ship is one of my OTPs.  (BILL + RACHEL FOREVER.)  Sofia always shocks me as Eloise because she’s such a great actor – and she’s only ten.  Also, Julie is such a great surprise in this one because she’s nanny goals.

The Bad: Unless you think Eloise is a little too independent – and a little “wooed” – for a six-year-old, there’s nothing bad in this movie.  Period.

The Bottom Line: Yes.  All the yes.  This movie is perfect and I love it dearly.

christmas with the kranks.jpgChristmas with the Kranks {2004} | Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis

The Plot: After their daughter leaves home shortly before Christmas, Luther and Nora Krank decide to skip Christmas and spend their money on a cruise.  However, the entire town has a problem with this.  Hilarity ensues.

The Good: My family and I hadn’t seen this movie before, and after hearing about it a few times and then having it recommended by a good friend, we decided to watch it.  Spoiler alert: we loved it.  Even my dad, who’s pretty hard to entertain sometimes.  (Love you, Daddy.)  It was amazingly relatable, too, because we know people who’ve skipped Christmas for one reason or another.  Super duper funny, and even a little touching at times.  And Tim Allen is always hysterical.

The Bad: As far as inappropriate content goes, this movie had very little – unless you count a veiled reference to Nora thinking that Luther has something planned *wink*.  It’s 5% on Rotten Tomatoes (YIKES) is pretty harsh, but not unwarranted, as this movie feels a little confusing and pointless at times.  The town’s reaction to the Krank’s decision to skip Christmas is a little ridiculous as well.

The Bottom Line: For all its problems, this movie isn’t without good aspects, and I’m pretty sure it just became a tradition for my family.

Next Friday: The Holiday and Nativity!

9 thoughts on “eloise at christmastime & christmas with the kranks | christmas movie marathon

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  2. I finished my semester last night (!!!!!!) and I needed a fun, happy movie to watch, so I picked “Eloise at Christmastime” 🙂 It was BEAUTIFUL and COZY and I loved it very much–so thanks for recommending it!!

  3. RACHEL AND BILL. ❤ I just watched that movie yesterday and ohhh the feels. Love it. 😀 It always make me want to visit the Plaza at Christmastime. (But I'd probably be disappointed since Bill doesn't really work there and Eloise isn't there running wild. -sob-)

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