happy, free, confused, & lonely in the best way.

22, baby.  it’s been a ride.  and i can literally say that everything in this song personally connects with me in one way or another.  figures.

here’s to another year of ditching the whole scene and ending up… okay, dreaming and sleeping.  and hoping everything will be alright.

{ps: i love taylor.  if you hate on taylor, i will hate on you and that’s just the way it’ll go.}


17 thoughts on “happy, free, confused, & lonely in the best way.

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  2. Happy birthday, you wonderful person! Thank you for giving us internet folks these glimpses into your life and bits of edification and food for thought… they’re always greatly enjoyed!
    Have an awesome new year of life!

  3. WAIT. Today’s your birthday??? Argh. I feel SO awful for forgetting. 😦 So…HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY!!! I’m so happy + proud to have known you for so long – your friendship is one that I treasure the most, even though we’ve had our ups and downs. 😉 Have an AWESOME day.

    • Haha, it’s okay. XD Aww you’re so sweet! Thank you! And I think friendships that have lasted through the rough spots are the best – that’s when you know they’re real. So blessed to be friends with you! 🙂

  4. “It feels like a perfect night . . . to dress up like hipsters . . .”

    Happy birthday, fellow-twenty-something-year-old!!!!! It’s a strange life, but it’s a good life, too. I’m glad you’re here to share it with me ❤

  5. Happy birthday girl! I’m so happy and blessed to be friends with you. May the Lord continue to grow you in His grace and love in this coming year.


    A secret T-Swift fan 😉


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