story snippets | a random morning scene.

So I’m doing this new course on playwriting and it’s been super fun so far.  When I add it to my Intro to Theatre course, it gives me this perpetual feeling of “I’d read this textbook and do these assignments for fun and now I’m getting credit for learning this???  WHAT IS LIFE?!”  (Yeah, I’m super happy with where I am in college.  SIX MORE MONTHS!)

Anyway, a friend sent me a picture via Snapchat the other morning and it inspired the subject for a wordless scene I had to do for the playwriting course.  I don’t have the characters named, but I know who they are in my mind.  (*elusive smirky/winky face*)

Imagine your OTP.

SETTING – kitchen/living room section of a lived-in apartment

GIRL (early 20s) stumbles into room from doorway leading to bedroom; wearing pjs. Stretches and yawns, then rubs face as she slowly makes her way to the kitchen section of the apartment. Flicks on coffee maker, listens to it whirr for a minute before burying head in cabinet.

GUY (mid 20s) walks in texting on phone; also in pjs. Stops to finish text, then drops phone on couch. Opens his mouth to say something to GIRL, but GIRL, head still in cabinet, puts her hand up with a firm shake of the head. GUY smiles, pulls out a barstool, sits down, lays forehead on the bar.

GIRL pulls two coffee cups out of the cabinet, setting both down next to the coffee maker.

GUY picks head up, stays sitting down but puts two slices of bread in the toaster.

GIRL leans on counter, waiting for coffee to brew while trying not to fall asleep again.

GUY stands up, walks to fridge, pulls out jam, starts spreading it across the toast.

GIRL is startled awake by the coffee timer. Pours coffee, snaps fingers at GUY, who hands her the half and half. GIRL pours half and half into coffee cups, shakes a little sugar into the cups.

GUY puts half and half into fridge, gives GIRL a spoon (which she uses to stir the coffee with), puts toast on plates, exchanges one plate of toast for one coffee cup. GUY leans over and kisses GIRL’s cheek, then pulls away as she grouchily tries to swat him.

BOTH carry their coffee and toast to the couch (facing audience), sit down.

GUY picks up newspaper and starts reading.

GIRL, sipping coffee, stares at GUY and smiles. She leans over to kiss him, then leans her head on his shoulder.

GUY smiles at newspaper but leans his head to rest on hers.

Black out.

What do you think?  Want more (of this or other scenes I’ll be writing)?


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