reblog: should we, as christians, be drinking the pumpkin spice latte?


Not Exactly Subtle

GTY_pumpkin_spice_latte_jt_150817_12x5_1600It’s that time of year when the weather begins to turn, the leaves start to change color, and all across the nation the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on the menu.

I would caution my brothers and sisters (let’s be honest, mostly sisters) to think before they drink.

Anytime something becomes this popular and accepted by society, we need to step back and ask if we’ve ceased merely being in the world and have, in fact, become part of it (Couldn’t find the chapter and verse, but I know it’s in the KJV).  Allow me to incredibly humbly suggest a couple of things we ought to meditate on and pray over before we imbibe the PSL.

1. A study of “Pumpkin Spice” in the original languages

When we break down the etymology of the name of Satan’s favorite drink, it shows how truly subversive the Tempter can be in trying…

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10 thoughts on “reblog: should we, as christians, be drinking the pumpkin spice latte?


    But honestly . . . why did so many people think it was meant to be serious?? WHY??????????? I mean, come on, “Family Killing Spice Girls”? Really, folks?

    *shakes head*

    • I KNOW, RIGHT?!

      And I have no idea. Some people don’t understand sarcasm. (Aka half of my friends bc apparently I offend too many people on a daily basis bc they think I’m serious.)

  2. One word: Amazing. I LOVE this 😀 and I totally see what they’re getting at as well… Especially love the reference to the KJV! (We all know that’s the only *real* Bible out there, right?) Don’t get me wrong, I love my Christian brothers and sisters, but a bit of satire along this line always gives me a good laugh.

    Oh, and off topic, I tagged you in a tag thing. Don’t feel like you have to fill it out at all or anything like that (in fact you’ve probably done it at some point before!) but if you’re interested, deets are here:

  3. me: *sees the title*
    me: ooh this is gonna be good *settles back*
    me: *puts it on hold to pull up spotify and play pumped up kicks*
    me: *finishes article in silence*
    me: Perfect.
    me: *reads comments*
    me: Annnd there’s no hope for the world.

    Really tho that was hilarious.

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