the liebster tag.

I rarely do tags – not because people don’t tag me (they do), and not because it doesn’t fit with my blog’s theme (because lol what theme).  It’s simply because I forget.  So if you tag me, please let me know.  I love getting tagged!  The other day, I got tagged by Phoebe over at The Storybook Journal (link to tag here) and I actually remembered!  YAY!

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Answer the eleven questions.
3. Tag eleven bloggers, and let them know you’ve done so.
4. Ask your tagged bloggers eleven questions.

Phoebe’s Questions:
1. Do you usually cry over the deaths or misfortunes of fictional characters in books and movies? Or are you “not a crier”?
BHAHAHAHA.  Wow.  Well, I’m gonna be completely honest with you – I’m a weirdo.  While real-life events don’t often make me cry (something I’m working on), fictional events have the ability to make. me. weep.  I well up in tears pretty often, especially if it’s a touching scene, and I can all-out sob sometimes.  For instance, the first book that made me cry was Little Men, and I can’t remember exactly what happens in the scene, but it had something to do with Dan taking the fall for something Nat did.  Boy, did that make me cry.  Another book that made me cry was Fault in Our Stars.  Although I don’t recommend it to “just anybody” and even though I totally knew what happened in the end… I still sobbed.  Like, gut-wrenching, shoulder-heaving sobs.  It was intense.  I don’t think I’ve cried this much over a book since – OH WAIT YES I HAVE.  The end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Yep.  I cried over the last hundred pages, closed the book, hugged it to my chest, and continued to cry.  *wipes away a tear*  M’kay, moving on.

2. Is there a popular TV show or a movie that you just CAN’T bring yourself to like, in spite of everyone’s good opinions of it?
Oh gosh.  The last time I bashed something that everybody liked didn’t go very well.  After thinking for a while, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say… Downton Abbey.  NOW BEFORE YOU THROW ANYTHING AT ME, JUST LISTEN.  I watched the first two and a half seasons and I absolutely loved it.  Then I got to The Sybil Episode – yes, I knew what happened, and that’s what kept me from watching the end of it.  I knew Something Was Going Down, and I wasn’t emotionally prepared for it that day.  I put it off and started watching something that would make me happier, not more sad than I already was.  And then… I just never watched the end.  I still love the show, deep down somewhere, but, for now, I have too much drama (and school – oh gosh, the amount of school I have is n u t s) in my life to bring myself to go back to it.  I’m graduating sometime early next year, so maybe then?  I know my younger sister fell in love with it too, and binged the entire show in like a month.  (I was on that track before I stopped watching, lol.)  So… no hard feelings.  We’re good, right?  I still love me some Allen Leech, and McGonagall the Dowager Countess of Grantham is everything I aspire to be when I’m her age.

3. Do you have a garden? If so, what sort of things do you grow in it? Is it a vegetable or flower garden?
Nope.  I have a tendency to kill plants because I forget to water them.  However.  My family’s building a house and moving sometime in the next year, and I think I’m going to try to put forth more effort in that area when we move.  After all, my future exposed-brick studio apartment is going to house a lot of plants, and I’m gonna need to get used to watering them on a daily basis.  🙂

4. With the approach of oncoming Winter, do you find yourself excited for the change of season, or is your mindset closer to: ” *sigh* Oh boy. Here it comes. Winter. AGAIN.”?
I’M SO EXCITEDDDDD.  I love fall and winter in and of themselves, basically because what’s not to love about the changing colors of the leaves and snuggling in blankets and too-big hoodies and pumpkin spice lattes (I swear I’ll become a real Basic White Girl and try one this year) and boots and scarves and socks and reading books in the morning while sipping hot coffee?!  Besides all of that, a lot of fun things are happening in the fall/winter, including weddings and trips with friends and holidays and my birthday and – HELLO – possibly graduating sooner rather than later and moving into a completely new house where my sister and I get literally the entire basement (SO EXCITED, Y’ALL).  So, yes.  I’m usually pretty excited about fall/winter, but especially so this year.  🙂

5. What is the last book you read? How would you rate it out of five stars?
I actually stopped answering these questions so I could go finish The Outsiders, a book my darling friend Eva recommended, so I could see what I’d rate it.  And GOSH DANG IT, IT WAS SO GOOD.  See my Goodreads review for further fangirling (because I don’t have enough space here), but I’ll definitely be re-reading it and recommending it to a few people.  5/5 stars!

6. Do you collect anything? How many/much do you own?
I used to collect stamps (lol), which I’d put in these three massive 3-ring binders, way back when.  I’d listen to Les Mis (the 10th anniversary cast, aka basically the only one worth listening to) and The Little Mermaid (the OBC) on my boom box with headphones while I worked.  (Gosh, that must’ve been ’06 or ’07… why am i so o l d)  I also collect books, too.  Obviously.  😛  I’m working on collecting beautiful hardcover books, but I only have enough money to splurge every now and then.  My big HEY LOOK I’M A SENIOR!!!! gift to myself was a hardcover copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which I thought was amazing), and I just bought a hardcover copy of The Problem with Forever for a school thing (long story, but yes, it’s for school. #cheatingthesystem).

7. If you could invite one (and ONLY ONE) fictional character to dinner, who would it be?
Well, right now I just want to invite Johnny from The Outsiders over, if only to feed him Pepsi and banana milkshakes and fries and candy bars as I hug him tightly and tell him that he’s too precious for this world.  While sobbing.  …  Oh gosh, moving on.

8. What book is nearest to you at this very moment?
*smirky emoji*  Nearest to me, as in proximity, or nearest… to my heart???  I’ll take both.  Nearest, as in proximity, would be a collection of Herman Melville’s shorter works, which I had to get from the library in order to read/write a report on Benito Cereno.  I’ve never read it before (nor any of Melville’s other stuff {sue me}), but I liked it because the plot twist made the initial confusion totally worth it.  Nearest, as in to my heart, would be If You Find This Letter by Hannah Brencher.  A good friend gave it to me for my surprise book-themed 21st birthday party last year (which will probably be my favorite birthday for the rest of my life), and I didn’t get around to reading it ’til a few months ago.  It took me SO LONG to read it because every time I’d try reading it, I’d burst into tears because the writing was so beautiful and so. incredibly. relevant.  Seriously, read it.  It’ll change your life.

9. Since Halloween is coming up soon, do you usually participate in the celebrations? If so, what did you dress up as last year?
We used to, but we haven’t done it in about ten to twelve years.  We usually hide out in the basement with a good movie while the neighborhood trick-or-treats.  Last year, we were camping with some friends, and I was crying because it was so cold and because I’d just read Harry Potter for the first time and knew what happened to James and Lily that night…  Yeah.  This year, we’ll probably watch Harry Potter in the basement, for obvious reasons.  (That is, unless I can convince my parents to let my younger siblings dress up for the first time!)

10. How would you describe your fashion style?
Incredibly tasteful, but too broke to prove it.  My style board on Pinterest is a dream of what I want my future wardrobe to look like when I have more money to spend on clothes, but I’m working on it now, too.

11. Have you ever met a famous person? Who was it?
Do the Taylors from BlimeyCow count?  😛

I don’t keep up with too many bloggers, so I’ll be the rule-breaker and tag everybody reading this.  Reply to the questions below in the comments!

1.  What’s your Pinterest account link?  (I love following new people!)
2.  What are your thoughts on classic novels versus contemporary novels?
3.  Quick!  Name the three most recent movies you’ve watched and what you’ve thought of each of them.
4.  What grade are you in school (or how many years have you been done, you lucky duck) and what do you think of it?
5.  Speaking of school, what are your four best pieces of advice for everyone going in the grade below you?
6.  Who are some of your favorite bloggers?  (I also love finding new blogs to stalk!)
7.  Have you ever been to a concert?  If so, who did you see?  If not, do you ever want to go to one?
8.  Does your family have any interesting back-to-school/fall traditions?
9.  Who are five of your literary heroines?
10. What’s a random thing you have in your room that you maybe can’t remember how it got there but know it’d be weird if it left?  (Awkward way of phrasing that, but you know what I mean.)
11. Shameless selfish blog thing: What’s something you’d like to see more of on my blog?

9 thoughts on “the liebster tag.

  1. 1.
    2.  I’ve read mostly classic novels or novels of that period more, though I’m learning to love contemporary fiction.
    3. Nanny Diaries, pretty cute.
    Legally Blonde, also cute and pretty funny.
    Austenland, super girly but fun (I’ve been in a chick-flick mood lately).
    4.  I’m in my second year of college, it’s going pretty well. I wish the end was closer though, two and a half years left.
    5. -Get to know your professors
    -Notes are important
    -Don’t be afraid to ask for help
    -Balance your school and social life the best you can, you need both.
    6. -A Singular and Whimsical Problem
    -Attic 24
    -Rosy Little Things
    -A Holy Experience
    7. I’m going to my first one in October! Lindsey Stirling!
    8. Our church has a Reformation day celebration that we go to each year.
    9. -Anne Shirley
    -Jane Eyre
    -Katherine Mortimer
    -Jo March
    -Hermione Granger
    10. I have a comfy reading chair that would make the room seem very empty if it disappeared.
    11. Story snippets! I absolutely love those!

    • I’ve seen all three of those movies and love them!!!

      And thanks for the post suggestion! I’m definitely going to be posting more snippets – as soon as I can find time to write more. 😛

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  3. I love reading blog tags and always wanted to do one but I’ve never gotten round to having a blog so I never have before. So, thanks for tagging us all to do this in the comments 😀

    2. On the whole, I prefer classics simply because they are better written. The vocabulary, expressions etc are more advanced whilst contemporary seems to be more simplistic. Honestly, I like both – I love Harry Potter and Karen Kingsbury works for example but if I want to experience superb literature and writing skills, it’s the classics for me 🙂
    3. I’ve barely watched movies lately!! Um, “Ever After” I saw for the first time recently. I *knew* it could never top the Proper Cinderella movie of last year so I had low expectations but I was pleasantly surprised. Its not as good as the live action Disney Cinderella of course, but there were some great quotes 😀
    4. Finished uni (or college as you say in the U.S.) last year so this is my first year out! Yay for unsuccessful job hunting 😛
    5. My four pieces of advice for someone in their final year of school (before college & my advice is based on my Australian school experience) are: 1) Ditch social media or have a limit to how much you use it and stick to that 2) It’s just one year – your grades can affect your life career so don’t stop studying in exam week because you’re devastated the girl you adore at school is having her 18th because she’s finished exams and you havent so you can’t go. Just. Study. That exam result could be life changing. (PS By the time you’re done at uni, you haven’t talked to that girl in years anyway….) 3) Do the homework. And the practice tests. 4) Be yourself. Trust in God. Let your classmates know (in a natural way) that yeah, you are stressed but your faith and your worth is in God. 🙂
    6. I don’t follow blogs as much as I used to but Ribbons of Light led me to Yet Another Period Drama Blog and that led me to yours… No one blogs much anymore but I keep up with Fresh Modesty, the Duggar Family Blog and the Bates Family Blog.
    7. I’ve been to plenty of amateur concerts. I’M GOING TO KEITH URBAN’S CONCERT IN DECEMBER THIS YEAR!!!! Cannot WAIT! 😀
    8. Nope! (And in Australia, we NEVER say “Fall” but call it Autumn :D)
    9. This is a tough tough question. In no particular order: 1) Lizzy Bennet . 2) Melanie in Gone With the Wind – 3) Mary Powell – Um my own heroine from my own story… that counts right? 4) Sara Crewe from The Little Princess . 5) Sophy from The Grand Sophy. I more have favourite books than favourite heroines so this was very difficult!
    10. Nothing really? I can’t remember how we got the little mirror on top of the drawers and I guess it would be weird if I didn’t have it?
    11. Depends on how much you want to share of your life, but I really enjoy reading your posts about what you’re learning in life- like times you realised things were legalistic and you’re changing that, challenging concepts you grew up thinking, even how you mentioned once about leaving your old church – I have gone through stuff so incredibly similar to that, those posts are so so relatable and probably one reason I keep reading your blog.

    I LOVED Downton Abbey but I do think they should have ended the show after the third season. Two major deaths in the one season was a blow and then it turned into a soap after that. Up until Sybil’s death, it was amazing though! And yay for fellow Branson lovers! I seem to be the only person in my family who really likes him. Granted, he went really boring after Sybil died.

    • You’re welcome! I think I did it once before, when my blog was a .blogspot, so it’s been a while! Love hearing from my followers, too. 🙂

      Pretty good reason to like classics because I totally agree!!! Although the whole contemporaries-aren’t-good argument fuel my fire of reading every contemporary available to find the good ones. XD

      Cool! My sister just showed that to somebody for the first time, too! I haven’t seen the “new” Cinderella – oops. 😛 My favorite is the ’97 one with Brandy and Whitney Houston and Bernadette Peters. 🙂

      NEATO AND GOOD FOR YOU. I can’t WAIT ’til I’m done. 😛 And unsuccessful job hunting is still successful because at least you’re looking. XD

      Again, that’s me! 🙂 GREAT advice. ❤

      Amy at The YAP is one of my favoritest bloggy friends. 🙂 I keep up with the Duggars, too, both through their blogs and show, and friends who know them personally.


      Meh, it's called both here, mostly Fall where I am, though, because I live in the south. 😛

      Ooh I loooove all of those! And same here!

      Aww, you're so sweet. 🙂 I don't mind sharing about my life because I love authentic, honest people and want to be one. I just have to be careful to not offend anybody. 😛 Thanks for continuing to read it!!! ❤

      Saaaaame. Oh my gosh, really??? I LOVE BRANSON. I loved him from the SECOND he showed up – and knew he and Sybil were DESTINED FOR EACH OTHER. (And he turned boring after she died? U G H. Well, there's another reason I'm not interested in the other seasons. I love my high-tempered, headstrong boy.)

      Thanks for commenting!!!!

  4. It’s okay, I’m not a fan of Downton Abbey either . . . It just seems to me that DA is one of those shows where every single character is either a) dying or b) having an affair, in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE . . . and I’m just like, “nope.” I do understand why some people really love it; but it’s just the kind of thing that is exactly calculated NOT to please Jessica Prescott. So I leave it alone. 🙂

    Tag questions! Yippee!
    1. Not on Pinterest . . . sorry 🙂
    2. Classic vs. contemporary? Mmmmmmmmmmmm . . . honestly, I don’t really care about a book’s genre, as long as I like the book itself. I basically read whatever I think I’ll enjoy–although, before I got on Goodreads, I often stayed away from contemporaries because it was so hard to figure out which ones had Content I would object to and which ones didn’t. Now that I have that resource, I happily devour contemporaries right alongside classics. It all depends on the original book.
    3. Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame”–AWESOME; “Hidalgo”–AWESOME; “Amazing Spider-Man”–not great, but still quite good.
    4. I’m about to start grad school in two days (yiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkes!!!)
    5. Grade below me–that would be college senior? Heh, heh. Okay: 1) Don’t forget to take care of all your graduation paperwork; 2) Work hard on your senior projects but also take time to relax and have fun; 3) Try not to freak out too much about Life After Graduation; 4) Go to your graduation ceremony, if you can, because even though it’s a hassle it’s worth it in the end.
    6. Olivia at “Meanwhile in Rivendell,” Naomi at “Wonderland Creek,” Cait at “Paper Fury,” and Hamlette at “Hamlette’s Soliloquy.” (To name just a FEW) 🙂
    7. Yes, quite often, and I LOVE them and want to go to as many as I can. 🙂
    8. Not that I can think of . . . ?
    9. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. Just five? 😉 Okay. Scout from “To Kill A Mockingbird,” Fanny Price from “Mansfield Park,” Elinor Dashwood from “Sense and Sensibility,” Emilia from “Salt to the Sea” (*sobs*), and Liesel from “The Book Thief.”
    10. Kind of blanking on this one . . .
    11. Movie/book reviews and Random Life Updates 🙂

    • THANK. YOU. It was just like… are these real characters??? Character development doesn’t necessarily mean something major has to happen every episode.

      Totally agree with you on contemporary books – Goodreads is SUCH A GREAT RESOURCE.

      Yay for starting grad school soon!!! Eep, that’s so exciting!

      Ooh, that’s me. 😛 Thanks for the advice! I’m gonna try to go to graduation, even though it’s all the way up in New Jersey. O_O We’ll see!

      Such. Good. Heroines. ❤

      Suggestions noted! Thanks. 🙂

  5. I love tags! Even if, like you, I’m not very good about remembering/answering them. 😛 I do want to do this one, though, ’cause your questions are really interesting and I’ve been looking for a quick blog post idea. 🙂 Thanks!

    Loooooved all your answers, but I just want to make one teensy-weensy correction about your answer to question #1 – It was Dan who took the fall for Nat, not Tommy. (I’ve read Little Men, like, a bajillion times so I know it inside and out.) Totally cry-worthy, though.

    I don’t like Downton Abbey either…watched the first three seasons and by then it was getting too content-y and soap opera-y for my tastes. 😛 Plus, I never really connected with the characters, so besides the fact that Branson and Sybil were TOO. CUTE., I really can’t say I took much good away from it.

    *bawls over what you said about Johnny*

    I’m already writing Outsiders fanfiction – I am so hooked. 😉

    Loved this post!!!


    • Kewl! Lemme know when it’s posted! Dang it, I knew I was forgetting something. It’s been yeeeears since I read that. SOB-WORTHY. Like I said, boys sticking up for each other… GAH.

      Same. It was more of a soap opera than anything else – some of the things that happened were just RIDICULOUS – and I didn’t need that. 😛 I tooootally agree, though. Sybil and Branson forever. ❤



      Thanks! 🙂

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