v o t e. | video


this election is gonna be weird.  duh.  even if you’re not american, it’s gonna be weird.

we’re faced with two very different options, and i’m not liking either of them.  i’ve always hated the game ‘would you rather,’ and now the entire nation has to play it… including me.

i don’t know who i’m voting for, but i know i’m going to vote for someone.  let my fren john tell you why (and why you should too).


7 thoughts on “v o t e. | video

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  2. It’s actually NOT impossible for the two candidates to be equally evil–even given the vast differences between them. *shakes head*

    I’m going to vote, yes; but I ain’t voting for President.

      • I know who I’d rather deal with . . . but I don’t feel comfortable actually *voting* for them, so yeah.

        I’ll probably end up doing a write-in and putting Kermit the Frog’s name down.

  3. Have you heard about Evan McMullin? As wary as I am to trust anybody running for office any more, he actually seems like a good human being from what I’ve read.

    • I haven’t! At this point, though, I’m hesitant to vote for somebody besides Trump or Hillary, even if they’re better than them… I’ll look him up, though. Thanks! 🙂

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