redefining what it means to matter | video

This is beautiful and I don’t even want to say anything else besides… thank you, Hank.


4 thoughts on “redefining what it means to matter | video

  1. “What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”
    I think we definitely put value on the wrong aspects of “mattering.” I don’t remember who, but someone said “the sacrifices that matter most are usually acknowledged by God alone”. And I think that holds true for the contributions we make to the world as well. We often don’t see how we mattered because we lack the ability to see the big picture and how each inidividual’s portion has lasting significance! Also, (sorry there a million quotes in this comment! Sometimes other people express my thoughts better than I can 😝) CS Lewis talked about how for Christians, individuals are way more important and meaningful than any nation or civilization because although those can certainly last for longer than our lifespans, we believe that the soul is eternal! 😊


      Yes sooo true! So many of the most important sacrifices we make are those that are “behind doors.”

      YES! C.S. Lewis is AMAZING. ❤

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