my summer bucket list.

I think summer’s finally here.  It’s hot outside, schools are letting out, and my dad’s summer intern just arrived.  (He’s an old family friend so we’re planning on having a BLAST.)

I haven’t planned anything for the summer yet, and I didn’t think I was going to.  After all, I’m schooling through the summer, so why should I, if I won’t have a ton of free time?

WRONG.  It’s summer, and summer means FUN.  (At least, that’s what I keep telling myself during study breaks.)

summer bucket list instagram.pngSO I’ve decided to make a summer bucket list, full of a bunch of things I want to do this summer. I took a picture of my list and posted it on Instagram (see above) and thought of a few more in addition to all of the above things, such as:

  • Finish a TV show (Boy Meets World, which I’m like six episodes from the end of but have put it off for two. years. because I don’t want it to end *sob*; Gilmore Girls, in preparation for Seasons, DUH; Friends and/or Firefly and/or Downton Abbey)
  • Earn fifteen credits (which I think is gonna happen and that’s AWESOME because I’m SO DONE WITH COLLEGE LOL)
  • Read at least one non-fiction book a month (I read a ton of fiction and thought I’d expand my palate a little this year, starting with Mere Christianity and If You Find This Letter)
  • Finish reading the Old Testament (I was trying to finish this last year and it didn’t get done for whatever reason, and I want to finish it up so I can get back to studying Jesus’s life and Paul’s letters)
  • More screen-free time (my school and writing is all on the computer, not to mention Pinterest and Tumblr and my blog and all of that wonderful time-sucking nonsense, so to say I spend a lot of time on the computer is kind of accurate and I kind of hate it and want to spend more time off it this summer by going on walks and coloring and reading more)
  • Budgeting my time better (I’m nannying two full days during the summer, instead of the usual two half days, so it’s going to be interesting trying to juggle school and the little munchkins.  I had them yesterday and we went to Chick-fil-A and the library and it was so. much. fun… even though I didn’t get any school done.  Oops.)
  • Edit The Art of Letting Go (I just got some really good feedback on it, and I’m really looking forward to working on it again and I’m hoping it’ll be done by the end of the summer!)
  • ENJOY THE SUMMER (It’s already pretty hot here in Georgia, but I’m really enjoying it.  Last week, I sat out on the back porch and tried to get a tan and it was really nice.  I’m looking forward to doing that a little more over the summer.)

What are your summer plans?  Doing Camp NaNo (or some other camp)?  Schooling through the summer like me (*sob*)?  I have three friends who are sisters and are going to Europe over the summer which you know is cool but it’s whatever.  Any big plans like that?  (Actually, if you have big plans, don’t tell me.  I’m too jealous.  Because it’s freaking EUROPE.  Ugh.  Please, somebody tell me you’re schooling through the summer.  PLEASE.)


34 thoughts on “my summer bucket list.

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  3. I’ll not only be in Europe, but I’ll also be IN ENGLAND FOR A WEEK ASDFGHJKL not gonna lie I’m EXCITED.
    Although our travelling will be falling right during July, so no Camp JulNo this year for me. =( I guess I’ll have to get motivation to write outside of that. xD

    • WHY IS EVERYONE GOING TO EUROPE AND NOT TAKING ME WITH THEM?!?!?! I’m super duper excited for you, though, and I hope you have a WONDERFUL TIME!!!!

      Non-NaNo motivation is hard to come by, but you can do it!!!

  4. I just joined CollegePlus, so I’ll be schooling through the summer as well…*wipes away a tear*
    But you can do it! *cheers for you*
    I had a ton of plans for this summer on how I was gonna spend my (now-nonexistent) free time, but ha, seems like it won’t be happening. XD
    Good luck! 🙂

    • Ugh, let’s cry together. *gathers tissues and chocolate*

      YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!!! And if you have any questions about CP, I’m here. 🙂

      Awesome! Make time for them – that’s the only way I’ve stayed sane while doing CP. 😛 Seriously though, with CP you basically just study and study and study ’til you’re ready to test, so it’s easy to get sucked in and feel like you can’t take a break. Just set time limits and have goals and incentives to get those study hours in. It’s really easy to feel like you’ll “never” study enough, so try not to get caught up in that. Best of luck!!!

      • Thank you! 🙂
        Yeah, I’ve taken 3ish CLEPs so far on my own, and let me tell you, I NEVER feel like I’ve studied enough. Thanks so so much for that encouragement.
        If it’s alright to ask, how many hours do you usually study a day? I’m trying to see what other CP students do to figure out what the right amount of time for me is.

        • I KNOW THE FEEL. I’d suggest taking a practice test every few days (or once a week or two, depending on how long it takes you to study) so you can get an estimate of how well you’re doing. Bc if you’re scoring 60%-70%, you’re doing GREAT. 🙂

          Perfectly alright! I usually do about five or six hours a day, but since I’m done with my CLEPs and DSSTs (there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!!!) and am into my courses now, it’s gotten a little more varied. It also depends on how many siblings you have and stuff – my friend who finished her degree in less than 2 years and graduated at 18 only has one brother who’s like 2 years younger than her. I, on the other hand, am second-oldest of six, with two little ones running around all the time, so it’s a little harder for me to study (and I’m working part time and my friend didn’t).

          • Thank you! Very good advice. And I came up with an equation to figure out my scaled score (because I’m a curious nerd) which is super helpful, because it puts my score on a 20-80 scale instead of confusing me with the raw one. XD
            You’re done? Sweet! If you like courses better than straight-up exams, that is. 😉
            I just have to find the motivation (and quiet space!) to work through the whole day – my house is busy too.
            I originally wanted to get through in 2 years (I’m 16 now) but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen right now. XD I’d rather be able to work and write while studying.

            • Thanks! 🙂 OOH GOOD IDEA.

              I like them better in some ways. Less hinges on that end page where you see the score. XD

              So true!!! I have to find the motivation every day. I feel you.

              HA. It’s okay. I know plenty of people who do it in less time and that’s perfectly fine. I know a guy who’s like 20 or 21 and has been doing it for three years and only just became a Junior. It’s totally fine to take it a little slower. 🙂 And, yeah, having a life while doing college is what I tell everybody is INSANELY important. These years are precious and all that!!! 🙂

  5. All you lucky people in the Northern hemisphere! We’re approaching winter in Australia so time for layers, boots, and bonfire nights – and Camp Nano as a winter camp in July! I can sympathise with having to study through the summer though as last year in my last year at uni, my holidays ended shortly after Christmas and I had 9-5 days at university throughout most of January (which is one of the best months of summer here)! Keep your chin up, it’s only one summer 🙂 Your bucket list looks really fun too.. I might just steal some ideas off it 😉

    • Ooh fun! Wow, that’s so crazy that the season are reversed. I’ll never get used to that, lol! Ugh so boring! Aww, thanks! 🙂 Feel free to steal!!! (And if you want the entire list, not just the in-focus ideas, I can post it somewhere.)

  6. Hmm, let’s see….work….work….more work….Wilds Camp….9 day trip to Scotland (don’t kill me)….more work….performance of “Tarzan: The Musical” I’m in….and more work.

      • Yuuuuuup. Ariel and I have been planning it for a couple years and just bought tickets. SO EXCITED.
        Haha, nah, I’m playing Terk, Tarzan’s best friend. In the movie I believe he’s a girl (or so I’ve heard, I’ve never actually seen it), but not so in the Musical.

  7. Two words: ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I’ll join you in knocking some of those activities off your list.

    My family plans to FINALLY get some big house/yard projects knocked out. My school-age siblings will most likely do math during the summer.

  8. Pretty hot? Where have you been for the past week? It was hot and then it got cold again. 🙂 Georgia is crazy. I need more screen free time too. I hate being on the computer all the time, but it seems unavoidable. I mean, even at the library I have a ton of computer work!

    • HA. It’s been back and forth but mostly hot. (And I’ve been outside on playgrounds a lot and trust me, it’s HOT! XD)

      Oh, so true. I think the key is just figuring out how much time you should allow yourself to be on AFTER the mandatory time. So you *have* to be on at work, and you *have* to have ___ hours to work on your novels, etc, but how much time are you on in addition to that? (Rhetorical question, obvs.) It’s what I’ve been trying to figure out for myself. So. 🙂

      • Eh, maybe out in the sun. I just know the highs lately have barely been in the 70s. It’s the rain. Or maybe it’s just up here. We are closer to the mountains, and I know Waleska and Canton are generally warmer.

        Yeah, I limit my Pinterest time, like, I rarely go on anymore. But when I write I’ve been working towards a word count goal rather than a set amount of time. Same with blogging. I work till I’m done, and sometimes that can take all day. 😛

        • Truth. 🙂

          Good idea! HA, saaaaame. Sometimes I set a time limit on my writing, but that usually doesn’t work well because of inspiration and stuff. 😛

  9. Good luck with your studying!! I know you can do it! I hope you find some time to relax and do fun stuff too, though 🙂

    I don’t have big plans for this summer . . . right now I’m totally EXHAUSTED because I just graduated two weeks ago and the accumulated fatigue has kinda caught up with me :-/ But it’ll pass, I know!

    I want to get as much done on my two novels as possible, basically; and watch movies and SPEND TIME OUTDOORS and just chill out.

  10. Your bucket list is great: I really love the colors you used to write your list in. ❤
    I'm schooling through the summer!! *cries with you* Seriously, can't I go to Europe instead? For social studies and history and language, y'know? *sighs resignedly*

    • Thank you – I looooove bright colors. 🙂

      JOIN ME IN MISERY. T_T Ugh, I know, right? It’d teach me so much more than I’m bound to learn in all of these courses I’m taking over the summer!!!

  11. Well, I’m not doing school during the summer, but I’m not exactly going to Europe, either. Sigh. ONE DAY IT WILL HAPPEN.

    I’m pretty much just doing a lot of writing, but I’m also hoping to do a lot of relaxing and pleasure reading, too. Also, my aunt is coming in from Wisconsin, so that should be fun. (In addition to this, I may have already watched four period dramas since summer vacation has started, including 2 BBC miniseries….)

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