guest post | five movies i’m looking forward to seeing this year {by katie}

Katie Pace of The Act Diary and I have decided to take over each other’s blogs today with and write about the movies we can’t wait to see this year!  {We were supposed to narrow it down to five, but you’ll have to check out Katie’s blog to see how many movies I was finally able to narrow it down to.  (Hint: It ain’t five.)}

Without further ado, here’s Katie’s post!

Going to the theatre is a highlight of my life.

There’s something magical about the lights going dim, the screen lighting up, and
the sound booming through the speakers. Going to the movies is one of my favorite
things to do, and if a few months go by without some fantastic new release I’m
actually a little disappointed.

This year, that’s not really an issue. There are so many amazing movies I’m looking
forward to, that I actually had a little trouble narrowing it down to five- but here
they are- the Fantastic Five.

1) Captain America: Civil War

You never saw that one coming, did you? I’m in such a puddle of feels that I can’t
breathe. I’m pretty sure I’ll come out of the theatre crawling, but I’m totally okay
with that. Not only does this movie have my favorite person ever Sebastian Stan, it
ALSOOOOO has SPIDEY!!!! *dying noises*. This volcano of a movie of gut-wrenching
heart-pummeling feels deserves a day of recovery.

Captain America super buff shoulders.jpg

2) Star Trek: Beyond

“Space. The Final Frontier.” As you may know, my favorite actor and imaginary best
friend, Chris Pine, is in this movie, and if that’s not reason enough, here’s some other
reasons. Zachary Quinto. Zoe Saldana. Karl Urban. Anton Yelchin. John Cho. SIMON

Star Trek Beyond 2.jpg

Also, check out alien girl’s boss Romulan face tattoos that make me dissolve into a
fangirl popsicle. (A popsicle that’s melted, obvi.) Another fantastic thing about this
movie is that its predecessors are pretty much the most perfect movies ever.

3) Jason Bourne

Weirdly enough, I am very excited for this movie, even though I didn’t really love
The Bourne Identity. I did like The Bourne Ultimatum. After seeing the fabulous
Matt Damon in The Martian, my excitement for Jason Bourne increased greatly. Also,
there’s lots of kick-butt spy action choreography. Stunt work is my weak spot.

Jason Bourne2.jpg

4) Pete’s Dragon

This one was unexpected. I’ve never seen the original and frankly have pretty much
zero desire to ever see it. I’d heard they were making a new version of it, but my
reaction was pretty much “meh”. Then we saw the trailer, and BOOM. There’s
Robert Redford (to which my brain says “wait…DIE, YOU HYDRA SCUM!!!”) and
Bryce Dallas Howard (AUNT CLAIRE!!) and- *aggressively rewinds clip to see if that
familiar face was ACTUALLY FAMILIAR BECAUSE* – KARL URBAN. So yes. I’m
excited for this movie.

Pete's Dragon.jpeg

5) Moana

I had trouble deciding on this one. There are pros and cons to this movie. The cons
are that the directors of this film are the same ones who made The Princess and the
Frog and all the other Disney films that dabble in religion, sometimes a little too
heavily for my preference (movies like The Little Mermaid and Hercules). However,
I know that it doesn’t bother some people, and I’m willing to give them a chance,
especially when I saw the first PRO:


The animation is BEEYOOOTIFULLLL. Also, she lives on a stinkin’ tropical island.
AND look at that SUNSET GLOW.  So I’m relatively eager for Moana and excited with reservations.


These are honorable mentions because I’m not sure what they’ll end up like. There’s
a possibility they’ll be scratched off my ‘to-watch’ list. They haven’t been rated yetsome
haven’t even been made yet- so I don’t know if I’m excited to see them in
theatres or not.

1. Ben Hur (I haven’t seen the original, but the story is amazing.)
2. Snowden (I love me a good spy movie.)
3. The Magnificent Seven (PRATTPRATTPRATT.)
4. Passengers (… Pratt again. And J. Law. AND SPACE.)

The film industry is a blossoming, thriving beast, full of beauty and danger. (Yay
metaphors, right?) Movies are works of art, and I love to think about all the different
aspects and appreciate the talent behind it. Sometimes we can see just one part of a
film (like the story, for instance) and not even notice things like sound design,
rendering, scoring, computer graphics, or screenplay. That’s why I can watch movies
again and again. There’s always something more.

They’re an art form. They’re a way to relax. They can make me laugh, they can make
me cry, they can make me sob like a baby and curl into a corner and shake back and
forth and question the meaning of life because why oh why are Tony and Cap ever at
odds with each other because it hurts my feeeeelllliiiiinnnnggggssss. But most
importantly, movies are stories. And I love them.


8 thoughts on “guest post | five movies i’m looking forward to seeing this year {by katie}

  1. Civil War, Moana, and Mag7–YES TO ALL THREE!!!!

    Seriously, I saw the Mag7 trailer yesterday and was really intrigued–and then started freaking out once I heard “House of the Rising Sun.” I was like HELLO I’M IN!!!!!!

  2. 2016 has fast become the Year of Awesome Movies, IMO. So many good ones coming out and I can’t wait!!! I actually forgot about the Ben-Hur remake; I love the original and am curious to see how this ones compares.

    • It really has!!! AND WE THOUGHT LAST YEAR WAS GOOD! *dies* I’m not super-duper interested in the Ben-Hur remake, but I’d like to see it at some point.

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