sixteen of my favorite childhood movies.

(Instead of posting two very ranty posts about perfect people, or one that’s literally just my text conversation with my sister about a guy at Starbucks who was literally sitting next to me the whole time we texted, here’s a list of ten of my favorite childhood movies.  Because I like being nostalgic more than I like ranting at you guys.  ALSO because this is like a make-up for my “movies i don’t like” post, which freaked you guys out.  I still have good taste!  Be my friend again!)

You know that moment when someone bashes something you love and you feel like building a barricade and taking up arms to defend yourself and your opinion?


A few weeks ago, Shia Labouf said that he “wasn’t proud of Holes.


And then I calmed down and decided to write this blog post.

Because I feel like I need to defend Holes, here are my top ten favorite childhood films (including Holes).  Honestly, these aren’t all Oscar-worthy, but they’re movies that I saw in my childhood (birth-twelve) and have stuck with me since then – and enough that I’ll eternally love them, no matter what anybody says.  In no particular order, because I can’t narrow movies down like that.

{And this was originally gonna be just five… then ten… then fifteen… then I remembered a huge one, so yeah.  Skim it if you don’t care.  It was way too nostalgic to write.  *runs away sobbing*}


Holes (duh)

I distinctly remember when my siblings and I first got introduced to this movie.  We were on the way to Hershey, PA (it was a homeschool field trip that was my idea – booyah), and stopped at somebody’s house for the night.  The kids begged Mom and Dad to let us watch it, but it had gotten too late.  They had recently gotten the DVD, so they gave us their copy of the VHS (remember those???).  We later watched the movie in the hotel room and fell in love with it.  I’ve loved it ever since.  Because what is not to love?!  Bravery, comedy, adventure, and insanely hilarious one-liners, plus a FANTASTIC sub-plot set in the Old West.  We’ve seen this movie so many times, we can quote all of it, and certain lines come up in our daily conversations, such as “I can fix that” and “Once upon a time, there was a magical place where it never rained.  The end.  *annoying laugh*”  (The book is pretty great, too, and almost exactly like the movie – that’s when you KNOW the movie’s good!)

If you haven’t seen it, totally go watch it right now.  Seriously.  Right now.  Go.

country bears.jpg

this is the actual cover of the actual vhs we actually still own.  good gracious.

The Country Bears

Okay, so this one’s more of an inside joke in my family – one of those it’s-so-stupid-you-can’t-help-but-like-it movies.  My brother and I watch it every now and then, if only to poke fun at it.  I’ve always loved it, though.  The songs are fantastic (plus, I had a babysitter who looked like the waitress in that one musical number), and the comedy is genius.  Some of my favorite parts are when the parents and police (HAMM AND CHEETS) ignore the fact that Beary (B e a r y) is a bear who was literally adopted, and whenever Beary meets a new member of the Country Bears – thus starting a new musical number.  Favorite lines include: “We’re gonna play this little game I like to call Hidin’ In The Car Wash.” “What do we do?” “We hide… in the car wash.” and “OH NO!  NOT COUNTRY BEAR HALL!”

If you need a totally stupid movie that you can just mindlessly watch that will make you laugh ’til tears stream down your face, this one’s for you.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

This movie.  This. Movie.  I have memories of singing the “Oodilally Oodilally, Golly, What a Day” song in the car… at nineteen.  With fellow teenagers.  And when we went to Disney last month, I ran towards the guy dressed in the Robin Hood suit.  (And he hugged me and kissed my hand and let me take pictures with him.  I basically died.)  That’s the impact this movie has had on my life.  It’s set all of my relationship goals (‘Love Goes On,’ anyone?), all of my husband goals (because Robin IS goals), and it’s basically one of my favorite stories ever – SET TO MUSIC.  WITH ANIMALS.  I mean, seriously, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS?!

Pretty sure you guys have all seen this, so watch it if you want some insane nostalgia.

chicken little.jpg

Chicken Little

Okay, I feel like I need to defend this movie, too.  One of my friends just dissed it and I felt memories from eleven years ago rise up and form my soapbox from which I bashed him.  My younger siblings watched it while I saw The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and I was slightly jealous, until we watched it later and I fell in love with it then.  I love how funny this one is.  (“Pfft – bandaid solutions!”)  Plus, it’s just a great take on the story.  And with the undertones of friendship and fatherhood and bravery, it’s maintained its place on my list of favorite movies of all time.

Literally just watch this one if you want a good laugh.

treasure planet.jpg

Treasure Planet

I feel like this movie is ignored in the Disney canon a lot because it’s in that awkward stage when Disney was trying to figure themselves out again (it came out in 2002, right along with Lilo and StitchThe Emperor’s New Groove, Brother Bear, Home on the Range, Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, and Bolt – all good movies but not considered “classics”).  And I have NO IDEA WHY because this movie DEFINED MY CHILDHOOD.  Seriously, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this.  We have the pre-release version (long story short, a good friend’s dad was a theater marketing guy for Paramount, so he’d give us the VHSes after he was done with them – actually, a good chunk of these movies are from him.  Thanks, Mr. A!), so I’ve been in love with this movie for a while.  Then, when the 10th anniversary Blu-ray came out, Katie and I lamented how old we’ve gotten and bought it.  Because duh.  Everything is amazing – the cast (Emma Thompson!  Martin Short!  Baby Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!!), the post-apocalyptic-18th-century-SPACEPIRATES setting, the hilarious references to older movies (“Dang it, Jim, I’m an astronomer, not a doctor!”), and the incredible accuracy to the original Robert Lewis Stevenson book.  (And, I mean, it’s probably my favorite adaption.)  Plus, Jim was one of my first major fictional crushes (not telling you what the first one was – it’s embarassingggg), and Doctor Doppler and Captain Amelia were probably my first ship (before I even knew what shipping was!).  This movie is amazing.  Plus, dang it, that SONG.  And the soundtrack is E P I C.  I used to do my math homework to it.  Every single day.  And this huge paragraph just goes to show just how much I LOVE this movie.

If you need something fantastic in so many ways, go for this one.


Cinderella (1997)

*adjusts hipster glasses* Chances are, you haven’t heard of or seen this one.  It’s based on the Rogers and Hammerstein musical (originally on television in 1957, starring Julie Andrews), and it played a major part in my decision to go see Cinderella on Broadway in 2013.  (I’ll take this opportunity to say again that I saw the original cast – meaning Santino Fontana and Laura Osnes.  Yes, Cosette, this is true.)  To be completely honest with you guys, I got this movie (the VHS from Target – yes, I’m that old) as a reward for success in potty training.  It’s been in my family for a while, and my baby sister watches the same VHS I did.  *melts from the happy feels*  The music is amazing, the sets and costumes are breathtaking, and the color-blind casting is genius.  (How Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber had Paolo Montalban as a child, I will never know.  But I love it.)

If you need a dose of amazing music sung by the TALENT that is Brandi, Whitney Houston, and Bernadette Peters (THE QUEEN), be prepared – this one will knock your socks off.

pride and prejudice.jpg

Pride and Prejudice

This one seems a little mature to fit in this list, but TRUST ME – IT BELONGS.  I can almost remember the day we got introduced to this movie by our amazing friends in North Carolina (who also introduced us to Redwall, Monk, The Penderwicks, and Hogan’s Heroes) – mid-November of 2005.  We were at their house for a literature class, and their sixteen-year-old son (no joke) casually mentioned that they were going to see “the new Pride and Prejudice” later that day and asked if we’d heard of it.  The second my mom said no, he gasped a little and found the DVD for us to borrow.  He later told us that the new one wasn’t any good and that we should just stick to the old one.  (Before you guys fall in love with him, just know that he’s married now.)  I love this movie.  I like the new one (we’ve formed a cordial friendship ever since I’ve decided that it isn’t as bad as I thought it was), but this one is amazing.  It’s what started my love for period dramas.

If you haven’t seen it yet… seriously, why are you even following this blog.

little women 2.jpg

Little Women

This one is such a classic, and I connected with it in so many ways when I first saw it.  Jo and I are both second-born, love writing, have a flair for theatre, and are tomboyish.  I can’t see Laurie played by anybody else, either – Christian Bale is Laurie.  And it’s so accurate to the book!  (Which, confession, I didn’t read until about 2012.  What can I say – I’ve never loved classics.)  I’ve seen this one too many times to count, and I still can’t watch Beth’s death scene without covering my eyes or fast-forwarding (because we have the VHS, duh).  The only thing I don’t love is the fact that Jo and Laurie didn’t end up together.  I understaaaand why Laurie wasn’t right for Jo and why Prof Bhaer was, but… dang you, Louisa, they were SO CUTE.

If you love period drama, watch this one.  (And then listen to the musical.)



SWEET BUTTERED CRUMPETS, THIS MOVIE.  I’ve been in love with Dimitri ever since 1997.  (He. Is. Mine.)  The entire thing is amazing, but the music is what makes up for the historical inaccuracies and the creepily-almost-demonic Rasputin.  “If I can learn to do it, you can learn to do it!”  And ‘Once Upon a December’ is one of my favorite songs of all time.  Not to mention all of the songs are breathtaking (even the kind of lame, totally 90’s ‘In the Dark of the Night’), just like the costumes.  (GAH.  I need ALL OF THEM.)  The action is amazing – that train scene, guys.  *dies*  Plus, hello, the love story between Anya and Dimitri – TALK ABOUT GOALS!  I shipped them (along with Captain Amelia and Doctor Doppler) before I knew what shipping was.  I want a guy like Dimitri, guys – sassy and loyal and a little bad.  *WINKKKK*  This movie has just the perfect amount of romance, one-liners, action, and comedy.  I will never get over this movie.  It’s on Amazon Prime and I don’t care to mention how many times watched snippets on my phone in between study sessions.  It keeps the kid in me alive.  ; )

If you just want to see a really good animated movie, watch this one.


Barbie: Princess and the Pauper

Say what you will about all Barbie movies being self-insert fanfiction, but this list had to have at least one (and it’s probably the stupidest movie on this list but I love it anyway).  This one’s gotta be my favorite, probably because of the music.  (I’m sensing a theme here…)  I listened to some of it the other day and got all nostalgic again while realizing I still know all the words to ‘Free‘… plus all the other songs.  (“Imagine life without the strife of an unfamiliar groom!”)  And my relationship with my husband/boyfriend/whatever will not be complete until we sing ‘If You Love Me for Me,’ amen and amen.  Plus, the older ones are just so much better than the newer ones.  (We still own this one, Nutcracker, Rapunzel, and Swan Lake, and my younger siblings watch them all the time.)  I love all of the stupid lines (“It was always lilac!”) and all the music and the insanely unbelievable and predictable plot and all the plot holes and the stupid romance subplots and just everything about it.  I don’t know how or why Martin Short sunk so low, but b l e s s.

If you need something to watch at 2am after studying for six hours *cough* not that I’ve done that *cough* but… yep.

air bud.jpg

i couldn’t find a picture of josh and buddy together… but who needs that when you can have just this adorable little kid, amiright?!

Air Bud

One word: Dimples.  This movie introduced me to them, and I’ve never been the same.  (I’ve also harbored a nineteen-year-old crush GOOD GOSH HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG on Kevin Zegers.  The other day, I found myself speed-watching an episode of a TV show that I’m not interested in just because Kevin played a very sick teen and I needed to make sure he ended up okay.  {He did.})  This movie is amazing.  It tugged at my baby heartstrings and I cried when Josh told Buddy to leave.  (The pudding cup, guys… *sobs*)  I still can’t watch it without crying when Buddy comes back, even though there’s no way he can help Josh with the basketball game.  (HE’S THERE FOR MORAL SUPPORT, OKAY?!)  I still watch this occasionally.  And my opinion on all the Air Buddies movies – no.  Just… no.

IF YOU NEED TO SEE SOME ADORBS DIMPLES (on a twelve-year-old but whatever), WATCH IT.



This movie really set in stone everything I want from an action film – ACTION SCENES STARRING SMALL CHILDREN.  (Just kidding.)  Seriously, though, I will never stop loving this movie.  I just watched it again with the kids that I babysit, and let me just say… it’s a classic.  Robin Williams is amazing, Dustin Hoffman is fantastic, and, according to Blimey Cow,  you’re not a REAL homeschooler if you haven’t seen it.  (“RU-FI-OOOOOOOOOO.”)  Plus, John Williams is phenomenal, as always.  And I’m always just 100% here for anything about Peter Pan, so yeah.  (Speaking of: Peter Pan: Return to Never Land.  First movie I distinctly remember seeing in the theater, and ‘I’ll Try‘ never fails to make me weep.)  When I first saw it over a decade ago (whyyyyy am I so ooooolllllldddddd), the scene when Hook kidnaps Peter’s kids freaked the living snot out of me, but in a good way.  (When that handle turns, SHIVERS RUN DOWN MY SPINE. S O.  G O O D.)

If you want a true 90’s classic, go for it.

lww old

*intense war flashbacks*

Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (1988)

The newer version (yes, the newer one that came out over a DECADE AGO) is also on this list, but this version belongs first because I fell in love with the world of Narnia because of this movie.  (I loved the books, but I didn’t get around to reading the books for myself until I was about nine, long after I first saw this movie.)  The 80’s feel is kind of redic, the clearly-human-people-in-animal-costumes (the Beavers, anyone?), Animatronic Aslan whose mouth goes up and down – even when he’s not talking – YES IT’S ALL INSANELY STUPID BUT THIS IS THE NARNIA THAT I KNOW AND LOVE.   We had this library we would go to every Tuesday that was in a church that had all of these amazing books and movies but my siblings and I would get one of the old Narnia movies every other week, without fail (this one the most).  I remember being insanely offended at nine years old when I found out that “they” were making another one.

If you want intense war flashbacks because you had an amazing childhood, give this a much-deserved rewatch.

lww new


Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005)

I seriously have so much love for both of these versions, so they both belong on here.  Like I said before, I was mad when I found out that a reboot was being made.  Then I saw the trailer and I was like, “NOPE, I’M GONNA SEE THIS.”  I took some friends for my eleventh birthday and loved it.  (Even though I left the theater with a friend to go to the bathroom during the Stone Table scene because I was so freaked out.)  This movie influenced me so much, and the entire series formed a lot of my views of God (even though I didn’t know it at the time).  Plus, everybody said I looked so much like Georgie Henley that I cut my hair short like hers.  Of the three reboots that have been released (SO FAR – SILVER CHAIR, BABYYYYY), this one’s probably my favorite.  I had such a crush on Will Mosley (and of course I don’t still have a crush on him even though he only gets more hot why would you say that) and it was one of the first movies that I saw in which WWII played a pretty big part (we thought we’d gone into the wrong theater for the first eight minutes!).  Anyway, this one’s such a classic and, thus, such a favorite.

If you want to see an amazing version of an amazing classic… yes.  Just yes.


Muppet Treasure Island

“He’s some kind of a blind fiend.”  “I believe they prefer visually-challenged fiend.”  Seriously, the sass in this movie is unreal.  Which is why my siblings and I loved it so much when we were younger.  Pirates, swordfighting, hilarious one-liners, MUPPETS – what’s not to love?  It’s one of those movies that’s somehow distinctly for homeschoolers, and I didn’t care about conforming to the stereotype when I was six.  Even though Jim’s voice is so high – seriously, the kid hits notes that I can’t hit with a ten-foot pole – and even though some of it is so stupid, we still loved it.  (And I’m pretty sure my older sister had a crush on Tim Curry’s Long John Silver, even though she’ll flat out deny it if you ask her.)

If you want to see (another) hilarious take on Stevenson’s classic tale, here you go.

Roy Rogers.jpg

look at how cute this guy is!!!

All of Roy Rogers’ movies

My siblings and I own and have seen so many of these and I CANNOT NARROW THEM DOWN.  (Seriously, we own a collection of twenty, plus about twenty other standalone DVDs.  It was an obsession.)  Roy Rogers influenced me so much that I even read not one but two biographies about him and his wife, Dale Evans (and their relationship is just so many goals).  (At fifteen.  When I hated nonfiction!)  Many, many, many happy hours were spent with my siblings watching classics like Eyes of Texas and Jesse James at Bay and Young Bill Hickok and Sons of the Pioneers and Hands Across the Boarder and Heldorado and Roll On, Texas Moon and Springtime in the Sierras and then reenacting the scenes in our backyards and other friends’ backyards.  I wrote so many western short stories and scripts because of him.  And then to grow up a little more and find out that he was a CHRISTIAN who had NINE KIDS, FOUR of which he ADOPTED?!  It’s unreal.  He was my first childhood hero (I even put a framed photograph of him and Dale up on my bookshelf… where it still stands today) and I know I’ll love him for forever.  AND WAY MORE THAN JOHN WAYNE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

If you love Westerns and haven’t seen at least a dozen of Roy’s old movies, you really need to do this for yourself.  Watch one.  Eyes of Texas is probably my favorite.

Honorable Mentions
(because expanding already-too-long lists is what I do BEST)

All of the Pixar movies, but especially my favorites – Toy Story (1,2,&3) and Up
 of the old Disney movies, but especially my favorites – The Lion King and Beauty and            the BeastAladdin, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Mulan
The Rescuers
The Great Mouse Detective
The Iron Giant
Mary Poppins
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Love Bug
Escape to 
(and Return FromWitch Mountain
The Princess Diaries
(mostly just the first one, though – I didn’t see the second one ’til like             2011)
The Emperor’s New Groove
The American Girl movies, especially the Kit one (STANLEY TUCCI)
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (two words: Bryan Adams)

Gosh, this entire post has given me so much nostalgia and now I feel SO INCREDIBLY OLD.  Please tell me that you’ve seen at least some of these!  (And if you haven’t, let me know in the comments and I’ll pop us some popcorn because it’s time for you to L I V E.)

38 thoughts on “sixteen of my favorite childhood movies.

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  3. I’ve only seen Holes, Little Women, P&P, and Narnia. I’ve seen quite a few of your honorable mentions! And Cinderella!!! I grew up on that version too!! Love it! I’ve never seen the broadway though 😦
    Have you seen the 1987 Beauty and the Beast with Rebecca De Mornay and John Savage? Growing up on live action versions of those stories is probably why I prefer live action to animation.

    • Great movies, right? ❤ The Broadway one is FANTASTIC. Loved it to bits and pieces. : )

      I haven't! *adds it to the To Watch list* I usually prefer live-action, too. Animation is great, but nothing beats watching actors work magic to make the characters their own. *happy sigh*

  4. I. LOVE. THIS. POST. <33333333333 I'll just go through and squee over the ones we both love…

    ROBIN HOODDDDDD. Gah. I adore, love, and worship this movie. Sooooo much nostalgia and epic feels and the ROMANCE. I can't. It's my favorite adaption of the story (even trumping BBC's wonderful version) and my favorite portrayal of Robin Hood, too. (Even if he is, you know, a fox.)

    (Haven't seen Treasure Planet, but I really want to after falling in love with the soundtrack.) (Also want to see Anastasia.)

    LITTLE WOMEN 1994. The music makes me cry every time and the casting is pretty much perfect. So…yeah. I love that one.

    AND AIR BUD. We've already talked about this, but GOODNESS it's so, so good. (The Air Buddies movies, however…) I love the first and the second movies and the other three are all varying degrees of awesomeness, in my opinion. One thing I really appreciate about the series (can it be called a series?) is that the characters actually grow up and move out and move on with their lives. AND they never changed Josh's actor. ❤ (Did you know that Kevin Zegers is in the Felicity American Girl movies? Or that he's CANADIAN?)

    This post was brilliant. Now I'm thinking of doing one of my own…

  5. OKAY JUST LET ME HUG THIS POST AND SCREECH BECAUSE YOU HAVE A+ TASTE IN MOVIES. OMGGGGG. SO MANY MEMORIES!!! Treasure Planet is one of the BEST creations the universe has ever made. I’m pretty sure I spent 84% of my childhood quoting it. “DANGIT JIM, I’M AN ASTRONMER NOT A DOCTOR” (Which I only realised later that it was such a fanfic mash-up of Star Trek meets Treasure Island but shusshsh whatever.) “You know how it is when you’ve been alone for 100 years…yOU’VE GONE A LITTLE NUTS!” Or or or “Talknig and touching; two big NO NOS”. *dies with love for BEN*
    Also Narnia defined my childhood. The books. The movies (the recent ones though, I pretend the old ones don’t exist). The movie manuals. Just, just…everything. #obsessed Plus William Molsely omg. He just needs to stop. I cannot even. 😍
    (I actually confess to being devastaed the 4 of them didn’t go on to do tons of other movies?)
    And yes yes to Robin Hood.
    Also Muppets. Muppets everything is glorious. My family still sings Cabin Fever when we get stuck at home because it’s raining or whatever. AHHHH.
    okay, yup. I’m finished freaking out during this walk down memory lane. 😂 Least to say, I loved this post.

    • THANK YOU. I love my childhood self for having such good taste. : )

      TREASURE PLANET IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME, AMEN AND AMEN. (And we didn’t realize it was a Trek quote ’til like five years ago, so you’re good.) Ben is AMAZING. “I’m not leaving my buddy Jim! … Unless he looks at me like that. BYE JIM.”

      Narnia defined mine tooooo. Ermagursh, yesss. AND I HAD THE MOVIE MANUALS TOOOO. I still do. XD Will is too beautiful for this world.

      (I KNOWWWW?! They were such good actors! Although Will is doing a ton now… probs since he’s so hot. : P Georgie was in a creepy-looking movie a few years ago, and I kinda wanted to see it.)


      HAHA Cabin Fever is such a good song. “I’d like to get my hands on whoever wrote this script.” : P

      Thank you for commenting – and I’m glad you loved it. : )

  6. I’ve actually never seen/read Holes. I should probably rememdy that…
    Robin Hood! So. Much. Love!!! Robin is so much goals!
    I saw Treasure Planet a few times. It’s pretty cool!
    Christian Bale is so much Laurie I can’t even. (You’re fangirling so I will too!!!)
    I recently saw Hook and it was pretty good. I don’t think I would watch it again cuz it lacks that nostalgia that makes it special to me.
    I need to see the old Narnia! I love the new ones! Please, please, please make a Silver Chair!!!!
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins!! So much Dick Van Dyke yes!
    And the Emperor’s New Groove!!
    True story: the Kit movie was like the first one I remember seeing in a theater. I may like the Molly one better though. And Felicity’s pretty good too!

    • Probably! It’s fantastic. Such a great movie all around.

      I totally understand about not watching Hook again. Part of me wants to have a marathon and watch all of these movies again, but it’ll ruin what I thought about them.

      Warning: The old Narnia movies are great, but they’re pretty lame. BUT THEY DID MAKE A SILVER CHAIR SO YOU’VE GOT THAT TO TIDE YOU OVER.

      EEP the Kit movie is SO GREAT! I didn’t see any of them in the theater, but I do distinctly remember watching the Samantha one for a friend’s birthday with a bunch of other little girls (and all shrieking when that little boy got his finger jammed in the sewing machine – UGH!)

  7. I’ve seen a handful of these (plus some on your honorable mentions) but I just want to mention two things:
    First, how dare you say that Dimitri is yours? He is MINE. 😉
    And then…everything you said about Will Mosley. -cough- Yes.

    Oh, I used to love the “Princess and the Pauper” too! Actually, pretty much all the Barbie movies. That one was definitely one of my favorites, though.

    I really want to see that version of Cinderella again. I saw it once or twice a looong time ago and this is the second time I’ve heard it mentioned lately. I’ll need to check my library for that one. 😉

    Great list!!

    • Um, Dimitri has been mine since I was like three. I will fight for him TO THE DEATH. Because he is beautiful and amazing and I LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH.

      Will…. gosh, that kid. I had a major crush on him when I was growing up and well looky there, I still do. : P

      The Barbie movies are an underrated gem – for like five year olds, at least. The older ones were totally the best. : )

      EEP, you MUST watch it. It’s breathtaking – costumes, songs, cast, sets… it’s all amazing. Let me know what you think if you watch it!

      • Hahaha, well….I think I was more around 5 when I watched it for the first time so…darn. I guess you can have him. -sigh- (Although I think we’re both forgetting that he actually belongs to Anastasia heehee)

        Agreed! Definitely would rather watch the old ones than anything new that they’ve made!

        Thanks! I’ll have to remember to do so! 🙂

  8. I have not seen . . . most of these. Unfortunately.

    I HAVE seen clips of the Brandi “Cinderella” though!! And I LOVE her version of “In My Own Little Corner” and “It’s Possible.” Fantastic stuff.

    P&P 95 . . . is a movie I Do Not Like Very Much. Soary. It’s just not really P&P for me.

    Before you scream in astonished agony, let me explain that I didn’t see either P&P movie as a kid or a teenager . . . I only got around to watching both a few years ago, when I was about twenty. But I had already read the novel about 10 times by that point–so my personal impressions of both Darcy and Lizzy were pretty deeply set by that point. And Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle just WEREN’T IT. They weren’t. Not for me, anyway.

    I really want a new P&P film with Daisy Ridley as Lizzy and Richard Armitage as Darcy. That would be EPIC.

    • Well, then. You probably won’t like them now, so it’s okay. : D

      Isn’t it GREAT?! “It’s Possible” is so MAGICAL.

      That’s okay. If you’d told me that like 5 years ago, I would’ve banned you from my blog, but I don’t have as fierce a loyalty to it now. (Do you like the ’05 one better?) I haven’t read the book yet, but my sister thinks the ’95 one is pretty accurate. (Obvs, though, if you’ve read the book a dozen times, you KNOW what they look like.)


      • Haha, good thing I didn’t tell you five years ago, then 🙂

        (Actually, though, five years ago I hadn’t seen either movie, so yeah.)

        I do like the ’05 version better, yes; but I don’t feel that it’s a perfect adaptation, by any means. I think that Keira Knightley was ALMOST perfect as Lizzy Bennet–not quite, but almost. Matthew Macfadyen, on the other hand, wasn’t really a good choice to play Darcy. And I’m aware that not all the costumes, etc. are period-accurate. Overall, I do think it is an extremely well-done film, though.

        My main problem with the ’95 movie is its portrayal of Lizzy and Jane–particularly Lizzy. For me, Jennifer Ehle’s performance just doesn’t capture the essence of Lizzy’s character . . . she’s too calm, too mature-seeming, too good-natured. Lizzy in the original novel is basically a young spitfire, very headstrong and very feisty (at least, the way I read it), and Jennifer’s Lizzy wasn’t any of that.

        Plus, she didn’t look like I always imagined Lizzy, and that was a huge issue, too. Colin Firth, on the other hand, DID do an excellent job with Darcy’s character–I have to give him that. He wasn’t perfect, but he was very, very good. However . . . I still had trouble seeing him as Darcy because he DOESN’T LOOK LIKE HIM AT ALL. (Sorry, but I just had to get that out there. I’m extremely partial to Mr. Darcy and I don’t think Colin Firth is at all handsome enough to play him, so that Upset Me Rather.)

        I KNOW RIGHT???? They would be AMAZING together. Like, completely awesome. Now we just have to get BBC to hurry up and make a new adaptation before Richard Armitage gets too old for the role 🙂

        • Yep. : P I’ve grown to like the ’05 version. Matthew MacFadyen is GREAT. True. Have you seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Is Ashley Clements the Lizzie you imagined? (Ashley-as-Lizzie is SOOOO me, it’s embarrassing.) I love Firth’s Darcy, but only the second half, when he’s happy. Somebody said that it was hard for him to play the meaner Darcy because they filmed the second half first and he liked that version. Meh. I’ll always love the ’95 one. : D


          • I haven’t seen it! I’d be fascinated to see Ashley Clements’ portrayal though and compare it to my personal “vision” of Lizzy 🙂 Actually, I’ve always thought P&P would be a great story to adapt for the modern era–it’s such a timeless story.

            I do like Firth’s Darcy as a person, I just don’t like the way he LOOKS. Which is maybe shallow . . . but like I said, Darcy is hugely important to me and it’s hard to watch somebody play him who doesn’t match my mental picture of the character.

            Do you know what I’ve been doing this past week? I went on a “Hamilton” binge and I’ve listened to the soundtrack like 10 times. IT’S AWWWWWWWWESOME.

            Do you have a favorite song? Just curious. I have a horrible time picking favorites–I love them all!–but I REALLY love “Satisfied,” “It’s Quiet Uptown,” “One Last Time,” and “Dear Theodosia.”

            • AHHHHH you should watch it. : ) It’s insanely applicable! There are some mature themes (*cough* Lydia’s *cough*) but it’s soooo good.

              Ahh, true. Have you seen any other version of P&P? Like Bride and Prejudice or the really old ones? Maybe somebody else looks like your Darcy.

              AHH COOL. I’m so proud. : ) I really like all of the songs between “Alexander Hamilton” and “Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story” – AKA ALL OF THEM. FAVORITE favorites, though, are probably all of yours plus “Burn” and “Guns and Ships” and “Wait for It.” We had friends over last night and we sang some of the raps and I was the only one who knew all of “Satisfied” and most of “Guns and Ships” and I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed. XD

              • I watched a bunch of the videos today, actually! 🙂 Yes, it is VERY good–I was extremely impressed. Ashley Clements is an almost-perfect Lizzy Bennet (I mean, if we’re talking about faithfulness-to-the-book). She was just a TEENY bit too laid-back and mellow-ish, but other than that, spot-on. And Darcy was perfect, character-wise, ALTHOUGH HE STILL DOESN’T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE MY VISION ARRGGGGGGGGHHHHH.

                Oh, and Jane and Bing Lee were ADORABLE. Like, REALLY. Like, my-heart-can’t-take-it adorable. I wuvs them 🙂 (They were pretty book-accurate too.)

                I haven’t seen any of the other versions . . . Richard Armitage does look just like “my” Darcy, though. Which is why I want him to play the role 🙂


                Seriously . . . Hamilton is incredible.

                • YAY. She’s soooo great. (And, again, EXACTLY LIKE ME.) She gets better as the series goes on – they definitely filmed it in chronological order. DARCYYYYYY. Haha, sorry. : P

                  YES JANE AND BING ARE GOALS.

                  Ooh really? NEATO.

                  HA. Thank you. 🙂 RIGHT?! Today is Groff’s last performance as King George and we’re all Rather Sad. : (

                  • That’s so cool–it’s always awesome when you find a fictional character who is JUST LIKE you 🙂

                    Awwwwwww . . . NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The GroffSauce . . . I’m really going to miss him 😦

                    Who do they have to replace him, do you know? (I have to admit, “I Know Him” is one of my biggest favorites.)

                    • Exactly!

                      Groffsauce leaving almost ruined my Saturday. : (((( I really hope he’ll come back. Or else I’ll send a fully armed battalion to remind him of my love.

                      He’s leaving to film a Netflix series. (Silly Groff.) (YES.)

  9. Professor Bhear *Thud* That is all.:P
    YES the original Narnia! Hardly anyone here knows about it!!
    P&P!!! and the Barbie movies! i just found the CD to all of them in my childhood stuff as we moved and my goodness I know all of it.. i mean could I refuse?
    (tell me you got that reference)
    Oh! I’ve gotta get my brother from rowing.. goshdarnit.. loved the post!

  10. CINDERELLA WAS MY LIFE. I’m still upset that “The Sweetest Sounds” wasn’t in the Broadway show because that one’s my favorite.

    And my parents bought Anastasia on DVD for me for Christmas about four years ago because I wanted it so much 🙂

    HOOK! I saw Treasure Planet and Chicken Little when I was a little older (middle school, I think? ) but they are definitely good ones. I read Holes as a kid but didn’t know about the movie until years later. I’ve only caught portions of it on television (maybe about 80%) but I loved what I saw-it seems wonderfully book accurate.

    Definitely was obsessed with the old Barbie movies as a kid… and I may have some of The Princess and the Pauper songs on my iPod. 😉 I saw The Country Bears in the theater but remember nothing about it except that it gave me a headache from dislike. ..sorry 😦

    Except for Anne of Green Gables and The Secret Garden, I wasn’t really introduced to period dramas until I was older. I loved Narnia, though.

    And… Muppets Treasure Island is a movie I never finished watching due to infamous events in the Wand household (namely, me as a 2 year old running through the theater until my parents had to take me home. )

    • YES. THANK YOU. I was pretty ticked, too. My 3-year-old sister and 6-year-old brother sing that song all the time. : P

      HA. Nice. : ) So interesting that you read the Holes book before seeing the movie! I didn’t even know it was a book when we saw it. : P It’s on Netflix if you have it. SUCH a good movie – and so incredibly accurate!

      COOL. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with those songs being on your iPod. I still have the CD somewhere. And Country Bears is incredibly stupid, so I don’t blame you. ; )

      Cool! I can’t remember the first time I saw Anne, so I didn’t put it on here. (There’s an interesting story that goes along with watching an Anne movie, though, and if I’d tried to write it out, it would’ve doubled the post length. : P)

      HAHAHAHA. Well, it’s hilarious. You should try watching it again – and sit still this time. ; )

  11. I think Holes is the only one I’m not familiar with. But all the others, YES!!!!!

    I have yet to come across a version of Robin Hood I don’t like, although I haven’t seen the one with Cate Blanchet.

    Treasure Planet is so underrated; my whole family loves that movie. We actually saw it in theaters for my dad’s birthday. I play ‘I’m Still Here” when I need a good blow-some-steam song.

    Anastasia – One of my top 5 favorite childhood movies. I bought the movie and CD a few years back. I know what I’ll be listening to this weekend……

    I could honestly keep going on and on about these choices and how great they are. Thank goodness for having siblings 10+ years younger than you so you still have an excuse to watch them. Except P&P and Little Women – that’s what sisters and (just as good as a sister) friends are for.

    • Oh my gosh, you haven’t seen HOLES?! MOVIE NIIIIIIIGHT.

      Same. I love all of them. (And I haven’t seen the one with Cate Blanchett either!)

      I KNOWWWW. Such a good movie.

      YES. Katie and I found the soundtrack at 2nd and Charles a few months ago and we fangirled so hard. It was bad. : P

      YESSSS. That’s my excuse for watching all of these with my younger siblings and the twins. ; ) (YES!)

  12. Oh, this post. 🙂 🙂
    Oh my goodness. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe came out on my birthday. It was the most exciting thing that happened (first movie I saw in theatres) AND I CUT MY HAIR TO LOOK LIKE GEORGIE TOO! (I thought I was the only girl who did that. Now that I think about it, probably not though.)
    I’m getting a ton of nostalgia from this post.
    And the Barbie one? I think I saw that movie once but I have very distinct memories of watching it. I saw the cover last year and a flood of memories washed back. Little Women, yes yes (I didn’t really like Laurie or the Prof. My little sis always likes to say that Jo traded Teddy for a Bhaer). Robin Hood! My favorite adaption. “He’s so handsome. Just like his reward poster!”
    I didn’t watch Anastasia until I was in 6th grade and it was at school. I wasn’t a fan of a lot of the plot but those songs! And I was just mentioning to my sisters that I will have a child named Dmitri someday. That may or may not have been influenced by this movie.
    Such a sweet post. I need to go listen to these soundtracks now.

    • OH MY GOSH IS YOUR BIRTHDAY THE 9TH?! Mine’s the 8th!!! (OH MY GOSH, YOU DID?! W O W. High five for great minds, etc etc!)

      Teddy for a Bhaer – LOL. XD

      Ooh yes – the songs are basically the best part about Anastasia and I am ALL FOR sons named Dimitri. ; )

      You are so welcome. I was overcome by feels while writing it. : P

  13. So now I really want to know what your first major fictional crush was if it was so embarrassing.
    And Barbie. Yes. They don’t make ’em like they used to and I feel bad for this generation of little girls because they don’t have the Princess and the Pauper or Island Princess or any of those low-budget super-lame musical beauties.

    • Shhhh… no, we do not speak of it. (It was so long ago that I didn’t even know what a crush was and then I realized it when I was like 13 and have been hiding in shame ever since.)

      I KNOW. But seriously, that’s so accurate. So stupid but so goooooood.

  14. I’ve seen Holes, though not till I was a teenager. Loved it. Bought the book at Goodwill and loved it. Actually read it at Disney World. Literally at Disney World. Standing in line.

    Saw part of The Country Bears, thought it looked stupid. Sorry.

    Robin Hood….I’ve yet to come across a version I like. I skipped the end of that one to go listen to more TSP.

    Chicken Little, haven’t seen.

    Treasure Planet was okay.

    Cinderella (1997), haven’t seen.

    Pride and Prejudice, I like a lot, but Dickens is still better. I do really like that P&P. Haven’t seen the 2005 one, though I want to watch it to laugh at the cast.

    Little Women, I saw this before I read the book. I really enjoyed it, but I’ve only seen it once. (We borrowed it.)

    Anastasia, Princess and the Pauper, Air Bud, haven’t seen.

    Hook is fantastic. Gotta admit, though, my favorite line is “Mommy could do it!”

    NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more? Actually, I will. Because I love the old ones, but I watched the new LWW so many times I literally memorized the ENTIRE thing. And I CANNOT WAIT for The Silver Chair.

    Muppets Treasure Island and Roy Rogers I haven’t seen.

    I’ve seen a lot of the honorable mentions too, and loved several (though I didn’t like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang because it was NOTHING like the book), but I’m not going to add to this already long list. 😉

    • Haha, awesome! It’s a great book. : )

      It’s okay. It IS stupid. But James and I love it. : P

      WELL THEN. There goes our friendship. XD You don’t *have* to watch all of these movies – probably because you’d hate them if you saw them for the first time as an almost-adult – but I’d encourage it. : )

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