God’s not dead 2 is a cinematic masterpiece.

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of Say Goodnight Kevin.  I agree 100% with everything he says – and his review of God’s Not Dead 2 is no exception.

I had the great privilege of seeing God’s Not Dead 2 back in January, and it was such a blessing.  Never has a day gone by when I don’t think, “When this movie comes out in theaters, I’m going to buy out a showing and take all of my friends to see it so we can send a message to Hollywood!”  (Haven’t been able to get the tickets yet since every Christian in America feels the need to see this movie… something having to do with proving that they’re Christians?  Anyway, I’ll let you know when the showing is.  You’re all invited!)

I couldn’t wait for Kevin’s review of God’s Not Dead 2, and it’s finally arrived!  Once again, I agree with everything he said.  Let’s all go and send a message to Hollywood!


8 thoughts on “God’s not dead 2 is a cinematic masterpiece.

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  2. Thought to self, “wonder what sort of prank post Eowyn will have today?”
    Smiled to self whilest reading said post.
    Gaped in astonishment when a quick Google search revealed that this sequel is actually a real thing.
    Happy first of April to thee!

    • HEEHEE. I actually wasn’t gonna do anything and then, lo and behold, Kevin did it for me. *sunglasses emoji*

      It’s actually a real thing and I got to see it a few months ago in a preview showing. And it’s… meh. : P

      Happy AFD!

      • Oh dear, I’m such a ridiculously ignorant individual… I completely forgot about your post back in November… the one in which you REVIEWED THE MOVIE. x| Sorry ’bout that. ;]

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