can i sing? YOU DECIDE.

I’m writing this beneath literal and metaphorical blankets and blankets of shame and nervousness.

I entered a singing contest.  The winner gets to sing ‘The Secret of Happiness’ at the musical it’s from, Daddy Long Legs.  And a personal singing lesson from the musical’s star, Megan McGinnis.  Excuse me while I go die.

Below is my submission.  If you like it, vote for me.  If you don’t, vote for someone else.  (My personal fave is Lilli Babb.  Vote for her.)

Special thanks to my girl, Katelyn, for filming it and helping me remember the words.  ❤

*decides to stick with hiding behind a laptop and disappears under blankets again*


14 thoughts on “can i sing? YOU DECIDE.

  1. LoL!! You know how I feel about it; suberb and MUCH better than some of the others we watched.

    As initiative to get others to vote for Ashley (and purely selfish on my part) if Ashley wins, I get to go with her to NYC. And her dad, obviously.


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