movies i don’t like.

Since I hit a wall in my studying (they literally just told me to write a completed manuscript – aka an entire novel – for this course. shoot me now.), I’ve decided to write about movies I don’t like.  Because procrastination is what I do best.

My friend Haley tells me that I always say movies are “SO GOOD” and whenever we’re talking about movies that I inevitably say “OH MY GOSH I LOVED THAT MOVIE.”  So like a year or two ago, she asked me, “Are there any movies you don’t like?”  And I was like, “As a matter of fact, yes.”  And this post has been in drafts in my mind ever since.

In case you guys didn’t notice already, I really like movies.  I mean, I really like movies.  Quite a few of my birthdays involve going to see movies, and I also love to just randomly watch movies with my friends.  I’ll basically watch anything.  I’ve tried all different genres, ratings, actors, etc, and I have quite a few favorites.  (Favorite genre is probably rom-com, favorite actor is Stanley Tucci {oh gosh and Domhnall Gleeson}, and favorite actress is probably Emma Stone.  Which means one of my favorite-favorite-favorite movies is Easy A, because it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE, but I can’t recommend it without a disclaimer because of Content.)  Anyway.


I only love good movies.  If I think a movie is plotless or has zero character development or has too much objectionable content or just if I’m not in the mood when I watch it the first time, I’ll avoid it like the plague and basically hate it for the rest of my life.  (And trust me, I’m good at hating/avoiding movies.  See my first Harry Potter post.)

Don’t be offended if you love these movies.  I love movies that my siblings really hate (like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and various indie Christian films), so I get it.  It’s okay to have different preferences.  It’s what makes people unique.

But this is my blog, so I’m going to rant for the next three thousand words about different movies I really don’t like.  *puts on sunglasses*

So here’s a long overdue list of movies I don’t like, in no particular order.  Feel free to rant back at me in the comments.

Big Hero 6.jpg

i love this fan art, though.  *thumbs up emoji*

Big Hero 6

No joke, the first thing I thought when I heard about this movie was “Where are the first five movies???”  And it’s confused me ever since.

*sigh*  I know a lot of you guys like this movie.  I really do.  And I liked it when I first saw it.  But the second and third time (and fourth and fifth – the kids I nanny used to watch it once or twice a week with me), it just wasn’t that great.  And I love a movie that I can watch over and over and over and get more out of every time.  But… I honestly can’t say why I don’t like this movie.  It just seemed like the premise was so great, but executed so terribly.

The beginning with the bot fight was awesome, but everything seemed to go downhill from there.  The only character I cared about died in the first fifteen minutes of the film in a super-cliche way (*shakes fist*), and I wasn’t able to connect to anybody after that.  (Plus, the whole becoming-superheroes montage seemed a little contrived.)  And then the bad guy wasn‘t really dead?  He survived the fire?  Never seen that one before.

I don’t like movies about prodigies, so that’s probably why I was unable to suspend my disbelief so often in this movie.  Hiro’s, what, twelve?  And he’s in life-and-death situations with a super-scary bad guy?  Where’s his aunt when all of this is going on?  Wouldn’t she know where her nephew is, especially after he’s the only living one?  Wouldn’t he be on SUCH a short leash?  I don’t get it.

Overall, I think the movie is funny and some parts even moved me to tears (Tadashi’s “I’m not giving up on you” sequence kills me every single time), but it just seemed “meh.”

Man of Steel

Man of Steel (and Superman {1978})

Proof that I’m right by disliking this franchise is evidenced in the fact that whenever I tell people I don’t like it, they usually say something along the lines of, “But it’s so good!  AND HENRY CAVILL IS SO HOT.”

*rolling eyes emoji*

Allow me to tell you a thing.  Contrary to popular thought, I don’t watch shows/movies/whatever based solely on the hotness of the actors.  (Shocking, I know.)  It’s not a bad reason to watch a show, it’s just not one of MY reasons.  (It’s definitely a plus, though – don’t get me wrong.  I love me some hot actors.)

SO, when people watch Man of Steel or Superman and shun me for not watching it just because he’s hot… well, that turns me off it even more.

Anyway, tbh, I just thought Superman was lame.  The ending was just plain stupid.  One does not simply fly around the earth and reverse its orbit to make time go backwards.  NOPE.  *flips a table*

And in Man of Steel, when Clark had the big fight with Zod… gosh, seriously?  They leveled HALF of Metropolis just for Clark to snap his neck in a train station (or whatever it was)?  NOPE.  *flips another table*

Also, I think Batman v Superman is going to be lame.  I’ll probably go see it, but I don’t think I’ll enjoy it.  Superman would totally crush Batman in like five seconds, but all Batman needs to do is whip out some kryptonite and Superman’s done.  The battle would last five minutes.  (Unless there’s a secret plot having to do with the so very cute Jesse Eisenberg that they’re not telling us about…)

(But Henry Cavill is super cute.  I will give you guys that.)

home aloneHome Alone

Okay, so the premise of this movie is what I don’t like.  I don’t think they could’ve made it ALL the way to… well, wherever they were going, without Kevin.  I have friends with twelve siblings.  They don’t just “lose a kid.”  (Although my friend with eight siblings got left at church after our choir concert once because they had three cars there and the three drivers all thought somebody else had him…  We had to take him home, with a stop at Dairy Queen.)

Also, I was just never able to watch those robbers get hurt.  It’s scary and painful and it physically hurts me to watch.  THE FRIED HAND ON THE DOORKNOB.  HOWWWWW?!

The Hobbit

The Hobbit {1,2,&3}

Honestly, all I have to say about this one is that it isn’t as good as the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Not nearly as good.  I understood why Peter Jackson wanted to expand the book, and where he got the information from, and I defended him to my friends who thought it was stupid and that he was just trying to get more money.  BUT.  You can’t just change stuff that’s crucial to the plot.  AND MAY I JUST SAY THAT CGI DOES NOT MAKE A MOVIE.

I still love my Martin Freeman and Benadryl Cucumberpatch.  (And Aidan Turner!)  Don’t get me wrong – it had some amazing parts in it.  (I’m a firm believer that Tauriel should’ve been in the movies.  They needed more estrogen.)  And I’ll definitely watch them again (probably the extended editions, because I’ve heard those are better).

But the fact that even Peter didn’t know what he was doing sometimes shows that the trilogy was basically a waste of time for all of those amazing actors.  They should’ve taken a step back, planned the films for a few more years, and then shot it.

dark knight (2).jpg

The Dark Knight Trilogy

First of all, this series was hard to watch because, hello, it’s LAURIE.  Not to mention JACK KELLY.  (Teehee.)  IN A BATMAN SUIT.

Anyway, the first movie bored me, the second one was too dark, and the third one was my favorite simply because I liked the story and my precious bean Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in it.  I wrote an entire blog post about the last movie (or the trilogy; I can’t remember) after I watched it for the first time, but it got stuck in drafts.

I think I just didn’t like the overall storyline.  Bruce Wayne seemed too much like a rich-guy-turned-rich-thug, and there wasn’t any character development with him ’til he got beat up and fell in love with Selena What’sherface in Dark Knight Rises.

It just seemed like the whole thing dragged until the third movie.  I like me some character development, people.  And it just felt like Bruce Wayne was running around and doing nothing except basically destroying Gotham from the inside.  And that’s not very heroic.

So I guess I’m just missing out on some huge factor.  Would someone like to explain to me why Batman is a hero?  Why should look up to him?  Why should any of the citizens of Gotham put him on a pedestal?  WHY?!

Plus, I know that line in the end of The Dark Knight is iconic, but… seriously?

“Why’s he running, Dad?”
“Because we have to chase him.”

Um… excuse me?  (But, hey, it’s adorable Nathan Gamble, so I’ll allow it.)

Basically, I’m on John’s side of the great Hank and John Batman Debate.  “Batman’s just a rich guy with an affinity for bats, who’s playing out his insane fantasy – HOW IS THAT HEROIC?!”  (That song is now stuck in my head.  Thank you.)

{Note: I do love the soundtrack on this one.  Unashamed to admit that I know every single note in The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack.}

{Note The Second: Also, this is the third movie in the “superhero” genre that I’ve bashed.  HMM.  I do love superhero movies, but mainly just Marvel movies.  However, there’s one Marvel franchise that I really can’t stand, which is…}

Iron Man.jpg

{when he said this, the first thing that came to my mind was: what kind of stupid, egocentric maniac would tell people his real identity???}

Iron Man {1,2,&3}

M’KAY.  My first Marvel movie was Spider-Man, back in the late 2000’s.  (And I didn’t see the other movies ’til like last year.  Thought they were kind of atrocious.  Huge Amazing Spider-Man fan right here.)  Then I saw Captain America: The First Avenger, then I saw Avengers.  So Iron Man wasn’t my first Marvel movie, unlike a lot of people.  (It came out in 2008, so if you’ve been a fan of Marvel for a loooong time, you probably saw that one {lolz, or The Incredible Hulk} first.)

And I just… no.

I talked about Tony Stark a little in my post about how the presidential election is like Captain America: Civil War.”I’ve always disliked him.  In my opinion, he’s too prideful and his “redemption” never lasts.”  Which is true.  Every single one of the Iron Man movies have the same plot – jerky rich dude Tony Stark has a personal crisis and defeats the bad guy while finding redemption.


I don’t know about you guys, but when a character changes in a movie, I’d like to see them stay changed.  I greatly appreciate – and even encourage – some back-sliding, because that shows that they’re human.  (I’m even doing it in my novel, The Art of Letting Go.)  The character needs to keep learning from their mistakes and continue to progress in their overall storyline that spans their entire life.

But you can’t just use the same storyline over and over again and expect nobody to notice.

I get that a lot of people like Tony because he’s funny.  I think he’s hilarious at times.  But having one positive attribute doesn’t make a well-rounded character.

how to train your dragon.jpg

How To Train Your Dragon {1&2}

(I’m bashing another favorite and you all hate me, I can just feel it.  Great.)

This one I just… meh.  I really understand why people like it.  It’s a great story.  Hiccup is hilarious.  Astrid is great.  All the other vikings and dragons are fine.  And the plot is pretty decent.

But it just wasn’t for me.

I liked the first one, but I could barely pay attention the second time.  (Here we are again, going back to watching movies several times.)  I could hardly watch the second one because it just felt boring.  The plot of the first one was fine, but the second one just felt contrived.  Plus, you can’t just kill off a main character for no reason.  It’s been ages since I watched it, but I remember being pretty ticked that that character had gotten killed off because of a lame reason.  (Was the big bad dragon already killed?  Was it for Evil Toothless?  I can’t remember.)

It just seemed… fine.  It’s just not my thing.  I loved the soundtrack, though.  John Powell is pretty amazing.

Doctor Who.jpg

Doctor Who

Don’t kill me, Morgan.

I may not have seen enough of this to know that it’s amazing, but I’ve seen my fair share of episodes, and it’s just… okay.  When I first discovered it in like 2010, I was totally obsessed with it.  And I’d only seen two episodes!  However, my dad didn’t like it, so we didn’t watch any more.  (But I still harbored a love for it and saved pictures on my computer and memorized entire scenes.  “Question: Who’s got the Pandorica?  Answer: I do.  NEXT QUESTION.”)

I can’t say I’ve never really been “into” the sci-fi genre, because I have, but Doctor Who just never did it for me.  I think I made up what I thought it was in my mind, and then when I watched more than those two episodes it wasn’t as good as I’d made it out to be.  The Doctor is great (Ten’s my favorite), the companions are okay, but the storylines are just… boring.  I can never get through a whole episode without checking my phone or pulling out my laptop to do something while I watch it.  Plus, some of the episodes are just downright creepy, and ever-so-slightly demonic.  (And those are always the episodes my dad walks in on.  *facepalm*)

I still like the show, though, and I even have Doctor Who-inspired things (like a notebook and even the fourth doctor’s scarf), but it’s not something I’d get as insanely into as other TV shows.  I’ll probably still watch it, it’s just not my favorite.

Love Actually.jpg

Love Actually

This one I don’t actually hate.  I just dislike it.  I have a lame memory of watching it (we watched it the night my dad resigned his position as elder and told the church we’d be leaving), so that might add to it.  It’s a decent movie, but some of the storylines are just absolute rubbish.  It’s R, so it’s got some issues.  My precious child Martin Freeman had the worst plotline (I could only watch one of his scenes because the rest were SO BAD), and Hugh Grant (my mom’s long actor crush and basically the reason we watched the movie) probably had the best one.  Plus, there’s this guy who likes his best friend’s wife and filmed their wedding for totally selfish reasons and that’s just not okay.

The only thing that saved it (and the only reason I’d watch it again) was the fabulous cast.  Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Kiera Knightley, THE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE THOMAS BRODIE-SANGSTER…

This movie can be summed up in four words: Incredible cast, horrible plot.  I don’t understand why people love it so much.

{Note: I freely admit that I just told my sister that she needed to watch it with ClearPlay, though.  Because the actors, man.  And the plots are all stupid, but it’s almost that good kind of fluff that’s so stupid that it’s actually enjoyable.  So basically, out of all of the movies in this list, this is the one I dislike the least.}

Honorable Mentions (movies I hated and now I kinda like)

Princess Bride.jpg

The Princess Bride

Give me a minute here, guys.  I know this is a classic (and insanely popular in the homeschool circles, for whatever reason), but I just didn’t get the humor the first time I saw it.  I “liked” it, but I wasn’t immediately in love with it like some of my siblings were.  It wasn’t until my second viewing that I really got why it’s so popular (because it’s ironic and outrageous and hilarious).

Indiana Jones.jpg

Indiana Jones



My first introduction to Indiana Jones was waaaaayyyyy back in like 2005, when my dad found Temple of Doom on TV.  He was like, “Oh, this is such a good movie!  Let’s watch it!” And then proceeded to turn off the screen during half of it because of the language and the totally scary scenes.  (It’s got some freaky voodoo stuff, too.)  I was completely freaked out, and I hated the language, but my siblings loved it (despite the fact that all we really saw was the minecar scene in the end).  So we eventually watched the other three, and I was the only one in my family who didn’t like them.  I thought the first one was okay, thought the third one was boring, and the fourth one was stupid.  (He survives an atomic bomb because he’s hiding in a fridge?  WHAT?!)

However, after I really fell in love with Harrison Ford (thank you, Jack Ryan films *swoons*), I decided to go back and watch them.  I’ve been watching them with the kid I babysit (he’s four so maaaaybe he’s a little young, but his parents let him, so that’s good enough for me), and I actually liked the first one.  The jury’s still out on whether I think they’re too content-y (or pass The Sexy Lamp Test – the first one totally failed it and my inner feminist RIOTED), but I think I’ll like them.

Star Wars.jpg

Star Wars

If my followers count goes way down after this post, I’ll know it’s because of this.


used to hate it, though.  I hated the costumes, hated the insanely 70’s-looking everything, and I hated the plot.  The characters had no backbone, and although there were moments that I enjoyed, they were few and far between.  I saw all of the original trilogy before Phantom Menace came out (I can’t even remember the first time I saw them), and my siblings have always been obsessed with them.  (We even had to take a break from them for like a year because they wouldn’t stop quoting and/or referencing them.  Needless to say, I was insanely happy.)

Then Phantom Menace came out, and it was okay.  I saw Attack of the Clones in the theater (yes, I’m old), and my dad saw Revenge of the Sith in the theater and decided it was too PG-13 for us (I was only ten at the time, so it’s completely understandable).  We saw an edited version about a year later, and I thought it was okay.

Fast-forward to last year, when I was just “meh” about the whole series.  My siblings wanted to watch all of them again before Force Awakens, and I made it through most of them.  (I was so proud of myself!)  Get this: I cared about it so little that when I accidentally saw a spoiler on Instagram the day before it came out, I didn’t close my app and cry – I went looking for more spoilers.  And then taunted my siblings with them.  (Yes, I’m mean; I thought we established that earlier.)

We planned on seeing Force Awakens with my cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents the Monday after it came out.  That day, some of my cousins still hadn’t seen one of them yet, so they watched it and I took a nap because I really didn’t care.  I thought it was going to be lame.  While we were in the (insanely long) line to see it, I kept asking questions like, “This is the one about Captain Kirk, right?  The space one?” and “Oh this one’s got Eomer in it?!  YASSSSS.”  And I relished the weird looks I got from the fifty people in line around me.

But then I saw it and really really really got blown away.  And now I’ve seen the error of my ways and am watching them again with the aforementioned four-year-old.  And I actually like them (even though I’ll probably never love the new{er} trilogy).  So you can re-follow me.

Okay, this is long enough.  : P

Feel free to rant at me in the comments, or list some movies that people usually love but that you despise!  (And if you’re gonna rant… know that I have my CAPS LOCK ON.)

39 thoughts on “movies i don’t like.

  1. Weeeeeellll. We disagree on quite a few. I was surprised to find that I liked Big Hero 6. I love How To Train Your Dragon – haven’t seen the second one yet. And I adore the Hobbiut movies. So. I like Man Of Steel, but haven’t seen any other Superman movies, so I can’t speak for them.

    I rather DESPISE The Princess Bride, though. Which is unfortunate since you like it now… #awkward

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  6. Hahah…wow! My name is on your blog 😀 This post made me lol! 😀 I think you named most of my least favorite movies which also happen to be Justin’s favorites 😛 LOL!

  7. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    Home Alone–don’t agree on that one. I mean, of course I respect your opinion and all that. But, in my view . . . they’re robbers. If they didn’t want to get beat up so bad, they could’ve given up and gone home at ANY POINT. They’re trying to rob a house, for crying out loud. They get no sympathy from me.

    Haven’t seen most of the rest of these 🙂

    I LOVE STAR WARS THOUGH. THE END. Forever and ever. I mean, yeah, I pretty much hate Han and Leia’s relationship because it is STUPID, but the story as a whole? Pure awesomeness. (NOT talking about the prequels though. Those are some ridiculous nonsense. They don’t count as real Star Wars.) Tell me you at LEAST liked C3-PO and R2-D2, though. Cause they are the BEST. R2 is actually my top favorite Star Wars character of all time, period. Nobody else will ever surpass him in my eyes.

    • Oh I think what he did was right, I just wonder how he knew how to do all of that (think of all the stuff he must’ve practiced on his cousins and siblings!). Plus, it’s just hard to watch.

      Haha, I like their relationship probably best of all. XD That enemies to friends to lovers trope is my favorite. : P (And the prequels are pretty stupid.) Tbh, C3-PO and R2-D2 are probably my least favorite. R2-D2 is cute, but they both annoyed me when I was little. I don’t know why. XD

      • I know what you mean . . . I guess it just doesn’t bother me because I “suspend disbelief” or what-not. But I’ve always had a nutty sense of humor, too, so that helps 🙂


        Erm . . . sorry about that. But you just touched off my #1 rant topic to end all rant topics. I cannot express in words how much stories like that DRIVE ME INSANE. They’re just . . . let’s not even go there. It’s Easter Sunday, after all. 🙂

        So . . . yep. Han + Leia is just not my cup of tea.

        But I adore R2-D2 and always have. I really related to him a lot as a child, too; because he (like me) was smaller than everybody else and didn’t talk very much. I’ve always felt him to be a kindred spirit, to be honest 🙂

          • Happy Easter!

            He IS cute . . . I don’t feel quiiiiiiiiiite as kindred-spirit-y with him as I do with R2D2, but he’s really cute.

            • R2 is the real hero of the saga. From Episode IV-VI, I-III, and also VII. Without him, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan wouldn’t have made it out of Naboo, Anakin wouldn’t have survived the space battle at the end of TFM, Padme would have been completely burned up by molten metal in AotC, Obi-Wan an Anakin would have died in an elevator shaft in RotS, the rebels wouldn’t have gotten the Death Star plans without him in ANH, Luke would never have left the farm in search of him ( also ANH ), Han, Leia, Chewie, and Luke would have been killed in the trash compactor without him (again, ANH), I’m pretty sure R2 had something to do with the escape from Bespin (TESB)… I can’t remember at the moment, he certainly played a large part in the plan to rescue Han in RotJ, as well as being a part of attack on the shield generator base. So yeah, R2 plays a huge part in the saga. Ian Doescher plays this up very well in his “William Shakespear’s Star Wars” books. R2-D2 is the unsung hero of the franchise.

              *end nerd show*

  8. HOW DARE YOU. Okay, I actually agree with one or two of your choices, but mostly I disagree. I love the Batman films (and Christopher Nolan films in general, really), Doctor Who is the best, you know my opinions on Star Wars & Indiana Jones, and How to Train Your Dragon-? How can you not like that one? I liked that one, and I don’t even like Dreamworks films as a general rule. (I will say that the second movie was a huge disappointment, though- I didn’t care much for that one at all). The Hobbit films are not as good as the Lord of the Rings by any means, but I still like them.

    Haven’t seen Love Actually or Home alone, though, so I can’t comment on those. I adored the Princess Bride the first few times I watched it, but my family watched it so often that I’m still thoroughly sick of it :/ I did really like Big Hero 6, although it was sadly predictable. I don’t hate the Iron Man films, but they’re definitely my least favorites of the Marvel movies. It just gets frustrating when Tony’s character growth never seems to go anywhere. And yes, it seems like he goes through the same character arc every. Single. Film. And then it doesn’t stick. *grumpy face*

    Overall, I think we just have vastly different tastes in movies. Given the fact that my least favorite genre (aside from horror, anyways) is rom-com, it’s amazing that we have any favorite movies in common! But I guess we can always bond over our love of Captain America. 😉

    • HAHAHA. I really feel like I should write a “MOVIES I LOVE {GUYS PLEASE LIKE ME AGAIN}” post. : P I love a lot of movies, and it took some brain work to come up with more than like 2 movies I really can’t stand, and these are just ones I don’t LOVE. I don’t mind watching some of them, and I like others. I just think they’re “meh.” Not enough to argue about, though. ; )


  9. I think the only ones I can agree with you on are Superman, the Dark Knight trilogy, and Doctor Who (ducks to avoid Morgan’s shock). I only saw the last DK movie, which probably didn’t help, and I was totally thrown off from seeing the rest.
    Superman…. I haven’t seen all of Man of Steel, but saw enough clips to decide I probably wouldn’t like it.
    Doctor Who…. I tried to watch a few episodes, but just couldn’t get into it. I’m not really sure why, I just didn’t.
    I haven’t seen Love Actually, but a few friends did and said it was confusing to them. Too many storylines going on, or something.
    Home Alone…. I THINK I saw this a really long time ago, but seriously I have no memory of it.
    I’ve only seen the first Indiana Jones movie, and that was 10 years ago. We’ve talked about watching the other ones occasionally, but never actually get around to it. We’d have to borrow/ buy them anyway. Does the library even have copies anymore?
    I have mixed feelings in Star Wars. The only ones I don’t like are 2 & 3. 1 is better, but really the only saving grace for me was Liam Neeson and Natalie Portman. The original trilogy is the best, imo.
    Everything else, I like. Well, except for HTTYD 1 & 2. I haven’t seen 2, and only slightly liked 1. Hiccup and Toothless’ relationship was the best part, I think.

    • Thank you for agreeing with me. : ) (And I thought Rise was the best one, but that’s probably just because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Whooooops.)

      Same, same, same. I’ve seen more episodes of DW than I can count, but I still don’t love it. Love Actually is kind of confusing, yeah, because there are literally like TEN storylines and they all mesh together somehow, but it’s just so stupid that it’s hard to understand.

      Pretty sure our library has copies of Indiana Jones. You could check?

      Wellz, sorry about the other stuff (like Big Hero 6). I like what I like and don’t like what I don’t like. : P

  10. At first I was like “WHY?!?!?!” and then I was like “Oh yeah, I totally agree.” and then I was like “How dare you say such unkind things!” and then I was like “Amen, sister.”
    Big Hero 6- first movie that ever made me cry, so I love it. Your opinion is wrong.
    Superman- I’m a sucker for CGI so I’m pretty sure the old ones would make me cringe. Man of Steel, however, is something I have recently become a fan of. Keep in mind that the main character of my book loves Superman, therefore I am more inclined to fangirl over anything with the superman symbol on it.
    Dr. Who- hate TV shows. Sorry. As I said, I’m a sucker for CGI and I think we can all agree that tv HAS NONE OF THAT. No- even worse, they DO have it, which is ridiculous because they don’t have enough time and money to do it well.
    Star Wars- my sister actually used to LOVE it and begged and begged to go see Revenge of the Sith in theatres. Fast-forward ten years and now I’m sitting here pinteresting Reylo trash for hours on end and trying to talk in Jabba the Hutt language.
    You know, I probably wouldn’t have commented at all except that you said “feel free to rant”. So I felt free. And I ranted. Does this count as a rant? I don’t even have my caps lock on.

    • HA.

      I’m sorry. I thought it was boring. So *your* opinion is wrong. : P

      Heehee… understandable. : )

      Truth!! Which is why DW just doesn’t work for me. The budget is massive… but not massive enough.

      HAHAHAHAHA. I’ve become such a fan over the last few months, it’s not even funny. (AND I SHIP REYLO, TOO. YAAAASSSSSSSS.)

      Thank you for commenting. (Caps lock is optional.) : )

  11. FIRST OF ALL. *in Kevin’s voice* Howwww darrrre youuuuuu…?

    (JK. You’re totally entitled to your opinion, of course, but I *do* have a few things to say. ;))

    Okay, I already knew you didn’t care for Big Hero 6. And you know that I love it. BUT HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON??? I never knew you didn’t like those! In my opinion, they’re some of the deepest, funniest, most awesome animated movies (I like the first one better, but the second one is great too.)

    AND INDIANA JONES??? WHAT. Harrison Ford is awesomeness. And the third one is my favorite, so…yeah. I don’t think it’s boring. 🙂 Anyway, I was thinking of doing a post about stuff I hate that everyone else loves (and maybe a vice-versa post, so I might be able to shock you as well, right?)

    Despite my comment, this post was lots of fun to read. (And where would we be if we all loved exactly the same stuff?)


    • I knew you were gonna bash me for hating on HTTYD. XD I know you love them, and I know a million other people love them, BUTTTTT… I just don’t. I liked the first one, but it was just meh. Maybe it’s because I don’t like Dreamworks films? It’s fine, I just don’t think it’s HEART-EYED EMOJI AMAZING. So. : P

      I *used* to not like Indy, now I do. : D

      OOH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO THAT. SHOCK ME, EVA. (Although I can probably think of half the stuff you’re gonna bash. *cough* Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter *cough*)

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I loved writing it. XD (Exactly! BOOOOORINGGGGG.)

  12. THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE IN THE WORLD WHO DOES NOT LIKE DOCTOR WHO??!?!?!?! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!!!!! My sister will watch episodes, and I’ll see bits and pieces. Doomsday was actually pretty good! But other than that, it is one huge “meh”. And FAR too silly for my tastes.

    I don’t like Home Alone or Iron Man either. I get your point on Star Wars, even though I liked the originals.

    I have mixed feelings about The Hobbit. I still rewatch it, but fast forward the scenes I don’t like. I sulked through the second half of Desolation the first time because some of the Dwarves are left in Lake Town. WHY?? I don’t mind Tauriel being in the movie, but I won’t argue anyone on it. I will argue that Legolas should have been in it (though his part was bigger than necessary) and it has nothing to do with him being hot.

    The only superman movie I have seen is Man of Steel. I have heard so much hate for this movie, but I liked it. I won’t really argue people on it, because I don’t know much about superman apart from this film. I will agree that there was more fighting/destruction than necessary, but I could say that of any superhero film. However, Batman vs Superman looks atrocious, and I have no intention of wasting time on watching it. (I do pull Man of Steel out every time I say I like Marvel better than DC in general. Marvel is more light hearted and less dark, while still developing good characters)

    I haven’t seen the rest of the movies, though I intend to watch most of them (Princess Bride, How to Train Your Dragon) to see what all the hype is about.

    • Yayyyyyy!!! *high five* I don’t hate it – I actually really like a few episodes. But, like you said, it’s a little silly and just “meh” overall.

      THE DWARVES LEFT IN LAKE-TOWN. *flips a table* That made me so mad. Seriously, whyyyyy, Peter?! (And I totally agree with you on Tauriel and Legolas, although Legolas’s action scenes seemed more like a video game and so CGI – unlike his epic shield-surfing at Helm’s Deep.)

      I don’t care enough about Man of Steel to seriously argue with anyone about it. XD And I looooove Amy Adams. But BvS just looks lame. (NICE.)

      You should, and then let me know your opinion. ; )

  13. Haha, I did a post just like this a week or so ago! 🙂 (But then on Period Dramas)

    I haven’t watched any of these but two – but let me tell you, I don’t like Home Alone either. OR the Princess Bride. Home Alone, LIKE YOU SAID — THE BURNT HAND. How CAN you enjoy watching that??? It’s just ewww. And also the fact that they LOSE a kid is so big-family-stereotypical. 😛
    I saw the Princess Bride with a group at Church several years ago, and I seriously felt like the only one in the room who wasn’t enjoying themselves. I really didn’t like it at ALL. The weird creatures and the torture room and the stupid ‘As You Wish’ line. It drove me crazy. 😛

    Anyway, I liked this post a lot. 🙂

    ~ Naomi

    • I read it! (AND I’M SO DEEPLY OFFENDED THAT YOU DON’T LIKE OUR MUTUAL FRIEND. Sure it’s insanely gory – we tell people it’s Austen for guys or girls who like action – BUT IT’S SO GOOOOOOD. You should give it another try in a year or so. Pleeeeease.)

      THANK YOU. Right? I can only stand so much brutal violence. How on earth did Kevin know how to do all of that stuff? (Plus, as somebody mentioned earlier, he’s a total brat.)

      HA. I didn’t get it, either. (I didn’t get the humor of The Muppets either, the first time I watched it {but I didn’t dislike it enough to put it on this list}.)

      I’m glad. : )

      • Oh, you read it! 🙂 Thanks. YEAHHHH. I know. I must retry it. Everyone’s telling me. (I DID only watch one episode, so obviously – as I admitted – I can’t really make a proper judgement of the movie. So my bad. Admitted.)

        • YOU SHOULLLLLDDDDD. The first episode is the most boring, and it just gets cuter and cuter from there. Of course, if it freaks you out, though, don’t watch it. (There’s a pretty brutal stabbing in the last (?) episode that’s done in the dark, but it’s still pretty bad. I usually have my eyes closed on that one. ; ))

  14. Usually I don’t bother getting into movie debates with people, but my dear Ashley, for the sake of our friendship I am going to have to forget you ever mentioned How To Train Your Dragon in this list. 😛 😀 Those movies are my heart and soul, my top favourite animated films. For lots of reasons, but I adore the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless. I love that the focus of the films are the bond and loyalty of friendship and family, rather than romance (though Hiccup and Astrid are pretty darn adorable). Also the soundtrack is ON POINT. Anyway. I don’t mind that you don’t like them (well I mean KINDA haha) but I just had to stick up for my favourites. ❤ I saw the second one in the cinema and screamed and cried and basically was an emotional mess the whole way through haha. And I've seen it about five or six times now, and it STILL gets me every single time. Okay. Honestly, I'm done now. 😉

    But also… Man of Steel. YES THANK YOU. I despised that one, honestly thought it was one of the worst films I'd ever seen. I couldn't be less interested in Batman vs. Superman. It looks terrible. 😛

    • Haha, okay. I know that, actually, and I’m sorry. They’re beautiful, and they’ve got great messages, and the soundtrack is FAB, but… I DON’T KNOW WHY I DIDN’T LIKE THEM. A younger friend of my is *obsessed* and tells about all the stuff that’s not in the movies and has shown me a few episodes of the TV show and could go on about it for hours, so that probably has something to do with it. : P

  15. It’s kinda fun to rant about movies you don’t like, isn’t it? I think so. ;-P (And I’m super good at it. You should hear me.)

    I haven’t seen any of these except for Home Alone and The Princess Bride…..and I freely admit, I LOVE Home Alone. 😉 Kevin is adorable, John Candy is a cuddly teddy bear, the robbers crack me up — it’s stupid, but I just love it. (And hey, if you think what Kevin does to the wet bandits in this one is bad, do NOT watch the second one. Not only is it nowhere near as good, but the level of pain in watching is like a 100 times worse.)

    As for The Princess Bride, I just don’t like it. I watched it the first time when I was really sick, so maybe that has something to do with it. And maybe I just love to hate it because everyone else thinks it’s so good. ;-P (That is a possibility.)

    I enjoyed reading this. 🙂

    • It IS! I felt so good after I got all of that off my chest. XD

      Heehee. So funny to hear different people’s opinions on all of these movies. XD (Ok, I’ll stay away from the second one. Yikes!)

      HA. I totally understand. All of those factors probably add to it (Especially hating it because everyone loves it – oh MAN I’m SO good at that.)

      Haha, I’m glad. : )

  16. For some reason, I was prepared to disagree when I clicked on this post. Then I found myself nodding to it all UNTIL YOU BASHED DOCTOR WHO!!!! Sorry, it’s just my favorite ever show and I’ve seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF NEW WHO and as much Classic as I can. It’s always aliens, though. None of it’s ever caused by evil spirits. Sometimes it seems like it at first, but it’s ALWAYS aliens.

    Doctor Who defense over. Haven’t seen Big Hero 6, so can’t comment.

    Superman is no. I haven’t seen Man of Steel, but I’ve seen the 70s Superman, and I call him dorky-man. No Superman.

    Don’t like Home Alone. Aside from the fact that no one noticed he was gone and all the weird injuries I can’t stand (similar to how I don’t like Three Stooges), Kevin’s a brat. He never would have had to sleep in the attic and gotten left behind if he hadn’t talked back. And in the second one, if he’d listened to his dad and waited until he got on the plane to put new batteries in his flashlight, he wouldn’t have gotten on the wrong plane.

    The Hobbit was boring. I don’t care if a lot of the material came from Tolkien, it wasn’t in The Hobbit, so it didn’t belong in the movies.

    Dark Knight, nah. Saw the first one (was more focused on the fact that Rachel was Jonas’s mother than anything else), got bored with the second one and pulled out my kindle, and went downstairs to write while my family watched the third.

    Iron Man, haven’t seen. Don’t like Tony, so my only reason for watching them would be to understand his backstory for the Avengers movies.

    How to Train Your Dragon, got bored with both. Addy insists the books are better, but I still don’t care.

    Doctor Who is my FAVORITE. The only thing that competes is Merlin.

    Haven’t seen Love Actually. Don’t care.

    Princess Bride is a huge longtime favorite. Indiana Jones is mixed (and yes, the fourth one was stupid. I hear they’re making a fifth. What are they thinking?). Star Wars. If we’d known each other when I was 13, we’d probably have had a big argument over that one. I see the issues with it now. I still like the movies a lot, especially TFA which I LOVED, but I’m not in general that into it anymore.

    • HAHAHAHAHA. Well, I’m glad you agreed on everything except DW. Oh, I know, it’s just soooo close that it’s freaky. That episode where Ten’s like “I BELIEVE IN HER” when he’s down with that demon-looking thing… FREAKED. ME. OUT. I still watch it, it’s just not The Greatest Thing Ever. : P

      I agree with you on everything. : )

      Indiana Jones 5… idk, man. It might be good. We’ll see! HA. I would’ve been 14 or 15, so, yeah, that was in my pure hatred of SW phase. : P It’s just kind of cheesy, but the story is decent.

      • Bekah hates Impossible Planet/Satan Pit, but I kinda like it. Mostly because of the interaction between the Doctor and Rose and how plain their relationship is there. Those episodes actually really reminded me of The Door in the Dragon’s Throat by Frank Peretti.

        Indiana Jones 5…well Harrison Ford is getting kinda old to play an action hero. That could be a problem. And after 4.. 😛

  17. I’ll give you Big Hero Six. I’ll let you have Home Alone. BUT HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON?!! My friend. My heart – it’s broken.

    … however, Iron Man? Hold on, lemme join you. 😀

    • HA. I know, I know, I’m so evil. It’s just not my cup of tea. I watched it when I was going through my I-hate-historical-fiction phase, so that probably had a lot to do with it. : P

      THANK YOU.

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