how the presidential election is like captain america: civil war.

civil war.jpgIf you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I’m a huge Captain America fan.  I don’t even call him Captain America – he’s always been Steve to me.  I’ve been in love with him ever since he said he was waiting for the right partner back in 2011.  Since then, I’ve seen all the movies he’s in (including Ant-Man), done extensive research on his comics, and even read some of them.

So, yep, of course I’m gonna go see Captain America: Civil War.

(Speaking of, DID YOU GUYS SEE THE NEW TRAILER THAT WAS RELEASED YESTERDAY???  It killed me.  My ghost is writing this because I am dead.)

Recently, I’ve been surveying a lot of my friends to see whether they’re on Team Cap or Team Iron Man (which, if you don’t know, is the basic premise of the movie).  It always surprises me how many people are Team Iron Man because I’ve always disliked him.  In my opinion, he’s too prideful and his “redemption” never lasts.  (I love Steve because he’s got good morals and fights for what’s right ’til the end of the line.  #TeamCap)

Team iron man.jpgWhenever I try to ask people why they’re on Iron Man’s side, they always say something like, “Well, he’s cool and he’s got great weapons and he’s rich so he can do anything so he always wins.”  And I always reply, “Yeah, but he’s a jerk, so why would you be on his side?”

Their actual stances in Civil War hardly ever come into play in these conversations.  It’s always based on the other movies we’ve seen the characters in and why we’ve liked them in the past and how that influences whose side we’re on.

It hit me the other day that this is almost exactly what’s going on in the presidential election.  Uninformed people are backing certain candidates because of their qualities or their likeability factors, as if the candidates’ stances are an afterthought.  (This is the only reason I can think of that so many people are for Trump – he speaks a language that the general public can understand… plus some insults.)

(Side note: All of this question-dodging and rambling by all of the candidates just reminds me so much of Aaron Burr in Hamilton!  “Talk less, smile more, don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.”  “He’s not very forthcoming on any particular stances – you ask him a question, it glances off – he obfuscates, he dances.”  And people liked him simply because “He seems approachable – like you could grab a beer with him.”  {And, yes, I’m total Hamiltrash.  But that’s another post for another time.})Team Cap.jpg

When I thought about it, the only reason I was on Team Cap was because I love my precious Capsicle liked him.  I didn’t care what his stance was, I just knew that I liked him and his morals and, because of those, he was probably right.  (So I kicked myself in the face and researched what Steve’s side is in Civil War… and whatdya know, I’m still on his side.)

Of course, Civil War isn’t nearly as important as what’s going on in the political realm, but the two seemed alike to me.  Just like we don’t need to be on Tony Stark’s side because “he’s cool,” we don’t need to side with a candidate simply because we like him.  What are his morals?  What does he stand for?  (And if he stands for nothing, what will he fall for?)  How does he act in the debates?  How does he handle opposition?  What are his stances on things that are important to you, such as immigration and life and war?

Anyway.  If any of that made any sense, let me know what you think in the comments!  If you’re an American past voting age, who are you voting for?  More importantly (lol jk), whose side are you on for Civil War???

civil war 3.jpg

No of course this post wasn’t an excuse just to post about Captain America as much as I can why of course would you think that???  : P

32 thoughts on “how the presidential election is like captain america: civil war.

  1. They wrote some of the civil war comics after the Patriot act. The debate at the time was how much freedom does one give up to maintain security, kind of like the registration act. Its always best to err on the side if FREEDOM so I choose Cruz and Steve.

  2. Awesome post! Yes, I totally see how these two are related. I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge Cap fan when I saw his first movie, but he has definitely grown on me. And I have always disliked Iron Man. He is funny in the Avengers, but I don’t care for his own movies too much. I never watched the last one of his. So, I’m partial to Cap’s team, but I have researched the comics! I’m so torn apart that Natasha and Clint will be on opposite sides!! But when I look at the situation, their stance makes sense….

    Can I vote Steve Rogers for president?

    • THANK YOU. Tony-haters are coming out of the woodwork with this post and I LOVE IT. (I forgot to mention that there’s like this HUGE continuity error between Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2. Ugh…) I’ve tried to do very little researching because I don’t want to see any more spoilers, but I did a TON like 2 years ago when the title was released.

      I KNOW. I hate it so much! I need a scene with them realizing they’re on opposite sides, both pleading with one another to join their side. For reasons.


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    (I’m actually going to do a Civil War Blog Party and I’ll probably do a defense of Iron Man post on one of the days. lol. YOU SHOULD JOIN THAT BLOG PARTY.)

    I understand both their sides, so I am struggling with this stupid Civil War. Steve and Tony are my favorites and they are fighting and it hurts!! I love both them boys. #teamgetalong

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA. Well that’s just my opinion. 😛 Ooh that’d be fun!

      I KNOW, RIGHT?! I understand and sympathize with both of them. I’m officially on Team Cap, but I’m also on Team Happiness and Team Just Hug It Out, too. : ((((((

  5. When I first watched the Avengers, I thought Tony was just an entertaining jerk. But then I watched Iron Man. And while I’m still 200% pro-Cap, I now understand Tony’s character and it makes this trailer so much worse! My sister and I often talk about how Captain America in many ways represents the good ol’ American way and how Iron Man represents the modern American. It’s so fitting – but really sad – to know that they’ll have such a face off. Especially since, in the comics, Cap “dies” in the Civil War. Creepily symbolic? I loved how you compared this to voting – very timely. Since I miss being able to vote by about a month for this election, I should keep my mouth shut about candidates. 🙂

    • I KNOW! That’s the order I watched them in, too (I think). Ooh that’s such a good comparison! I know! The Russos aren’t following the comics, though (not a lot, that is), so we have no idea if he’ll die in this one. (I’m thinking it’s the next one, though – Avengers Infinity War Part One.) Thank you!

      I missed the last election by a month, too. ARGH.

  6. Team Cap all the way; freedom is important!! And Cap has been my favorite Avenger forever; The First Avenger was my first Marvel movie too. XD But Civil War will be tough for me though, because I’ve always liked Tony Stark too; I understand him. ❤ and his dynamic with Steve has always been interesting. ❤ Although I'll be more sad that Black Widow and Cap will also be fighting. 😦 But excellent comparison to presidential world right now! Love it! ❤

  7. Interesting comparison!! Since I can’t vote yet (unfortunately), I’ll have to settle for being on Team Cap, since although Steve isn’t my favorite, he always seems to be in the moral right.
    Especially when the alternative is Tony.

  8. Wonderful post, Ashley! I hadn’t really thought to compare the two before now, but you make some great points. (And definitely a good excuse to post about Captain America. 😉 )
    Unfortunately, I was unable to vote in the primary… Likely would have voted for Cruz, though.
    And I am definitely on Steve’s side– have been from the beginning, even though my brothers are giving me a hard time about it. 😛

  9. “My ghost is writing this because I am dead.” YESSSSS. I died exactly when he said “I could do this all day”. ASDFGHJKL *ugly crying*. #TeamCap all the way. Team Tony can go to prison for all I care except that… I LOVE THEM ALL. MY BAAAABBIIESSS. I am torn.

  10. Excellent point, Ashley. I’m really worried about this election because, just like you said–NOBODY IS REALLY THINKING. They’re just voting for the people they “like” without considering how they’ll actually govern. It scares me.

    I am still voting for Kasich because he’s the only one I really agree with. Even though he has no chance. I don’t know what’s actually going to happen. If Trump is nominated, I will cry. If he wins the election, I . . . I don’t know what I’ll do.

    Love the new trailer, though. #TeamCapAllTheWay 🙂

  11. Yes, I like Rubio a lot…..but I like Cruz better (because his record is more consistently in line with the Constitution) and you are right, he has a far better chance of beating Trump/Clinton than Rubio. Which is why Rubio needs to drop out and endorse Cruz, so we can have a united front against Trump. Rubio is insisting that he is going to push on and win FL (thus winning all 9 delegates). However, he might not win (on average he is 16 points behind Trump in FL) and if he does, even with those delegates, Cruz still is closer to beating Trump. Not only does Trump have a good chance of winning FL, but also IL, and OH, which are ALL winner take all states. With Rubio staying in, I am not sure if Trump can be prevented from taking all of those delegates, and thus being the Republican nomination…..

  12. My ghost is reading/writing this for me:
    I like Tony; he can be a funny guy at times. But Steve always wins out in my opinion because of his morals. (And that ” waiting for the right partner” comment? YES!!!) He knows what he believes in, and isn’t afraid to fight for it. In his own words, “(He) can do this all day.”

  13. Hey Ashley!
    I did see the new trailer! ahhhhh…just so many things in one 2 minute trailer. #canthandleit
    I totally agree with you about how people need to be more carefully considering the candidates….not voting out of their anger. Do you know who you want to vote for?

    • RIGHT?! I can’t wait. : D

      Truth! Or just not voting – people who do that irritate me. : P I really like Rubio, but I voted for Cruz because he’s got a better chance.

  14. Mhm, I like this. You’re right — people need to go deeper and not just judge on what they know of the surface of a person.
    My family’s not into Marvel so I haven’t really seen the movies, unfortunately, although I really really want to. I guess it’s what known as a second-hand fandom for me? But I’m definitely #TeamCap, because limited government and more freedom is what I believe in.

    • True! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

      AHH, you totally should. : P Some are better than others (*cough* CAPTAIN AMERICA *cough*), but they’re all great. Definitely!

  15. Good points. I don’t understand someone rooting for Iron Man. Cap allllllll the way. ALL THE WAY, I TELL YOU!! (And I’ve just gotten into Hamilton – favourite song so far is ‘You’ll Be Back’ because is just. so. fabulous.)

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