i met the taylors and i’m in a blimey cow video. my life is complete.

Us and the Taylors at Epcot (shocked emoji).png

If you don’t follow my Instagram or don’t know me personally, you may or may not know that I met Jordan and Josh Taylor of Blimey Cow at Disney earlier this week.  (!!!!)  I was gonna wait to tell you all about this ’til the video came out, because it was just easier that way.  And it did and my heart still hasn’t pounding.

Here’s the whole story.  Sit back, guys, it’s a long one.

{Josh and Jordan, if you read this… sorrynotsorry.  I’m a huge fan.  Meeting you guys has been a highlight of my life.}

SO I’M AT DISNEY ON SUNDAY, RIGHT?  And it’s already the most magical place on earth.  We were at Epcot, actually, and it was our last day.

Actually…  *Hamilton-voice* Rewind.

We aren’t even supposed to be there, guys.


Saturday was going to be our last day, and we were gonna get a park-hopper so we could do Hollywood Studios and Epcot in the same day and drive back home on Sunday.  (Which, looking back, was a terrible idea because both of those parks took us at least eight hours to go through.)  My dad went online a few days before we left (we’re great planners, guys) to get the park hopper and, money-conscious that he is, realized that it was the same amount of money to just stay another day, including tickets and hotels and food and whatnot.  (We actually went for four and a half days.)

So Sunday was our actual last day and we were going to spend it at Epcot and it was gonna be great.  We walked in right after it opened, rode the actual golf-ball ride (Spaceship Earth, I think) (and it freaked me out because it’s inside a huge golf ball, and what if it falls over and how on earth are we even all inside it and there are different levels and what if one collapses and etc – yes, I have anxiety, what of it?), and then went to ride the Finding Nemo ride, which was great.

Immediately afterwards, we got in line for Turtle Talk with Crush.  I had no idea what it was, but didn’t really care because it had something to do with Finding Nemo, which I love.  I wasn’t paying attention to anything in particular when my younger brother James just started pounding my shoulder.  I was like, “What the heck, James???”  And I turned around and all of my siblings were stage-whispering and pointing.  They’re like, “THE TAYLORS ARE IN FRONT OF US.  JORDAN AND JOSH TAYLOR.”


Apparently the entire Cowmunity knew that they were going to be at Disney EXCEPT ME, so to say it was a shock is a bit of an understatement.

Confession time: We totally stalked them.  We made sure we sat right behind them (a row, actually), and stared at their backs for most of the show.  (Which was hilarious, but so hard to pay attention to when TWO LIVING LEGENDS AND THEIR ENTIRE FAMILY (except Kelli *sad face*) ARE SITTING DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF US.

My dad kept taking pictures of them, and I kept hitting his shoulder.  (Won’t share those pictures because it’s embarrassing… but not as embarrassing as the totally cringe-worthy thing I did the day before, which I’ll talk about in my actual Disney post.)

After the show was over, we high-tailed it out of there.  HIGH. TAILED.  As we followed them out of the show, we whisper-debated who would talk to them first.  “James, you do it.”  “No, Ashley, YOU do it – you’re the most… the most…”  “KATIE, DO IT.” “NO, YOU DO IT.”

So I did it.

I summoned all the courage I required, ran forward a little, and called out, “JORDAN!”

He and Josh turned around and I was speechless for a minute.  I can’t even remember what I said, and I hope it was coherent, but it was something like, “We’re huge fans of Blimey Cow [praying that my siblings were still behind me] and we love you guys and uh can we get a picture please?”

And then they said sure and asked my name and then Jordan hugged me (*melts*) and asked all of our names and shook hands with us and the rest of my family joined us.  We talked about College Plus and Blimey Cow and how we had supported the Kickstarter for their podcast and homeschooling and random stuff for about ten minutes, and they took pictures with us and signed my sister’s autograph book.


And then Jordan got a video, and I’ve been SO excited about it ever since.  I haven’t really told anyone just in case he didn’t include our part in the video, but he DID and now my life is complete.



19 thoughts on “i met the taylors and i’m in a blimey cow video. my life is complete.

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  3. So I saw this on Instagram and then on YouTube and I was so excited! LIke a person a know from the Internet just put up a video with a person I know way better from the Internet!!! That was sooo cool! (And I wasn’t even there haha)

  4. WOOHOO!!! Reminds me of a less glamorous but still similar experience I had. My family was staying with some friends during a speech tournament, and we wanted to drive home on Saturday night after the tourney was over, but it was too snowy. So we stayed an extra night and went to church with them. On our way home we stopped at a Cracker Barrel, in a state we weren’t supposed to be in that day, and we ran into a family that had gone to church with us like 8 years earlier. We had not slightly planned on being there. They don’t normally go out for Sunday lunch. But we did and we ran into each other and all their new kids and it was awesome!

  5. ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l


    Oh, man, I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you right now!!!!! I actually watched the video BEFORE reading this post, and I recognized you right away and I was like: “Wait–what?? WHATTTTTT???? THAT’S ASHLEY!!!!!!” And I started freaking out.

    I’m so happy you got to do this!! It’s awesome 🙂

  6. No lie, I squealed when I saw the video had been uploaded. I’d been looking for it all week. Moriah watched it with me and we did the whole fangirl thing, too. I know YouTube famous people!!!

  7. I was just watching his video and when he was introducing you guys I did a double take. I watched it again and was like ‘that has to be Ashley!’ So then I came over here to confirm 🙂 So cool that you guys were there at the same time!

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