hello from the other side.


(Wow, that was weird.  I’m in a weird mood.  We drove home all day and I used my “extra day” for finishing off the second draft of The Art of Letting Go {WAHOO} and my sister and I are gonna watch Leap Year in a minute {yes, starting it at 11pm, because #yolo}, so I’m super hyper right now.  My apologies.)

Anyway, DID YOU MISS ME?!  I certainly missed you guys!

I have so very VERY much to tell you about my trip – so many pictures to spam you all with and so many exciting things to tell you!  Bottom line, we had a PHENOMENAL time and so many great things happened and I took so many pictures (honestly, almost fifteen hundred!), and my feet and legs are so sore from all of the walking we did, but it was TOTALLY worth it.

First, though, I did promise to share my post-Harry Potter post, and it’s scheduled for tomorrow morning.  You’ll probably see it before you see this one.  Enjoy it, talk to me about it, start a comment war, whatever, and then I’ll spam you all with Disney pictures.  Sound good?  Good.

If you read this, what did you use your “extra day” to do?

*waltzes off to watch Leap Year*


4 thoughts on “hello from the other side.

    • HA! Great minds, etc, etc. It seemed like the only movie suitable for the day. (We started it at 11:30 and only watched half of it. : P We’ll finish it tonight.)

  1. You’re back!! (Yay!) I SAW ON YOUR INSTAGRAM THAT YOU MET THE BLIMEYCOW PEEPS. I’m pretty jealous, just saying. I’m glad you had a fun time!

    My ‘extra day’ was spent doing schoolwork. Kiiiiind of wonderful, right? 😛

    ~ Naomi

    • I’m back! : D I KNOW; I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT MYSELF. They were SO NICE. *melts from the feels*

      Haha, sounds fantastic. At least you didn’t waste it, though – think of it as getting a day ahead in school. ; ) I wish I didn’t have to ride in the car the ENTIRE day for my extra day, but c’est la vie.

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