Just a quick PSA to say that I’ll be out of town for a few days and, thus, no posts.

Where am I going?


Seeing as I haven’t been in literally fifteen years… I’M PRETTY EXCITED.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m a pretty huge Disney fan.  I can quote the movies by heart, sing all the songs (mostly in key), and, if someone has a stupid different opinion on a Disney movie than I do, I’ll debate them ’til dawn.  I’ve been wanting to go again for years now, and I take total credit for begging my parents and pushing them over the edge until they finally caved.

We got tickets for Christmas, but didn’t really start planning ’til about a week or two ago.  (Whoops.)  I’ve started planning my Disneybounding outfits (as seen on my “My Style” Pinterest board – sorry for spamming y’all), and I’ve cleared my camera cards and my phone for pictures galore.  (And, fyi, my Instagram will be Disney-themed for the next week.)

I’m bringing my laptop, so you may see a post or two this week if I have the energy, but we’ll see.  I’ll be moderating comments at least, so feel free to browse the archives (see the orange tab on the left side) and leave comments galore – I love them!

Regardless, this blog will be back in action on the first, starting with my post-Harry Potter post!  Sorry it took me so long to write it.  People (not on this blog, but elsewhere) kind of dissected the first post, so I wanted this one to be better.  (And, obvs, since I’m defending my love for it, I want it to be PERFECT.)  I decided against doing a fangirling post because – from what I gather – most of you haven’t read it, and anything I’d say would be spoilery.

And speaking of new posts, is there anything you guys want me to post about?  I have a few other posts planned, but I usually do a lot of the spur-of-the-moment posting, which isn’t great for planning.  (And my inner control freak needs to have things planned.)  I’d like to post things that you guys would like to read, obviously, so any input would be more than welcome!  What do you guys want to see?  Scenes from my writing?  Movie reviews?  Pictures from my insanely awesome personal life?  Book reviews?  Something else that isn’t on my radar?  LET ME KNOW!



8 thoughts on “DIDNEY WORL.

  1. Have a great time in Disney World!! I have a friend who’s working there as an intern right now, actually.

    I would love more movie reviews, actually–they’re one of my favorite types of blog posts. I’m kind of a Movie Review Maniac. Strange but true. More “personal-life-posts” would also be lovely! 🙂

    • We will! Whoa, really? Talk about DREAM JOB!

      Okay! My movie reviews take me hours to write (because I love finding the perfect pictures to go with them), but I love writing them, so it’s okay. : ) Alrighty!

  2. I’d say I want more scenes from your book but that means I’ll just want to read it more and seeing as at this point, I can’t read it yet, reading snippets now instead of the entire thing would probably just make me curl up in a ball and cry.

  3. This sounds SO exciting Ashley! I hope you have a wonderful time! (i am sure you will…:P)
    i would love more scenes from the “Art of Letting Go” and pics from your “personal life”.
    oh! and i loved the random post you did while in starbucks…more like that too. ^_^

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