the twenty-four hour internet outrage cycle {video}

I recently watched this video for the first time (I’m so behind on BlimeyCow) and it pertains so much to some things I’ve been thinking about lately.  We get so caught up in fighting against something new each day that we don’t think about the bigger picture.  And even when we’re mad about something for longer than a day, we still only listen to people whose opinions we share.  How messed up is that?  We’ll never grow as human beings unless we look at issues from every perspective instead of just our own.  *end unintentional rant*

(Note: I’m in this video.  See if you can find me!)

Also, here’s BlimeyCow’s most recent video, which is basically Part Two.


6 thoughts on “the twenty-four hour internet outrage cycle {video}

  1. I had to quickly learn how to defend my convictions when I worked in the restaurant business. Thankfully, I worked mornings with some very rational people, so we were able to have civil conversations about a variety of topics. Not gonna lie, though: it was always fun to gang up on someone with a coworker or two. XD

    • Awesome! Haha, yeahhhhh I love having a good conversation with someone whose opinions differ from mine (but instantly pull out the second it gets too harsh).

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