the infinity dreams award/tag.

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Yay, another tag!  Thanks, Morgan!  (Readers – don’t hate me for doing random posts; my post-Harry Potter post is coming soon, I promise!)

Tell us eleven facts about yourself.

  1. I went to one year of public school before my parents decided to homeschool me and my siblings.  And, yes, I had a boyfriend during that year of kindergarten.  As you do.
  2. I used to collect stamps.  (I mean, I still kinda do, but you didn’t hear that from me.)
  3. I’ve never finished a Jane Austen novel.  (Got halfway through Sense and Sensibility when I was thirteen but couldn’t get used to the language.  Most of her novels are on my TBR list for this year, though!)
  4. I hate sewing.  I mean, I can do it and I’ve sewed my fair share of skirts and costumes, but it’s too boring and tedious and I just can’t get into it.  Meh.
  5. (In that vein…) I’ve never been a girly-girl.  I’ve never loved the color pink and I’d rather climb a tree and get dirt in my fingernails than have a tea party or go shopping.
  6. I’ve never been able to give an exact date for when I gave my heart and life to Jesus because I’ve just always felt like I’ve believed in Him and I’ve always known He died for my sins.  I re-dedicated my life to Him when I was twelve (and every day since then because hey guess what surrender’s a daily thing).
  7. I started taking piano lessons when I was six and violin lessons when I was nine.  (“Don’t you test me though – just because I play the piano doesn’t mean I am not willing to take you down.  {I’m sorry.}”)
  8. I read Little Men before I read Little Women.  I saw the Little Women movie a dozen times and wanted a sequel, so I read the book when I was fourteen.
  9. Speaking of, Little Men was the first book I cried about.  (And I’ve been crying over books ever since.)
  10. I have two adopted siblings – Nathanael (6) and Jenna (2).  (Here’s a relatively old picture of them.)
  11. I think I’m actually an ENTJ.  Sorry.  Still trying to figure out the whole MBTI thing.  (I like being in groups of people, but I fade to the back around more than like six people.  I don’t share things that are too personal, but I talk when I’m nervous.  So… yeah…)

And here are my eleven questions from Morgan.

1. What is your favorite thing to blog about?
Probably my life or fangirling about stuff I love like movies and books.
2. Who is your favorite fictional character?
OH MY GOSH, YOU CAN’T DO THAT, MORGAN.  *facepalm*  Okay.  Right now, it’s Bucky Barnes.  I was fangirling about him recently with a friend and he’s just like literally the best.  (And so is Steve and Kylo Ren and Finn and Rey and like a thousand other characters I could name off the top of my head.)
3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Self-righteous people.  I could write an entire blog post about how much they annoy me.  (But I’d better stop right there, lol.)
4. If you could visit one place on earth, and only one, where would you choose?
HMM.  Probably London or Edinburgh or NYC again.  (Three places is as close to one that I’m gonna get.)
5. What’s one movie coming out in 2016 you want to watch?
Captain America: Civil War.  I am going to die.
6. Would you rather time travel to the past or the future? Why?
Probably to the past (maybe 1940’s) just because the future would freak me out.  I’m very happy in the present, though.
7. What is your least favorite holiday?
Probably St. Patrick’s Day.  Besides all of the green stuff (*insert heart-eyed emoji*), there’s just nothing to celebrate.
8. What do you want to be when you “grow up”?
It freaks me out that I probably am “grown up” – at least, to most people.  YIKES.  I’m working on being a writer, though, and I think I’ll get there someday.  : )
9. If someone offered you a million dollar inheritance if you would drive twenty bucks (as in deer) across Alaska, would you do it? (I know it sounds weird, stems from a game of Balderdash.)
ABSOLUTELY YES IN A HEARTBEAT.  (No, I don’t love money at all, what are you talking abouttttt?  : P  I just know that you kind of need money to survive, so.)
10. What genre of books do you like best to read?
Contemporary books, usually coming-of-age or young adult romance (not the smutty stuff, though).  I just can’t get enough!
11. Do you prefer movies or TV shows?
Goodness, I don’t know.  Maybe TV shows because the characters can be fleshed out to their fullest potential… but I do also LOVE movies.I’m only tagging three people today because I love breaking rules:
Ness Kingsley
Jessica Prescott (if you don’t have a blog, you can do it in the tags)

Here are your eleven questions:

1. Team Cap or Team Iron Man?
2. What’s your favorite thing to blog about?
3. What was the last book you read that you loved?
4. What was the last book you read that you hated?
5. If you’re old enough to vote, who are you voting for and why?
6. What are three of your favorite movies?
7. Who was your first fictional childhood crush?
8. Skinny jeans or skirts?
9. Who is your celebrity OTP?
10. What is your favorite flower?
11. Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

20 thoughts on “the infinity dreams award/tag.

  1. OH THIS WAS FUN. And yay for homeschooling!! I think I went to school for a grand total of like 5 weeks in my entire life?! (I was in year 2 and lunch time was the best. Ahem.) Awww, your siblings are SO CUTE. And being a writer is a grand life goal. Skip the growing up though. IT’S A TRAP AND NOT FUN AT ALL. XD

    Bucky though. *hyperventilates*

    I also hate sewing. Bleh. It takes too long and it’s too tedious and I always mutilate myself. XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • Cool, I didn’t know that! (Lunch and the library and recess were my favorite.) Thank you!! Aren’t they?! Hahaha, yeah, I think I’m going to just fake my way through adulthood. : P



  2. Thanks for tagging me! I love your tag questions, so I just might have to do this one. (After Valentine’s Day, maybe?)

    ALSO. The first book you cried over was Little Men??? How did I not know this?! I have such a big connection to that book…may I ask what part(s) made you cry? (I’m curious.)

  3. OHhhhhhhhh . . . I got tagged! Thanks so much, Ashley!! You just made my day! 🙂

    (I don’t actually have a blog, so I’ll do ’em here.)

    Okay. Here we go:
    1. TEAM CAP. No explanation necessary. (Okay, actually, I’m more than happy to explain. Steve Rogers is one of my top favorite male characters of all time, period. I love him to bits and I also feel super-protective about him, which is weird because I don’t often feel that way about fictional characters . . . but I sure do feel that way about him. I think it’s his sad eyes. Seriously, guys. Those eyes get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And I just can’t get over how brave and loyal and morally steadfast he is. So . . . yeah. Team Cap all the way.)
    2. I don’t have a blog . . . but I think my favorite blog posts to READ are movie reviews. Especially if they’re of movies I’ve already seen, so I can compare opinions.
    3. As in, new book? Not a re-read? In that case, the honor goes to “The Kitchen Madonna,” by Rumer Godden. That book is AMAZING, folks. It’s the most beautiful–and at the same time the most poignant–expression of what creativity REALLY means that I’ve ever come across. I love it so much.
    4. I’m reading it right now. For school. “The Man of Straw,” by Heinrich Mann. Super-annoying main character who is also super-predictable. Not fun.
    5. Yes, I’ve been old enough to vote for about three years now. I’m planning to vote for John Kasich, whether he wins the nomination or not. I think he’s level-headed and intelligent and has a solid grasp of the issues–and I’m much more impressed with him than I am with anybody else on the Republican side. Since I’m pro-life, I’m not voting for any Democrat till they change their position on abortion. So there ya go.
    6. “Bernadette” (the French version of the 1988 movie, starring Sydney Penny); “Sense and Sensibility” (BBC 2008); and . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . “Seabiscuit.” ‘Cuz I feel random right now. Plus, I really, truly did love that movie. (Highly recommended, if you haven’t seen it yet; although be sure to check out the Plugged-In review first.)
    7. Cap Garland from the Little House books. I loved that boy. (I still do.)
    8. Skirts! I love ’em 🙂
    9. Will and Kate. All the way.
    10. Lilacs!
    11. I try to 🙂

    Thanks so much for tagging me, Ashley!! I had a blast! 🙂

    (Oh, by the way–DON’T worry about having to change which MBTI type you think you are. That’s totally normal. The “letter” system is only semi-accurate, and the best way to type yourself is to try reading up about the different cognitive functions and which ones go with which type . . . but it takes time. So don’t feel like you have to figure it out RIGHT NOW. 🙂 )

    • Haha, you’re welcome! : )

      Loved your answers!!! (And interesting presidential vote… Is he Democrat? I’m a Republican, but I’m not super impressed with any of the candidates.)

      And thanks for the MBTI advice. I think my introvert/extrovert status varies by the day and with my mood. : P

      • Thanks! 🙂

        No, he’s a Republican–but he only JUST started getting serious media attention after finishing second in New Hampshire. So I think most people, Republican or Democrat, haven’t really heard of him yet. I hope that’ll change, though.

        Oh, I know just what you mean–for a while, actually, I had no idea if I was really an introvert or an extrovert. I found out, though, that whether you’re an “introvert” or an “extrovert” doesn’t actually stem from whether you like people/social events or not. It’s based on whether your dominant cognitive function is an introverted or an extroverted one; and while it’s USUALLY true that those with a dominant extroverted function are more “sociable,” it’s by no means always the case. You can be an extrovert (by MBTI standards) and still not like parties, and you can be an introvert and still enjoy dealing with people. (Oh, dear . . . I’m not being helpful at all, am I? 😉 ) I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t worry about the “introvert v. extrovert” stereotypes because they often aren’t accurate at all.

        • Hmm! I’ll have to look into him, then. I haven’t really paid attention to any of the debates because I’ve been busy, but I know I need to.

          Wow, that’s interesting! I’ll have to look into that a little more.

  4. Is it so hard to choose your favorite fictional character? Kidding, I have no idea who I’d choose. It’s changes constantly. I still don’t get why you love Kylo Ren, though. I can’t wait for Civil War! I have to see that movie. I sometimes like sewing and I sometimes hate it. Depends on my mood, the project, and if I have a good audio book going.

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