review: facing the giants | video

Facing the Giants is one of those movies I’ll always remember watching because it was one of my first low-budget Christian films.  (Now that I think about it, it was probably my very first movie like that.)  I’ve always known it’s had issues, but I never watched it to think critically and figure out what exactly was wrong with it.

However, the main issue I’ve always had in the back of my mind about it is that it promotes the idea of “praise God when we win, praise Him when we lose,” but then undermines that when it allows the team to win the game and everything eventually turns out alright for the main character.  Instead of making you walk away with a renewed sense of constantly praising God, it gives a subliminal message that, if you pray for it, God will give you everything you want.  And that’s just not right.

I was so excited when I found out that Kevin would review this movie and, once again, Kevin is completely right!  He talks about what I said above and other things that I’ve never thought about before (including that one line in the song ‘Voice of Truth’ that will now bug me for the rest of my life – thanks, Kev).

Do you agree with him or not?  Have you always loved Sherwood Pictures films or do you think they’re lame?  Watch the video and let me know what you think!



4 thoughts on “review: facing the giants | video

  1. Haha, yes exactly! War Room is the same way. (A friend really wanted to see it) If you pray, you will get everything you want.

    • I heard that’s what War Room was about and I totally lost all interest in it. I still haven’t seen it. XD I hate it when people say that if you pray, God will give you anything you ask for. Isn’t there some work we have to do in order to get what we want? Don’t we have a part to play, too? If my life was just me sitting around and praying for stuff and then waiting for God to give it to me, that’d be pretty boring. Ugh. *end unintentional rant*

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