imho: my star wars rant.

The In My Honest Opinion Series (IMHO) is a series of posts for the purpose of declaring my opinion on certain subjects.  My honest opinion.  (Yes, thank you, Mary.)  These posts will be my totally unbiased, totally unaltered-on-any-grounds opinion.  Each and every one of my readers are entitled to the right to comment below with their own opinion and an argument, if they so desire.  Let us begin.

Sam kinda-sorta asked for this (not throwing you under the bus, buddy; it’s my excuse to do it).  So here it is.


I grew up with Star Wars.  It was never banned in our house or anything like that because my dad liked it so much.  (My mom still doesn’t really get it.)  I don’t really know why, but I just never liked it.  I’d seen the old trilogy quite a few times, and I even saw Episode II in the theater.  For the longest time, I told everyone that Episode III was my favorite because it had the best computer animation – one of the only reasons I watched the movies in the first place.  Looking back, it really doesn’t.  I like the realness of the models of the old trilogy better.  But I always thought a lot of the actors in the old trilogy couldn’t act (which is the truth), and I didn’t really like any of the characters in the old trilogy (because honestly who wants to root for a 17-year-old whiny kid?!), so that evened out the movies for me.

Honestly, the whole series was just kind of lame and left me feeling… meh.  I’d seen them all at least three or four times each, so nobody can say that I didn’t watch them enough.  And I know a ton of the backstories and expanded universe stuff because my older sister and younger brother have read a lot of books about them.  SO I KNOW MY STUFF.

However.  Then I saw Force Awakens.


I don’t even know how to explain how much I loved it without spoiling literally everything, but I’ll try.

I didn’t know what to think going into it, but I knew it’d probably be pretty good.  I didn’t know it would nearly blow my mind.  I didn’t know I’d walk out obsessing over the main trio.


Finn was hilarious, Poe was a super good pilot and super hot, and Rey… GOSH, THAT GIRL CAN KICK BUTT.

Not to mention this handsome dude.


(I may or may not have an almost unhealthy love for Domhnall Gleeson.)

And then there were all of the characters who were brought back, like Han and Leia and Chewy… and a few others.  ; )

The story was fantastic.  I love how misleading the trailers were, and I can’t explain that without spoiling everything, but I’ll try to explain without referencing particulars.  Basically, they made you make unconscious assumptions about the characters and plot because of how the trailers were laid out and what clips they used.  And then you get into the movie and you’re like, “Wait, WHAT?!”  It was fantastic.

I loved all of the references to the old movies.  There were a few echoed lines and a few echoed shots that I loved simply for the familiarity everyone had with it.  And speaking of everyone, we saw it in a packed theater.  And everyone was a fan.  When the music started and the title came on the screen, everyone started applauding.  A few people in my group, namely my sister sitting beside me, even teared up a little.  (Including me, which was weird, LOL!)  And then we all clapped again a few times later, like when Han came onscreen for the first time.  The audience was fantastic.  Everybody cheered and laughed and gasped at the same time, and it was like watching your favorite movie with friends.  (And I keep resisting calling it stuff like that because I’ve never liked Star Wars in the past, but it was so good!!!)

It ended on a pretty cliffhangery note, and I can’t wait to see the next one.  My sister is going to watch Force Awakens as many times as possible in the theater, so I’ll probably join her for that.

Little things I liked included: All of Finn’s lines (“Why are you doing that?  Huh?  Why do you keep doing this?  I’m trying to come up with a plan here.”), POE DAMERON (*insert heart-eyed emoji*), Rey’s awesomeness (“Stop holding my hand!”), the sexual tension between some of the characters (heehee), and Kylo Ren.  GOLLY PETE, KYLO REN IS SO COOL.  When he tried to do The Thing with Rey and then she’s just like “Nah, son,” and then she did The Thing and we were all like, “Whaaaaaaaaat.”  Perfection.  Oh and his hair was pretty great, too.  It had a floofy-like quality that I adored.

And that’s basically all I can say without spoiling everything.  Based on the numbers the box office has been releasing, a good portion of you has probably gone to see it, but I’ll remain spoiler-free for those who haven’t seen it yet.  (Not really spoiler-free on my Tumblr, though, so stay away from that if you don’t want to see… stuff.)

For the record, this wasn’t as much a rant as I thought it’d be.  Basically because I thought I’d dislike the movie enough to bash it a little.  But, lol, I didn’t.  I actually liked it a lot.  There were a few plot holes and questions left unanswered, but it was a pretty solid movie overall.  Even though I got a lot of it spoiled (first The Big Thing, then That One Character’s lineage, then that thing about the Rey of Sunshine), it was still enjoyable.  And I was able to watch Katie react to hearing all of the above stuff.  So that was pretty neat.  : D

So… yeah.  That’s my Star Wars rant.  XD

Did you like Force Awakens?  Do you like the other movies?  Do you hate me now?  : P

16 thoughts on “imho: my star wars rant.

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  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh . . . I loved this movie SO SO SO MUCH. It’s incredible. Actually, I was swooning over Finn, not Poe–although I do like Poe a lot and I wish I could have him for a friend. But Finn was the one where I was like “I WANT TO MARRY HIM HE IS SO SWEET WHY IS HE JUST IN A MOVIE.” Um . . . yeah. And I absolutely loved Rey. She’s a super-strong character without being annoying, unpleasant, or cruel (and writers for other action movies need to Sit Up and Pay Attention.) Oh, and her British accent is pretty awesome.

    I really, really loved how much respect the moviemakers obviously had for the original trilogy, and all the references to the old characters and events and everything . . . “How ’bout a trash compacter?” *wink*

    • WASN’T IT FANTASTIC?! I was swooning over both of them (all the guys, actually). HAHAHAHA. Same! Rey is the best thing to happen to the movies in a LONG time. She’s such an amazing heroine. (I have a girl crush on her.)

      HA!!! I told my sister as we were watching it, “This is just a remix of the Original Trilogy.” And she was like, “Hey, if it ain’t broke…”

  4. Oooohh dear.
    We have very different feelings on this subject.
    I did like TFA, especially the new main characters, but I did find it a tad disappointing. I’ll probably have a review up soon after Christmas.

    I WILL NEVER GET OVER THE FACT THAT YOU DON’T LIKE THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY. Sigh. I’ll still be your friend, though 😉

  5. WHAAAT YOU DIDN’T LIKE LUKE?! No this is not possible. >.<
    ….I can kinda see your point though, at least in ANH.
    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE REST OF YOUR REVIEW THOUGH. TFA is my third-favorite, after ROTJ and TPM (yes, I adored the Phantom Menace. Still do. I know it's a bad movie but maybe that's part of the charm. :P) I HAVE SUCH A CRUSH ON POE. And Finn was SO STINKING COOL. I totally ship him with Rey. (Who was also just ridiculously awesome. :D)

    • I don’t know. He changes a lot from the whiny kid I disliked a lot, so I might like “Mature Luke” more…

      THANK YOU. And I think half the fandom has a crush on Poe. XD Same!

  6. aaasfasl;fja;slfkja;slfj yeah this is gonna be a fangirly comment!
    I’m not a huge Star Wars fan (well, I wasn’t), but I always appreciated the cultural impact it had and as a PK, I liked actually doing this pop culture thing for real! We just got the Original Trilogy as an early Christmas present, so we watched that every day leading up to Sunday when we saw TFA!!!! And it was soooo stinkin’ good! I think I like A New Hope more just cuz it’s a classic and lays the foundation, but this was like amazing times a thousand!!!
    Wait, you liked the prequels more than the Original Trilogy?!? I guess I like the Phantom Menace, but that’s just cuz it’s the first one I saw. (Haven’t seen 2 or 3 yet) And you don’t like Luke (okay, I don’t always like him), Leia, or Han!!!
    However, I agree with you so much about the new one! (And I’m really nervous for 8 cuz J.J. isn’t directing!!!!) The new trio is soooooo good and I just love them so much and I’m not even sorry!!! (And BB-8 is the cutest thing ever!!! Especially when he makes the “thumbs-up” sign!!!!)
    I’m currently trying to find excuses to see this as many times as I can XD
    And there were so many funny lines!!!!! “You talk first or do I talk first? How does this work?” Yeah, I loved this soooo much and now I’m a way bigger Star Wars fan than ever! My siblings and I seriously can’t stop making theories!!!!! Including my brother suggesting Rey and Finn should find out they’re siblings! Yeah, no…. I loved this review, and I can’t wait until we can put spoiler reviews up!!!

    • Cool!

      Well, I don’t really like any of the movies, but I think 5 might be my favorite, in terms of story, and 3 might be my favorite, in terms of animation.

      I think Finn is Lando’s son. And Rey is probably Luke’s daughter, which would make Kylo Ren is her cousin. XD

      I’m glad you liked my review! : )

  7. YAY IT MAKES ME HAPPY THAT YOU LIKED THE FORCE AWAKENS. Because I do too. And Poe. You and me sistah. He’s just . . . fabulous. And General Hux too. I’m normally not attracted to the bad guys, but c’mon, he’s red-haired. And Rey is my new favorite character.

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