why i celebrate christmas | christmastime is here {part four}

Hello and welcome to my Christmastime Is Here blog post series that centers around – you guessed it – my all-time favorite holiday ever, CHRISTMAS!!!  Over the next few weeks (every Friday until Christmas), I’ll be adding to this series, so stick around because it’s going to be awesome.  I’ve never really done a Christmas blog series, but because of all of the growing (and blogging) I’ve done this year, I think it’s in order.  Christmas is just something that is so special to me because it’s the time to celebrate God’s most precious gift to us – His son, Jesus.  So grab a mug of something (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, pretzels) and enjoy!

(Before I start, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posting this past week.  I’ve been studying for a final like crazy and don’t really have much to say besides ranting about that.  {Well, that and Star Wars.  Wanna hear me rant about Star Wars?  I can do zat.  Comment if you want me to.  Moving on.}  I’ll try to schedule some posts for next week, but I can’t promise anything.  Okay, I’m done.)

Christmas has always been a special time for my family.  We spend time together, exchange gifts, and focus on the reason why we celebrate Christmas – Jesus.  I’ve always loved Christmas, and it’s my favorite time of the year.

Over the past year or so, I’ve met a lot of people who don’t “do” Christmas.  They have a lot of good reasons, but I don’t think they can say anything to change my opinion.

I celebrate Christmas because I feel like I don’t celebrate God’s gift to us enough.  I lose sight of Jesus constantly, and I’m so grateful that we have literally an entire season dedicated to celebrating His birth.

I understand that sometimes the commercialism overwhelms the real reason for Christmas.  I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I get too wrapped up (lol #punintended) in what I need to buy for my siblings or watching Christmas movies that have nothing to do with Jesus’s birth.  But the reason why I believe in Christmas is always there, and everything I do around Christmas always goes back to that.

I’m not going to try to pressure anyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas.  (Although it’s always been hard whenever I’m around someone who doesn’t.  I always want to sprinkle tinsel on their hair and show them Linus’s scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas.)  If you choose not to celebrate Christmas, I’ll respect that.

But I love Christmas and I will never ever ever give it up.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go put on my Santa hat and not take it off ’til New Year’s Day.

no i shan't


9 thoughts on “why i celebrate christmas | christmastime is here {part four}

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  2. Definitely wanna hear your Star Wars rant (even though it might be fight time depending on what you say :D).
    I totally agree on the whole Christmas thingy. I’ve only ever met a couple of people who don’t celebrate Christmas, but every time, I’m just like, “Whaaaa……….?”.
    Oh, and I love the Who meme. Does this mean you’re now a Whovian, or do you just think it relevant?

    • HAHAHA, okay! XD

      Same! I’m like, “Do you need a hug???”

      I’m a bit of a Whovian, yeah. Not as much as Mary Grace, but I’ve seen my fair share of episodes and fangirled over it quite a bit. : )

  3. Yes, I want to hear/read your Star Wars rant 😁 This could be fun.
    I feel you when it comes to people who don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m glad the kids don’t have choir practice this month. The family that rides with them to practice doesn’t celebrate Christmas, and I wasn’t looking forward to any uncomfortable conversations about it. My mom was like, “They don’t want to see our decorations? Oh well, my house.” 😆

    • Teehee. XD

      Same! Yeah, I know the family you’re talking about. I hate that so much – for their kids and for your siblings. So much confusion and pressure. Yep, that’s what I’ve decided. It’s a free country and we’ve decided to celebrate Christmas and if they don’t want to see our decorations because they’ll be offended, TOO BAD. Don’t come visit us! Easy as that. XD

  4. AMEN. I know some people who don’t celebrate Christmas, and like you said — I always feel like sprinkling tinsel on them and singing Christmas carols really loud in their ears. ;-P Christmas has always been very special to me too –because of all the festivities of the season, sure, but ultimately because of Jesus. I don’t think we can ever celebrate Him enough!

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