on literary adaptions (aka webseries).

Because I write about them so often…

Ten Reasons Why Literary Adaptation Webseries Fandoms Are the Best Kinds of Fandoms


the new adventures of peter + wendy.

1. Episodes are free and regular and easily available! Also, there can be several episodes a week, which is AWESOME.

2. Binge-watching is always possible, and because episodes are short, you can usually go on a  binge without the crippling guilt and exhaustion you get after bingeing a TV show.


nothing much to do.

3. Fandoms are tight-knit and happy. Everyone supports everyone, no shipwars, no drama, and the whole thing is one massive support group.

4. You can interact with fictional characters online. Full on conversations about anything and everything, and it’s the best thing ever.



5. You can easily interact with the creators and actors online, and they tend to be the coolest and most talented people ever, which is awesome.

6. People usually watch several webseries together, so there’s always someone to fangirl with.


green gables fables.

7. Barely any hiatuses, and the ones there are are usually about 1 week.

8. They feel way more realistic than most TV shows or movies, so immersing yourself in them is easy.


nothing much to do // lovely little losers.

9. Lots of these series are made by high school/college students, so it renews faith in our generation.

10. Your favourite classic novels come to life in the modern day and it’s beautiful and perfect and generally incredible.


the lizzie bennet diaries.

Bonus Point : The shipping is ASDFGHJKL beyond words.

(Written by: Shirbert)


9 thoughts on “on literary adaptions (aka webseries).

  1. I agree – they are really fun. I don’t enjoy all of them (for example, the Little Women one. I just quit.) but when they’re done well, they are really good. I’m loving “Mansfield, with Love” – and of course Green Gables Fables (duhh.)

    Yeah, the shipping. I’m with ya. 😀

    ~ Naomi

    • Ugh, I got through like 15 episodes (if that) through the LW one because I just wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. “Mayyyyyybe they’ll get better.” By the first hiatus, though, I was just done. Amen! I haven’t seen “Mansfield, with Love” yet. (Too many webseries, not enough time…)


      • Yes, I kept on thinking,’I’ll give them another chance’, too. I only liked Beth, to be honest. :-/ Mansfield With Love is very good, despite a few things I could do without.

        My favourite will forever be Emma Approved, though. I LOVE that one. I MEAN ALEX. AND EPISODE 72. 😀

        ~ Naomi

        • Same! I tolerated Jo because I’m so much like book Jo, but she was just too wild. And then there was Meg and Joan. Ugh. Okay, I’ll check it out! (Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend some of the ones I posted pictures of without some disclaimers, either…)

          Ooh, yeah! EA’s a close second for me – SUPER close. I think the LBD will forever be my favorite, though. So many good memories while watching it. : )

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