video: balancing the media and your faith

(Need I say I’m kind of addicted to Say Goodnight Kevin???)

I watched this video yesterday and realized that it went hand-in-hand with one of my recent posts, the problem with christian fiction.  The conclusion I’ve come to regarding that area since I wrote that post is basically summed up in Kevin’s video.  Watch it and share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “video: balancing the media and your faith

  1. Yes, yes!! Totally agree! Four years ago I was definitely like 19 year old Kevin. I would have thought your stance on Christian Fiction was biased and unfair. (I actually googled “Is Veronica Roth Christian?” before I would read Divergent) I guess you could say my perspectives have changed a lot since then. Why can’t Christians write books like Tolkien? He does not become preachy when conveying his point.

    This said, I still enjoy Christian entertainment, I’m just more particular about it now. And I still read some Christian fiction, but that is no longer a requirement. I recently picked up a Christian romantic-suspence book, which use to be my favorite, and I barely made it to page 30. It was just soooo fake….and I use to read that.

    • I’m the exact same way – even three years ago, I would’ve gotten into a heated debate with present-day-me about how many times Jesus’s name has to be in a book in order for it to be Christian. (Hint: It’s a lot. [Which meant a LOT of editing had to go into ‘Becoming Nikki’ so she didn’t seem like an overly-religious freak. LOL.]) Same! I love what Kevin said about subtly. 🙂

      Same here. Like I said in my Christian fiction post, I actually tend to gravitate towards “secular” books now (FOR SHAME!). I completely understand about the fake-ness of a lot of modern Christian books. *avoids doing another blog-post-length rant about how fake Christians are in Christian fiction* 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

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