wit alive, life, and a prayer request.


me and my siblings at the beginning of the conference. (before getting an ungodly amount of sleep each night after that. we look so well-rested and happy! LOL.)

Hello, all!

Just popping in to say that I’ve been in Indiana all week for a conference, which is why there’s been a lack of posting recently.  I feel bad that I didn’t schedule a post, but c’est la vie.

The conference was called Whatever It Takes (WIT) Alive, which is basically a singles conference (but not, like, that kind of singles conference, lol) put together by WIT founders Paul and Jenny Speed (who I know personally and love dearly).  It was so. amazing.  Seriously, if any of you ever have the chance to go, you totally should!  There’s a reunion in February that I’m really looking forward to because all of the people I met there were fantastic!  The conference material, though, was so Biblically sound and incredibly enlightening.  I learned so much, and I can’t wait to share a lot of it with you!  I don’t have time to right now, though, which is why this post is super-short.  The full post will be up soon, hopefully, so stay tuned for that.

Also, we drove through Chattanooga right as the shooting was happening.  We didn’t know, though, so praise God we made it through there safely.  Please continue to be in prayer for the victims’ families.  It’s hard to imagine how hard their lives must be right now!


11 thoughts on “wit alive, life, and a prayer request.

  1. It was an amazing weekend! So glad I was able to go ( despite being a year or two under the “appropriate age” ).

    -James Elliott ( Author’s Brother )

    • Oh, James, you have to be known for your relation to said author? And I was wondering if you were technically old enough.

      I can’t wait to hear about all you learned. And goodness, I didn’t realize you were driving through Chattanooga at the time of the shooting. So scary. And so thankful you guys are safe.

      • 😀

        It was so fantastic! I’m considering standing up at church and talking about it. (But I might not. Because, you know… people will hear me. ; )) I’m so glad we’re safe, too! God is so good!

        • You should. You’d do it better than I could if I were in your place. And it’s sort of a follow up to the courtship thing earlier this year, right? God is very good. He looks out for us when we don’t even know we need extra looking after.

          • Haha, we’ll see. Basically – except there was only one session on relationships. Imagine that – a singles conference with only ONE SESSION ON GETTING A SPOUSE! It was so beautiful. A breath of fresh air. 🙂 Amen!

      • Hahaha! I felt bad I have never commented on my sister’s blog(s) and wanted to introduce myself 🙂 I did get a few surprised looks from people over the weekend when I mentioned my age. 🙂

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