“love, your peach.”

The Art of Letting Go

this picture has become, like, the.face.of.this.project. and no, it doesn’t make me cry. why would you ask that. *cries tears*

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m done with The Art of Letting Go.  The writing part, that is.  The oh-so-fascinating phase called Editing and Layering is next, followed by The Second Draft, followed by however many drafts it takes to get to The Final Draft (which will then, fingers crossed, be sent off to various agents, then shopped around to various publishers, and then, fingers crossed tightly-er, will be published.  Booyah.).

(Yeah, and the above paragraph is not a good assessment of my writing skillz.  Just fyi.)

TAOLG (Draft #1) Stats If You Care
Words: 76,418 (*fistpump*)
Pages: 120 (‘zactly)
The Last Word: Peach (Which may or may not have anything to do with the title of this blog post.)

(I don’t know what other stats you care about, sooooo…)

I was just telling my bff today that it’s so weird to be done with it.  I mean, I know I’m not technically done, but there’s nothing new for these characters to go through.  (Well, at least not until the SEQUEL, WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!)  And it’s going to be so hard to edit because I have so many layers to put in.  And it’s so bittersweet.  I’m at the end of the first – and most fun – stage.  These characters who I have, quite literally, poured blood, sweat, and tears into (so many tears…) have become my friends.  After AN ENTIRE YEAR of obsessing over them constantly.  (Those times when I’m talking to you and my eyes get that glazed-over look and I just nod and say, “Mm, hmm”?  Yeah.  That’s when I’m thinking about The Art.  Sorry.)

I’m going to miss them so much.


I guess I’m just super sugar-high on sweet tea, coffee, and chocolate, all of which I have consumed within the past few hours as I’ve finished writing up this crazy, amazing, wonderful novel.  *sigh*

So… to be continued.  ; )


11 thoughts on ““love, your peach.”

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  4. Wow!!!!! Congratulations, that is amazing. I totally get “obsessing over your characters” and just pretty much thinking of them constantly… 🙂 I really hope I can finish my own book someday soon-I’m hoping this year!
    Anyways, congratulations again because that is SO SO fantastic! 😀 Can’t wait for you to be published!

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