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A few weeks ago, I was able to interview Morgan Huneke and ask her a few questions about her new novel, Creighton Hill, as part of her blog tour.  We talked via text, which was super-duper fun.  We got a little off-topic a few times, so excuse our pardon.  *wink*  Check it out!  (My words are in italics and hers are normal.)

Welcome to inklings press, Morgan! It’s great to have you. 🙂

–Great to be here!

First off, tell us a little about yourself and about your novel, Creighton Hill!

Creighton Hill Cover Front–I’m a Christian homeschool graduate, an author, an aspiring violinist, among many other things. Creighton Hill is my third book and first fantasy. It’s about a family that has had a child disappear without a trace from every generation for two hundred years. Four siblings set out to find out what happened to them, with their teenage sister’s skepticism following them all the way.

With interviews like this, I’d normally say something about how awesome that sounds, but since I’ve actually had the pleasure of reading Creighton Hill, I can say that it actually WAS awesome! I love how original your premise is and the time jumping between the historical and modern time periods.

–Yay! I’m glad you think it’s awesome. 🙂 I kind of got the idea of jumping between time periods from ABC’s Once Upon a Time, but I use it differently since I follow different characters in each time period. I’m rather addicted to that method of storytelling now…

Sweet! I love time jumping. (One of my favorite musicals is told in a non-linear format. Very original and totally awesome.) Anywho, what are some things you like to do besides write?

–Read, of course! My favorite series now is Ilyon Chroncles by Jaye L. Knight. I like to play the violin, and finished my first semester in a student orchestra a few weeks ago, in which I realized you’re better at sight reading than I am. I love to babysit because I really love kids. I sew and make a lot of my own clothes. I’ve worked in lots of campaigns, mostly for Barry Loudermilk. And I like to sing Disney and other musical songs. Like Phantom of the Opera. It’s amazing.

CreightonHill1I still need to read those… I’m glad you joined us! And thank you, haha! I’m only better than you because I had an AWESOME piano teacher who taught me how to sight read, though. I take none of the credit. 😉 We have so many of the same interests!!! And don’t even get me started on musicals – especially Phantom. I’ll start fangirling, which is NOT the professional thing to do during an interview. 😉 Which of your characters would you most like to spend the day with, and what’s the first thing you’d say to them?

–It’s crazy how many of the same interests we have. We might as well be twins, right? But I’ll try not to let you fangirl. 😉 Hmm, I think I’d most like to spend the day with Adriel, since he’s My Precious, but he doesn’t come into the story of Time Captives until book two. Of the ones who actually have a story in Creighton Hill, it would probably be Abigail. She’s sweet, she’s from the Regency era, and she plays the violin. Though Joey would probably be a lot of fun. The first thing I’d say… Hi, I’m your author and I’m sorry for ruining your life. Sort of. 😉

I liked Abigail, too! Especially her violin-playing and how realistic it was because you play, too. (We talked about that the other day, didn’t we?) If I ever met my characters, I’d probably say the same thing. 😀

–We did. I had to do a quick Google search to make sure she was playing pieces that were around in her day, but I made sure her playing was accurate. I could have gone into more technical details if I’d wanted to, but non violinists wouldn’t care. 🙂 (You’d need to say that. To Alec and Nikki, but especially to Daniella. I really want to read that book.)

arthur darvill - king joseph

arthur darvill – king joseph

Internet. So helpful. 😉 Yeah, that was my struggle in Becoming Nikki – being detailed enough to be accurate, but at the same time, be compelling enough to keep the interest of non-skaters. XD (Haha! You will… someday.) Speaking of my books, I love character casting! I’ve done it for all of my novels. Have you cast any actors as your characters?

–It’s a balance, for sure. (When is someday?) I have a lot of Pinterest pictures for my characters, but there’s only a few that I actually know are actors. Most of those don’t really show up till book two or three, but I’ll list them anyway. Grown up Estranna (an elf) is the lady who played Lilliandil in Dawn Treader. I ought to look up her name sometime. [Edit by Ashley: Her name is Laura Brent.]  Her brother Draewin is Tom Hiddleston, and I decided to cast Arthur Darvill as Joseph, the rightful king because Rory is awesome. Vannie Cumberland, the star of the companion book, only has a small part in Time Captives, but she’s cast as a young Lexi Johnson. My books I’m writing the rough drafts of now have lots of actors, but we’re here to talk about Time Captives. Oh, and I haven’t actually cast her, but Katie McGrath would make a great Toarna.

Definitely. (And someday is after I finish writing and editing it.) Hiddles and Arthur Darvill! Awesome!!!

tom hiddleston (duhhhh) - draewin

tom hiddleston (duhhhh) – draewin

–Yes. They’re amazing. 🙂

Moving on before I start fangirling again… How do you motivate yourself to write? Have you ever done NaNo? (Kinda two questions instead of one. #sorrynotsorry)

–:) I haven’t done NaNo, but I want to. I’m hoping to do Camp in July if I can decide what book to work on. The story itself is often a good motivator, but when it gets hard I set goals. Like, write this many chapters in a week, or try to finish the book by this date. I rarely make my goal, but it does get me to write. I did a contest with my sister one week to see who would write the most, and even though I lost and knew I would, it was still a great motivator. Limiting myself to one main project and having another I’m really excited about also helps, because then I want to finish so I can write the new story.

lexi johnson - vannie cumberland

lexi johnson – vannie cumberland

NaNo is seriously the best thing to jump-start your novels. I’m three for three, and have nearly two and a half novels to show for it. I love NaNo – can ya tell? 😉 That’s a great motivator! I try to do that, too, but it’s usually trying to write a certain amount of words in a sitting (because my writing time is insanely limited these days). I remember when you did that! I’ve written with a friend before, and that was one of my best writing days ever. (Thanks, Frankie!) Haha – limiting to one project is a good idea, too. I’ve started new novels while still writing and it’s pretty distracting. 😛

–I have a lot started, but I have to just focus on one, or none of them will ever get done. 😛 You probably also remember my complaining about how we HAD to have picked the week I banged up my arm for our contest and how much of a disadvantage I was at. 🙂

Very true! I’ve got something going in my mind right now, but I’m waiting to start it until I’m done with The Art of Letting Go. I do remember that!!! XD Excuses, excuses. 😉

laura brent - estranna

laura brent – estranna

–I like excuses. 😉

So do I. A little too much. 😀 Which authors and/or books would you say have influenced your writing the most?

–C. S. Lewis certainly had a lot of influence on me in countless ways. Narnia is such a part of my literary self, it’s impossible for it NOT to have influenced me. Martha Finley’s writing style is sort of where I get mine. It’s old fashioned and very neat sounding and I like it muchly. But to name every author that ever influenced me would take forever.

LEWIS. I love him so very muchly. I think nearly every young Christian author can say that Narnia impacted their writing. So. Good.

–YES. He’s fantastically amazing. ‘Nough said. 😉

Absolutely. Moving on. Are you working on any other novels right now?

katie mcgrath - toarna

katie mcgrath – toarna

–Actually, yes. I’m working on an outer space dystopian that has a society sort of similar to The Giver but in space and different. It’s about a girl who becomes a copilot and accidentally goes to another galaxy (the one from Across the Stars [one of Morgan’s previous novels – check it out!] where she starts to learn about reality. I love it muchly and Bradley James is the main guy, so, you know. Great story. I’m also working on a sci-fi in a fantasy world story that involves a kidnapped baby and a scientist and bionics. It’s inspired by Pinterest and Lab Rats, stars Brenton Thwaites and is going to be SOO sad. My goal is to make you cry. Muahaha.

Wow! Outer space dystopia is a lot different than time-traveling fantasy. 😀 Bradley James! That second one sounds great, too! And the goal is to make me cry? Gosh. 😛 Well, I guess that’s only fair since one of my goals for The Art of Letting Go is to make YOU cry because you allegedly “never cry in books except for Bridge to Terabithia” (which I will allow because that is A SAD BOOK).

–It’s very different from anything I’ve ever written, and I love it so much for that. Bradley James is awesome. And you need to watch Merlin so you know just how awesome and what an amazing actor he is. 😉 Bridge to Terebithia is super sad. It was when they took her desk out of the classroom that I totally lost it. I’ve cried over more movies than books, but it’s generally just when it’s based on or inspired by real events. Though “Doomsday” always puts tears in my eyes. TAoLG sounds really sad. You just might succeed.

It sounds like it! And I want to see Merlin SO bad – you know that. 😉 It’s on The List. Gahhhh, stop. I read the book for the first time and watched the movie as soon as I finished it. Can you say… MISTAKE?! Baby Josh ripped. my. heart. apart. T_T You should never watch or read Unbroken, then. You’ll be bawling. (Actually you should read or watch it. Because it’s awesome.) Haha, I’ll take that as a compliment. 😉

–We should have a Merlin marathon, then. Then I could work on getting over the ending. I had to wait for my birthday to get the movie, though I actually got it a few days early since I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out. Which may be why the movie didn’t actually make me cry. But so good. And I want to watch and read Unbroken. But I think we’re trailing off into fangirling territory. 😉

We should! And you’ve got to at least watch Unbroken, although the book is a million times better. Louis Zamperini is my hero. :))))) Haha, very true! But my last question is totally a fangirl question. Feel free to let loose. 😉 I think I already know the answer to this, but what’s your favorite BBC show and episode from that show?

CreightonHill7Doctor Who, of course. But how can I choose a favorite episode? My favorite Doctor is Ten because David Tennant is just awesome and my favorite companion is Rose. My favorite Ten and Rose would probably be “Impossible Planet” because it’s scary and even though they get separated they’re just so awesome together. So easy to ship there. 🙂 One of my favorite Eleventh Doctor episodes is “Let’s Kill Hitler.” It’s such a great representation of the show: funny, sad, intense, wibbly-wobbly. And I recently watched the 2007 Children in Need special where Ten meets Five and it was just amazing. Especially since we’ve been watching Five. I think I can pick a favorite Classic episode, which would be “Mawdryn Undead.” The Brigadier comes back! And it’s Five! I really love “Day of the Doctor” and “Time of the Doctor” almost made me cry last time. Can I pick almost every episode? (But not “Love and Monsters”, that was stupid.)

Haha, I knew it!!! I thought you’d pick “Doomsday” as your favorite episode, though. 😉 jk.

–I do really like that one. Like a lot. I’ve seen it three times. It’s good, but sad. And I love the song “Doomsday.” Just about made me cry at the recital, though that can partially be blamed on nerves. 😉

Oh my gosh, they played it so well!!! My sister and I were quietly fangirling in our seats. XD Well, that’s all the questions I have for you today. Thanks for dropping by! This was really fun. 🙂

–It was so good! Thanks for having me! It was a lot of fun. 🙂

You are so welcome! Best of luck with Creighton Hill!



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  1. I loved this! I was also blessed to be able to do an interview with lovely Morgan! I enjoyed reading it!

  2. I like her! Anybody who thinks David Tennant was the best Doctor has got to be good (joking :P) anyway, her book sounds really unique and interesting! I look forward to reading it!

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