my thoughts on spider-man in captain america: civil war

Here’s a post I wrote for feelsy feels about Spider-Man (FINALLY) being invited into the Marvel world. : ))))))))) Give it a read if you want to see a glimpse of how nerdy I can be! #noshame

feelsy feels

(I wrote this post several weeks ago, so it’s a bit late to the party, but it’s my initial thoughts on the Spider-Man news, so I thought it was still worth posting.  Comment with your thoughts about Marvel and Sony’s big news below!)

a6010e31310ae55625e9ace45e642b78Hot off the press is the news that Sony and Marvel have reached an agreement about bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It’s official: Spidey will be in Captain America: Civil War.

And all the nerds said, “AMEN!”

Peter Parker is key to the Civil War plot line, because he joins Stark’s side of the debate in his revealing himself as Spider-Man.  (And then some plot-twisty things happen that I won’t go into because spoilers.)

Already, there has been a lot of speculation about an actor to play Peter.  Some of the fans are calling for a re-cast. While I have my own personal opinion…

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9 thoughts on “my thoughts on spider-man in captain america: civil war

  1. Ooh, that would be a pretty cool way to Introduce the Spidey actor!


    I practically screamed in glee when I read that Sony finally gave Spider-Man back to Marvel (at least partially). And the new Spider Man movies are rumored to be under the title of “Spectacular Spider-Man” (I love alliterations!) I just cannot wait for Marvel phase 3! Yes, Age of Ultron is probably going to be my most favorite movie EVER, but with Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Spider-Man (my three favorite Marvel super hero’s!!!!) Getting “solo” (’cause it’s Marvel) movies, and then INFINITY WAR…..I just….I may resist watching it all until I can get all the DVDs just to watch an entire marathon of them all *u* !!!!!!!

    • Wouldn’t it? I don’t know how well it would work, though, so… anywho. Just a thought.

      I almost screamed, too! I definitely did my fangirly-happy-dance. 😀 Ooohhhh… Phase 3 is going to be FANTASTIC. (I’m just not looking forward to the re-casts after Infinity War. 😦 ) HAHAHA. I’m going to love all of them. Anything done by Marvel is my favorite now. 😀 That’s a FANTASTIC idea!!!! Except the waiting part. 😛

      • Wait what? Recasts? Are those…confirmed? I mean…if they like playing them and enjoy their co-actors and they have become the face of the MCU super heroes, shouldn’t Marvel/Disney renew their contracts? I REEEEEALLY hope they don’t recast.

        • Yeah. After Infinity War, everybody is going to be recast because all the contracts are up (except Sebastian Stan’s, but we all know why he won’t be recast 😉 ). I know!!! But they probably want to do something else with their careers besides play superheros for the rest of their lives… it makes sense, in theory, but it’s still sad to think about. 😦

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