fun facts about nikki

I promised this post a few days ago, but I’ve been swamped with things… one of which may be constantly refreshing my CreateSpace Member Dashboard.  🙂  Anywho, here it is, to start finishing of what has been a WONDERFUL week!

  • Lisa Brenner2

    Lisa Brenner (Natalie)

    Natalie Fraser’s last name is borrowed from Hadley Fraser.

  • Bennett’s first line is “Hey!” He’s also one of my favorite characters, basically only because half of the things he says are pick-up lines. He’s adorably awkward.

  • How many references did you understand? (Some of them were really vague and hidden. Like that one. Har-har.)

  • The chocolate cake that Nikki gets from Ferguson’s is based off the AMAZING flourless chocolate cake that I love from Alpine Bakery in Alpharetta. Totally worth it if you’re ever in North Georgia.

  • 14[1]

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Alec)

    Nikki was originally titled ‘TJCRW,’ which stands for ‘The June Crusade Re-Write.’ I called it “T. J. Crew” for about 2 ½ years as I wrote and edited it, not coming up with a title until well into the editing process. Heh…

  • I did so much research for Nikki. This impacted my writing because I’d never researched that much before. I’d always followed the idea that you should only “write what you know.” Well, excuuuuuse me, but some of my favorite books are in the sci-fi and fantasy genre. (I’ve even written something in the fantasy genre!) After much internal discussion with my inner writer and inner editor, I decided that I could write what I know and write what I didn’t know – all thanks to many hours spent on Wikipedia and YouTube. I even joined an ice skating forum!

  • imagesCAVOJCRV

    Alexis Bledel (Nikki)

    Nikki was originally supposed to be more like Allie – your stereotypical, self-absorbed teen. Alec’s first-draft-girlfriend, a girl named Carrie, would be the one to make Nikki change into the sweet, softly passionate girl she is in the final version. When I changed tactics with Nikki’s personality, Carrie got thrown out and Allie replaced her.

  • Even though I’ve written a lot of short stories in the past – and started several novels – Nikki was the first idea that really gripped me and demanded that I finish (and then publish) it.

  • In the very beginning of the plotting stages, Dylan had a sixteen-year-old sister named Hayden. She was replaced by Natalie (who had previously only been a minor character). Dylan was also supposed to be a minor character, too – a typical jock that Alec had befriended when he first started going to high school. As I delved deeper into the story and characters, I decided that I didn’t want this to be a typical story full of typical characters. Let’s just hope I strayed enough from the stereotypes!

  • Nikki’s mom’s name is Ansley Scott.

  • Dylan6

    Michael Bolten (Dylan) (I also went crazy and character-cast Richard Armitage as Older Dylan. You’re welcome.)

    Confession: I never character-casted Bennett.  : (  (Although I do know EXACTLY who I want to play him if there’s ever a movie made of Nikki.  But that’s a secret that only a VERY few people know.)

  • I kept a running list of all of the possible titles for Becoming Nikki, including…
    • You and Me (Too romantic)
    • Dancing My Fears Away (Umm???)
    • So She Dances (Based on the Josh Groban song ❤ )
    • The Sister He Can’t Remember (YAWN)
    • Becoming Me (which eventually morphed to Becoming Nikki)

I can’t really think of any other tidbits about Nikki that I think are interesting. (Probably because it’s been in my mind for the past few years and has consumed the past few weeks of my life…) However, there might be things that you guys are wondering about. Ask any questions you have about Nikki in the comment section!


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