twenty-one before twenty-one

Today, I turn twenty years old.

(Insert obligatory WUUUUUUUUUT.)

I’ve loved being a teenager, but I feel totally ready to be almost an adult.  I say almost because I’ve been thinking about this age a lot, and I’ve decided that twenty years of age is going to feel a little weird.  After all, you’re no longer in your teen years, but not quite an adult yet because you haven’t actually turned “legal” yet.

All that said, I want to make my twentieth year the best one yet.  I want to do things – meaningful things, things with eternal value.  And what better way to do that than to make a list?  (I love lists.)  So here we go.

Twenty-One Before Twenty-One (in no particular order)

  • Ride a roller-coaster
  • Go to Disney
  • Finish writing The Art of Letting Go (and immediately start editing it)
  • Try to publish The Art of Letting Go… via the traditional route (aka with an agent and through a publishing house)
  • Start a third novel or finish Sneakers and Hot Fudge Sundaes
  • Reach ninety credits in my degree (Senior Status!)
  • Do NaNo at least twice
  • Go see a touring Broadway musical
  • Participate in a play
  • Read sixty books
  • Attempt some fanfiction (Eva, you’ll have to help me on this one)
  • Learn a few really hard pieces on the piano
  • Practice violin more
  • Look Up more
  • Attempt a fanvid
  • Organize a dance
  • Write more film reviews
  • Play in more weddings
  • Read the Bible more
  • Pray more
  • Learn to love God more

There we go!  Twenty-one things to do before I turn twenty-one.  I’ll post the list again on or around my twenty-first birthday and we’ll see how much I got done!

15 thoughts on “twenty-one before twenty-one

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  2. HAPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY! I’m so happy for you! Turning twenty, publishing Nikki, this bucket list….all that totally awesome stuff 🙂 *hugs* (AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I’VE KNOWN YOU FOR ABOUT THREE YEARS) Oh, and I’d love to give you help with fan-fiction – I don’t consider myself an expert, or anything, but there are a couple things I’ve learned over 60K odd words of different fics 😉 Lemme know when you need/want any help!

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