i’m thankful for…

… my amazing family.

… the opportunity to play at my first wedding.

… the Georgia mountains in the Fall.


Becoming Nikki‘s 2-week-away publication date.  (!!!!!!!!)

… books.

… the awesome kids that I babysit.

… John Green.


… my friends.

… chocolate.

… the Lord, Who has helped me through so many things.

… Louis Zamperini.

Louis Zamperini

… the gift of music.

… fun play auditions.

… CollegePlus.

… Allen Russell “Phil” Phillips.


{Phil was, in a sense, the bigger hero of ‘Unbroken’ because HE kept Louis going through their trial on the raft and HE prayed for Louis’ salvation and HE was a light to Louis, which culminated in Louis’s conversion and the 180-degree spin that happened in his life}

Boy Meets World (and Girl Meets World).

… Christmas trees.

… hedgehogs.

… and, finally, this little mess-maker.


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