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I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing about Becoming Nikki.  (I would be!)  Four of the last five posts I’ve written proved to be entirely about Nikki!  And so I’ll let it go.  (“One would think that Ashley’s blog is composed solely from her writing life, but… we know this is not the case.”  “Well, hang it all!  You wouldn’t have us not know anything more about her writing life!”  “There’s my difficulty.  Until December 8th I would, after December 8th… I still would.  OH, IF EVER A WOMAN WAS PLACED IN SO DELICATE A SITUATION.”  {that opera is so quotable.})

Anyway, here’s an entire post about recent events in my life that don’t have anything to do with Nikki!  YAY!

1. I went tent-camping.  And it snowed.  *sigh*  It was SO cold.  We were all miserable.  But we still had fun.  🙂


be jealous.

IMG_3259 IMG_3330 IMG_3407 IMG_3421

There’s a lack of pictures from this past weekend because my fingers were frozen three-fourths of the time we were camping.

2. We have a pumpkin full of M&Ms.  It used to be filled with candy corns and candy-corn-pumpkins and peanuts, which was festive and happy and addicting.  Then someone (namely, all the kids in my family) ate all of the candy corns and candy-corn-pumpkins, so it was just full of peanuts, which was rather sad and boring.  Then we went camping and came home with a huge bag of M&Ms and Mom dumped all of them in The Pumpkin and now it’s happy and addicting and extremely convenient.  ❤


3. I’m reading again (FINALLY).  I’m in the middle of the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu, but there are some questionable things in Book 2 (and, from what I’ve heard from A Reliable Source, Book 3).  So nuts.  Keep an eye on my Goodreads page.

4. I love weddings.  (“Drinks all around!” I’m playing in the aforementioned wedding next weekend (again: WUUUUUUUUT), and then I’m going back to the wedding of a good friend back in my dear, dear, dear North Carolina.  ❤

5. I love apple cider.  I recently went to someone’s house and they served me and my older sister apple cider topped with whipped cream and unknown delicious spices.  Now I’m addicted because I’ll use any excuse I can find to put whipped cream on ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.


6. I’m playing in a wedding.  A WEDDING, GUYS.  MY VERY FIRST.  WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT.  I’m excited, though, and very much in need of three extra hours in the day to use as practice time.  (Pesky 24-hour day…)

7. I babysit awesome kids.  Hands down, the end.  I have so many stories to tell my family by the end of the day.  The second I’m in the door, I start out with, “You’ll never guess what happened today!”  And then I go on telling them even though they don’t care.  And speaking of kids, my younger siblings are ADORBS.

IMG_3456 IMG_3511 IMG_3564



9. I went to see a play with my older sister and a friend the other day.  And we’re still quoting it.  “I’se a stoopid, stooooopid giiiiiiiirl!!!!”

10. (Okay, so this one’s about Nikki. Sowwy.  {But I’m not too sorry.})



behold. my crazy-excited face.

Yeah, the cover’s wrong, but that’s why we proof, ain’t it?  The inside looks FANTABULOUS.


12 thoughts on “life (- nikki)

  1. Ooh, quite an exciting life you have!

    MARVEL PHASE 3!!!!! Eruanne told me about most of those but she didn’t mention Captain Marvel! Oh I so wish I had my own blog so I could geek out in full but in short: Thor 3, Captain America 3, Avengers 3/4, HECK YEAH!!
    Doctor Strange, Black Panther: FINALLY!
    Captain Marvel and The Inhumans: those should be good.
    Guardians if the Galaxy 2: Marvel, are you even trying? No catchy name? A goofy number “2”? Yeash.
    And your younger siblings really are adorable!

    • Haha, very. 😉

      AHHHHHH, SO EXCITED!!!! 😀 Totally agree with you. Any of the ones I have doubts about, I know will be good because, HEY, IT’S MARVEL. 😀 And don’t even get me started on how feelsy Civil War will be. 😦


  2. I am sooooo excited about Marvel’s phase 3! It’s nice to know that there will be Marvel movies until I’m 24 (unless they make a phase 4 mwuhahaha).
    Your younger siblings are adorbs (as Lydia would say)! ;D
    And your caramel, chocolate, M&M’s, apple thingy made me hungry when I wasn’t previously. Thank you for that now unsatisfiable craving. 😉
    BTW, crazy excited faces are totally acceptable 😀

    • Me, toooo! Hahaha, same here. (Wait, how old will I be in 2020? *mentally calculates* TWENTY-SIX, WUUUUUUUUT.)


      GAH, IT WAS FANTASTIC. You’re welcome. 😉


      (Hey, did you get my email?)

  3. Is that a caramel covered apple with M&M’s????

    Apple cider, how I love thee. Just discovered it at the Summer’s. Never really cared for it until now. I drink it ALL the time now.

    BTW, thanks for getting randi and me hooked on SP:the musical…… We watch/listen to videos all the time now.

    • YES, IT IS!!! Caramel, then milk chocolate, then M&Ms. YUMMMMMMMMM.

      Ameeeeen. Ugh, you missed so much!!!! At least you’re making up for it now. 😉

      Hahaha, you’re welcome. 😉

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