studio c | hunger games: mockingjay musical

Favorite line: “And she’s always been just like a sister to me – a hot sister I occasionally kiss.”  (Stephen’s awesome as Caesar in this one!)

Favorite line: Ghost Rue.  Stacy is AWESOME.  (Also, Mal’s got a GREAT voice!)

Favorite line: “Gurl, I got yo back, MMMM!”  And “Careful – there’s a force field back there. … What’s your favorite color? … Katniss, go.  Get out of here.  Go. … I watched you go home every day… every day.”  😀


2 thoughts on “studio c | hunger games: mockingjay musical

  1. haha. So when I watched these I saw the Gale one first, but I didn’t think it was *that* funny, but then I saw the end clip and that capitol hair made me laugh SO HARD. I loved the other two, though. 😀

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