an impossibly wonderful twelve days


last night of the texas trip – 😦

*sigh*  It’s taken me such a long time to figure out how to write this post.  We’ve been home for almost two weeks, and I still can’t put our trip to Texas for the CPE3 into words… except by repeating something that Arwen said as we drove away: “It was impossibly wonderful.”


I explained it to a friend this way.

“Ya know how you “know” back in the recesses of your mind that there are awesome, God-fearing, likeminded people “out there, somewhere”?  Well, I’ve gotten to meet a few of those people through CP.  We have our own forums and Skype groups and Facebook groups (except I’m not on Fb yet, so that doesn’t apply to me), and it’s great.  However, with CollegePlus, instead of a “brick-and-mortar college”, all (well, 90% of) the awesome people you meet through and because of CP are through a computer screen – because of the forums and Skype and Facebook groups.



If you’re lucky, like me, and get to go to a gathering like the CPE3 (the main goal being to make the 3 E’s happen – engage, empower, and equip), you get to meet those awesome people.


And the result is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done/been to/experienced in my entire life.


I know I keep saying “amazing,” but I’m really at a loss for words.  I’ve never met so many young adults who are likeminded and doing the same crazy thing I am!!!  The instant you shook hands with someone, look into their eyes, and say your name all at once, you’ve got an instant connection and, an hour later, are sitting at a table with a group of girls, talking about life and family and God and college and church.”


So.  That’s basically it.

I still can’t think of a better way to describe it.  I’m still floored by the entire experience – the people I met, the relationships that were sparked and made deeper, the connections, the prayer and worship times, the workshops, the keynotes, the focus groups, the free time, the Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball games, the jam sessions…  It was all impossibly wonderful.


The CPE3 lasted for five days of our entire trip to Texas, which also included four days of travel and two days of sight-seeing in San Antonio.  (Plus one night at my friend’s house the night before the trip where we stayed up way too late before getting up way too early.)


And I got to know this certain friend a lot better, who ended up becoming my BFF by the third day we spent together.  You know you really know someone when you spend twelve days together in the same camper and see each other when your hair is disgusting and you feel sick and you have a cold and you’re so tired you can’t form a complete sentence – ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  😀  Love ya, girl!


So. I’m back, guys. Thanks for still hanging around (I still get crazy amounts of pageviews per hour – YAY!), and I promise that there are quite a few blog posts in the future… especially one that includes a Very Special Announcement that you’ll all want to hear. 🙂

It’s good to be back!!!


10 thoughts on “an impossibly wonderful twelve days

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  3. ooooh, what’s the Very Special Announcement???

    it looks like so much fun, though! I’ve been contemplating CollegePlus, so I’m even more encouraged now 😀

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