update on me and a temporary goodbye.

‘ello, my lovely readers!  I love the tens and tens of people reading this, and it cheers me up every time I see a new comment.  So keep them coming!  🙂


(insert obligatory random BMW picture)

I couldn’t decide what to call this post, so don’t think I’m trying to be self-centered or something.  I want to tell you guys what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks and what I’ll be doing for the next month, but I didn’t want to call it, like, ‘ALL ABOUT ME, ME, ME!!’, so you’re stuck with that.  Okay?  Okay.  (*Eva makes a sad face*)

Soooo.  For the past few weeks I’ve been studying for my English Literature CLEP.  Have I told you guys that I’m in CollegePlus?  Yes?  Maybe?  No?  Well, I’m tellin’ ya now.  I’m a Sophomore, getting a degree in Humanities (because I wanted to get an English degree, but (1) it looked too boring and (2) I’m not British enough.  *da dum kshhhhh*).  So far, it’s been pretty awesome.  I’ve only failed one test – YAY!  I was nervous about English Lit because it was my first test since the aforementioned Failed Test, but I passed with a really good score.  (And then Big Sister Arwen went and took English Lit the very next day and blew my score out of the water.  *rolls eyes*  Whatever.)

Now I’m studying for Intro to Computing, which, judging from the book about it that I’m reading, should be super-easy.  Yeah.  I’ve discovered that I’m a bit of a nerd.  HA!

Enough boring stuff.  I’ve also been nannying a lot – like, a lot – and reading a lot.  And fangirling a lot, which has a million and one rewards.

I’ve also been listening to this song a lot.  Guys, Rory can SING!



I’ve also been writing, and I’ve gotten more ideas in the past week than I’ve gotten in the past month, so I’m SUPER excited to see what’s going to happen in The Art of Letting Go and My Super Secret ‘Legit NaNo’ Novel.  Yay.  I’m planning on working on TAoLG at the beach…

Which brings me to my temporary goodbye.

I’m going to be incredibly busy for the next month.  Like, SO INSANELY BUSY I JUST MIGHT PASS OUT FROM THE AWESOMENESS.  We’re going to the beach – yay – and then I’ll have, like, three days at home, and then I’m going to a CollegePlus gathering – double yay – for nearly two weeks.  (Wut.)  It’s going to be awesome but I’m gonna be so tired by the end of September, I might just have to curl up and sleep for a year.

Which is why I probably won’t blog all that much in the following month.  😦  I want to – I reeeeally want to – but I just don’t think it’ll happen.

3ebf1c6b586e9b639c6126bf7cbf2958So bear with me for the next month.  If I miraculously pop up sometime in the middle of September or don’t show up ’til October… you’ll know why.  I might post some pictures from the beach, or I might not have enough time in between the beach trip and the CollegePlus trip.  (WHICH IS GOING TO BE SUPER FUN AND I CAN’T EVEN STAND HOW LONG I HAVE TO WAIT ‘TIL IT COMES.)  I have a million books to read in the next month and a million little projects to do and I just got a new season of Boy Meets World (Season Six, which means that, after it, I only have one season left – CRY ALL THE TEARS), so blogging will probably go down on my List Of Things To Do.  Not that I don’t like you guys any less, but… it probably won’t get done.  IF, however, I’m struck by the urge to write a “Hey, guys, I’m still alive!” post at three am, I’ll do it.  Because I love you guys.  🙂

Sooooo…. I guess I’ll see you guys at the end of September.  (wave)


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