daniella: nano week three recap

NaNo word count - 7-19-14

see that bump on day 14? 5k words, baby!


This week has been crazy – mainly because we spent it at my grandparents’ house.  (Which was just a BLAST!)

This week, I somehow managed to I stay on top of my writing (I wrote five thousand words one day), read two books, and have fun with my grandparents and cousins!  We even went to see The Music Man at a theater near my grandparents’ house and it. was. awesome!  Especially for a community production.  The curtain went up, the guys got into position on the train, and Arwen leaned over towards me and whispered, “I’m already impressed!”  We knew a guy in the cast and he was phenomenal!  We’re even talking about going back.  YAY!

Anywho, on to the reason for this post – week three of NaNo.  No kidding, guys, my writing this week has been amazing!  SO much has happened this week and it’s pretty incredible!  I got pretty far ahead, then a little behind again, and got caught up on today’s word count (30k words!) a few hours ago (after which I made a celebratory batch of cookies – yum!).

This week has been full of inspiration – songs, pictures, little blurbs of conversations, and plot points finally falling into place.  One night as I was writing, something came to my mind and I just started crying.  I couldn’t help it – it was JUST SO PERFECT!!!  Pretty sure my cousin thinks I’m crazy, though.  😉  I can’t tell you guys what happened because I’m pretty sure I’m about halfway through – so spoilers – but I can tell you that it’s awesome.  Editing is in order, but it looks great already.  I’m falling more and more in love with these characters and it’s just been incredible.  Loving my story.

Like I said, so much has happened this week, the chief among the events being the fact that I actually settled on a title.

So here’s the big reveal.


Here it is.

The Art of Letting Go.


Like it?  I sure do!!!  It wraps up everything the story is about and I looooove it.  I even made a picture!

PicMonkey Collage

(Eva got me addicted to making pictures of your novels – fangirling, to use a term I love – so you can be sure you’ll see more.)

So I guess an excerpt is next?  Well, I think a title reveal deserves more than one excerpt, don’t ya think?  I think so, too.  🙂

Excerpt one (warning – it’s a long one):

I work through the weekend, distracting myself. However, by Monday, I’m resolved to start moving on.

I wake up early, spending a few minutes sitting on my bed, thinking. It’s not meditating and it’s not some weird, unique form of yoga. I just sit, clearing my mind and gathering all of my strength and courage to be able to make it through the day. I might have to do this every morning for the rest of my life, but I want to do it. I need to do it. Kyle and Mr. Jamison had convinced me.

I walk into Jerry’s with a smile on my face. It may be fake, but it’s there.

Even Kyle notices. He comes in around ten, orders a milkshake, and does a double-take at my face. “Hey,” he says, grinning a little, but looking confused at the same time. “You look… happy.”

“Is it weird? After seeing me sad and lonely and depressed for so long?” I widen my smile so he knows I’m not offended, taking his money and getting his change.

“Nope.” He shoves the quarters, dimes, and receipt in his pocket. “It’s good. At first glance, I thought you had makeup on.”

I allow myself a short laugh, shaking my head. “Well, I do.” Mal offers to get his milkshake and I’m given a few extra seconds to talk.

“So… why?”

“Why what? Do I need a reason to smile?”

“No, but… I dunno.”

I stop teasing and exhale a little. “I’ve just been really depressed lately and I’ve decided to try to stop. I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of being sad. And I’m tired of not smiling.” I take the milkshake from Mal with a smile and hands it to him, my eyes lingering on his fingers. Then, my gaze slides to his eyes. “Long story short, I’m taking your advice – or, at least, trying to. I’m trying to move on. Let go. Ya know.”

Kyle grins – his signature lopsided grin. I haven’t seen it for a while and it makes me smile. “I’m really glad, Danni.”

My smile deepens. “Me, too. I just hope it works!” I add with a hint of a laugh.

Kyle glances over his shoulder, where a customer is standing impatiently. He turns back to me with raised eyebrows. “Well. Thanks for the shake. See you… later today?”

“Maybe,” I say, glancing at the customer, who is glaring at me. “Text me. Yes, sir – I’m so sorry. Annoying stalker friends. How can I help you this morning?”

“I heard that,” Kyle tosses teasingly as he leaves the restaurant.

I grin and adjust my headset, then try to listen to the customer.

Excerpt two:

The summer slowly draws itself to a close. I start getting preoccupied with school stuff… and, at Kyle’s constant reminding, college stuff. Every time I start looking at colleges and scholarships and application processes, my heart feels like it’s been ripped out and stomped on repeatedly. It kills me to know that I’m doing it without David. And I can say that now because it genuinely hurts that much. When you’ve imagined scenes of your life and then get to those scenes and certain people you’ve pictured there aren’t there… it hurts. It’s painful, and I can’t escape it. I had imagined parts of my life with David and now… they can never happen. Funny how that works.

Yep, that’s basically been my week.  Daniella’s been going through ups and downs and I’ve been right there with her.  Yes, I’m a writer and yes, I know I’m crazy.


14 thoughts on “daniella: nano week three recap

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  3. I really like your new title, and it is so cool that you are caught up on your word count! I hope you finish strong! 😉


    • Hahahaha…. 😀 It seemed long when I posted it…. haha. Well, you’ll probably see more on OUR WRITING DAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! 😀 Can’t wait!!!

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