for the love of writing.

So. You know how, like, every mother out there loves all of her kids SO much, she can never pick a favorite?  Even my mom has this problem.  Sure, after, say, my younger brother makes popcorn or I get the kids out of the house for a few hours so she can get back her sanity, she says, “You’re my favorite!”  But it always changes.  (Of course, I just try to be the one who Mom says it to the most. 😉 )  A lot of parents also say that when their first child is born, they love it SO much (which is well and fine and good).  However, they don’t think they can love a second child as much because their love feels like it’s being spent on the first child.  Then, when they have another kid, the love just multiplies and they love both children equally.

I get that now.

When I started writing my first novel, Aaron’s Journey, I loved it sooooo much.  (And I still do.)  It took a while for me to write another story that I loved sooooo much – which ended up being Becoming Nikki – but I loved it equally as much as Aaron’s Journey.

And now that I’m writing Daniella, I understand this even more.  I totally get the fact that you can invest yourself so much into a story, thinking you don’t have anything left and *sniff* this will be your last novel ever because all of your creative juices are gone… but then comes along another story idea and you start investing yourself into another story.

I don’t have a favorite novel that I’ve written.  How can I?  I love them all equally because they’ve all taught me something.

Nikki taught me about unconditional love and healing broken relationships.

Sneakers and Hot Fudge Sundaes taught me about growing up and staying close to the friends you grew up and went through hard things with.

Daniella is teaching me about letting go and what friendship really means.

I don’t know what my next story will teach me, and, honestly, I can’t wait to find out.

PS: Daniella has an official title now!  I’ll be announcing it in my week three recap, so keep your eyes peeled for that!  (But don’t literally peel your eyes.  Only… figuratively.  Hypothetically.  Ya know?)


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