daniella: nano week one recap


Thanks for the comments in the previous post!  I laughed whenever I saw another comment because they were so varied.  I think it was about half and half, SO I made an executive decision (because it’s my blog, so I do what I like) to do Beautiful People once a week, focusing on Becoming Nikki and then an end-of-the-week recap on Daniella.  Sound good?  Good.

This week was a little weird.  I’m still not caught up to my word count (5,016 words when I’m supposed to be at 8,064 by the end of the day *facepalm*), but I’ve been super busy, and next week shouldn’t be too crazy, so I’m hoping to get caught up, and then, hopefully, ahead.

However, I actually have a plot this NaNo!!!  Last year, if you recall, I didn’t.  (How crazy-stupid is THAT?!)  My plot is pretty straightforward, with lots of room for letting characters change it – as they always do.  The rough idea is that there’s this girl named Daniella whose boyfriend gets killed in a school shooting.  Her best friend, Kyle, helps her learn to let go and move on.  I have several ideas and am still getting them, but that’s basically the idea.  Thoughts?

I’ve had an interesting time writing this one because it’s different than anything else I’ve ever written – darker, grittier, harder.  Duuuuuh, it’s about a school shooting and I killed off one of the three main characters in the first two thousand words!  Seriously, though, it’s been quite the experience.

First off, I started it (accidentally) while I was in Texas.  I was in the middle of The Hunger Games trilogy at the time, so I naturally started writing it in first person, present tense.  (Minion-WHAAAAAAAAT?)  It’s been hard, but I’m really liking it!

Second, I’ve never written anything this dark.  However, I’m finding that I’m enjoying it!  It’s stretching me as a writer, which is evidenced in the style I’m writing in.  It’s very choppy, but it’s neat.

Third, I’m doing character theme songs for the first time!  I haven’t nailed them all down yet, but I’ll definitely share them when I do.

Before I go, here’s a snippet that I’m especially proud of.

I shut the door behind him, then rest my forehead on it. I’m alone at last… and I realize that I don’t want to be alone. My vision starts to blur through my tears. I unlock the door and jerk it open. “Kyle, come back!” I see the red taillights of his car go down the street and know I’m too late. “Please?” I whisper into the darkness. But he’s already gone.



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