‘Hidden Pearls’ by Hayden Wand – Cover Reveal!

(Inserting a completely unrelated, totally random picture here so that you won’t see her cover on your bloggy dashboards and have to scroll down to see it in all its full glory below.)0a89934bec083a52c24fdb1a364249dcHello, my faithful readers!  Taking a break from my crazy life to participate in the cover reveal of the debut novel of my fellow blogger and Marvel-loving friend, Hayden!  Her novel, Hidden Pearls, is going to be amazing, you guys.  Just look at this amazing cover!!


Now, does that look awesome, or does that look awesome?!  So perfect.

The Synopsis –

For the wealthy and privileged in Regency England, life is filled with balls, beaux, and tea- and that’s no exception for Constance Steele and her large, unusual family.  But when an unexpected letter sends her on a voyage across the Atlantic, her experiences affect more people than she ever could have realized. From the love lives of her sister Margaret and cousin Jack, to the family dynamics of the prestigious Breckenridge clan to a band of notorious pirates, no one could have guessed how her adventure would change them all…

More About Hayden –

Hayden Wand is a Christian and homeschool graduate whose love of both Jane Austen and adventure stories inspired her to write Hidden Pearls. When she’s not writing, reading, or bribing her siblings to read the classics, you can find her baking, crafting  or watching her favorite shows on the BBC. She lives in South Carolina with her parents and four energetic younger siblings.

Hidden Pearls will be published through Amazon.com’s CreateSpace (who also published Amy Dashwood’s Only a Novel – so glad I know so many talented writers!!), hopefully sometime in the Fall.  I, for one, will be buying it the second it hits the virtual shelves.

Looking forward to reading it, Hayden!  (And, yeah, that picture was for you.)


4 thoughts on “‘Hidden Pearls’ by Hayden Wand – Cover Reveal!

    • Haha, sorry. Blame Eva – she sent it to me. 😀 The part “But I *knews* him” hurts me the most. 😦

      You’re so welcome! Congratulations!!!

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