there’s a girl meets world trailer AT. LAST!

Yes, it’s only thirty seconds long.  Do not mock my joy!  I’M EXCITED, OKAY?!  I first saw it when it came out on Friday, after a very hard morning, so it brightened my day.  🙂  (While we’re on the subject, I’ll take the time to say that I finally started Season Four of Boy Meets World last night.  And let me just say… the show only gets better.  I’ve had ‘Shallow Boy’ stuck in my head ever since last night, which isn’t funny.  Actually, it’s the opposite of funny.  It’s wood.  [I love that kid.  He is SUCH a doof!])

Run, peas!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to writing.  I just discovered that one of my characters is this guy….


(of course, he’s not brainwashed, but he has an equally-sad backstory…)


…so it’s been kinda sad lately.  (Again, do not mock my pain.)


2 thoughts on “there’s a girl meets world trailer AT. LAST!

  1. Well, I began with watching the clip you posted, and then got into Honest Trailers for Frozen and Captain America… how does Youtube do this to us?

    Anywhoz, my siblings and I used to watch Disney Channel’s Suite Life series (Of Zack & Cody and On Deck), and we enjoyed them. We’ve gotten rid of TV since then, so I haven’t seen anything related to Disney Channel in a while. And yes… in response to the question… I totally see that. Doesn’t everyone? 🙂

    Okay, before I forget… I’ve awarded you at Lianne Taimenlore. Puweease stop by? With cherries and whipped cream and a Winter Soldier trading card on top? Okay, maybe not the trading card, but it was a nice thought.

    • Yesssss….. Same with me. 🙂

      Aww, we watched that, too! But we only had cable because they hooked it up wrong… and then we moved, so no more TV. 😦 Anywho, yes. I’m going to love Girl Meets World. It’s gonna be totes amaze. 🙂


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