APRIL FOOLS – sage advice about camp nano from someone who’s been there before.

Hello, all Camp NaNoers.  Excuse me, but…. B’HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  If you haven’t done it before, you don’t know what you’re getting into.  And that’s why I’m here!  😀

What qualifies me to even be writing this, you ask?  Well, I’ve asked that, too.  I mean, I feel like I’m just starting out, too.  (Even though I’ve been writing since I was ten.)

But.  Considering the fact that I did Camp NaNo 2012 (aka The June Crusade)… and won… and then won NaNo again in 2013 (which was significantly harder because of school; you guys are smart to do camp!), I do feel like I have some advice I could give.  So here it is.

  1. Spend more time on Pinterest and YouTube than you do actually writing. It’ll inspire you SO. MUCH. (Speaking of inspiring, you should watch this a lot. It’ll inspire you, too – and keep you going when your word count isn’t getting done.)

  2. Stare at your computer screen/notebook/chisel and tablet a lot. Writing comes better that way.

  3. Embrace Writer’s Block. This one’s a no-brainer.

  4. When you don’t feel like writing, don’t. Only write when you reeeeally feel like it. Which brings me to my next point…..

  5. Don’t write at all during the first fifteen days of NaNo. You’re stockpiling inspiration. This is good.

  6. Everybody talks about goals and deadlines. My advice to you? Don’t sweat it. Your word count will get done. Eventually.

  7. Use this month to have writing be your excuse to not do stuff. For example…. “Dearest, darlingest brother, will you do the dishes for me tonight? Pleeeeeeeeease? I have to write FIFTY THOOOOOOUSAND words this month, which means twelve thousand, five hundred words a week, which means one thousand, six hundred and sixty-six words EVERY. DAY. And I’ve only done six words today! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE with a cherry on top?” Odds are, he’ll be adorable and say yes. Then you can go into your writing hole and watch inspirational YouTube videos.

  8. Lastly, don’t worry about plot, characters, setting, or conflict. NaNo stresses quantity and random word-boosting events you can make happen (see the ever-helpful forums).

Well, there you have it! My advice for you this month. I doubt you can do better.


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