‘God’s Not Dead’ and Phil Robertson

I’m a huge fan of the A&E show, Duck Dynasty.  In fact, I think there’s only a very small amount of people who live in the South and don’t like the show or haven’t heard of it.  It’s an awesome show!  Great morals, good stories, insanely funny parts – what more do you need?

Many of you have probably heard of what happened to Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the show.  He recently got suspended from the set after giving an interviewer his (honest) opinion about homosexuality.  (Because I know I have younger readers on my blog, I’ll leave it at that.)  However, after the uprising of Christian fans who protested the suspension, A&E decided to let him back on the show.

GodsNotDeadRussell Wolfe, the producer of the upcoming Christian film God’s Not Dead (which I am SOOOO excited about!) saw a parallel between the movie and Phil’s problem.  “There is so much similarity in the plot of the film God’s Not Dead in Willie and Korie’s scene with what’s taken place this week with Phil Robertson. … Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are being trampled on in a country where media bias is more rampant than ever. Our film’s purpose is to help Christians unite, stand together, and change the world.”  He commented further in a great article at Christian Cinema that I’d highly recommend to anyone interested in the movie.


3 thoughts on “‘God’s Not Dead’ and Phil Robertson

  1. We need more movies like this. The younger generation is getting further and further away from God and not their fault. With all the signs of the times like homegrown terrorist and terrorists and beheadings and disappearing planes and all we all need any encouragement and uplifting and unity and power for what lies ahead. Go go go for God. He has already given his best for you. His only son.

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