Meet My New Sister!

No, we didn’t adopt again.  Not technically, that is.

Since my dear older sister, Arwen, will be gone for 3-6 months in the near future, I decided to adopt a new older sister.

Everybody, meet Kate, one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever come in contact with!


So, yeah.  She’s my new older sister.  She goes to our church, so I’ll be able to see her at least once a week.  Besides that, we’ve planned frequent Starbucks runs and movie marathons already.  I can’t wait to get to know her better!  (Oh, yeah – since she’s got nine siblings, I guess that means I’ve also adopted all of them as well.  Fun!!!)  You can read Katelyn’s version of the story here.

As an end note, please be praying for my (real) older sister, Arwen.  She’s going to need a lot of prayer in the coming months as she’s helping out this family (mentioned at the end of this post).  Also, the family is going to need constant prayer, too.  Cancer is a hard thing to go through!


2 thoughts on “Meet My New Sister!

  1. Oh, yes, I heard! I know you two will have a LOT of fun together and I’d love to hear about some of your activities, if you don’t mind! 🙂
    I’ll be praying for Arwen and the family she’s helping out. 🙂

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